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This half hour long Fox Reality show show is Cops meets Punk'd. Episodes were filmed August and September 2007. Instead of the worst day of your life and then a joke at the end, this is the reverse. This is the best day of your life, and then we arrest you. It is filmed with the cooperation of Sheriff  Joe Arpaio, in Maricopa County, Arizona. He says that producers approached him with the show and added, "This is just another outside-the-box effort to join forces with the private industry/Hollywood to use certain techniques. It's entertainment. But on the other hand, we're able to accomplish a mission and also arrest people out on warrants."

# Description
101 Operation Fashion Show - Sheriff Joe Arpaio briefs them. Itís dangerous dealing with felons so be careful and thanks to the actors. They sent out a mailer that they won $300, a chance to be in a fashion show and they have to come pick them up. They have to think itís real and gets better, have a great time so they will be happy and not fight when busted, all they want is to catch felons. Dave Sheridan says itís an elaborate sting operation to catch Russell Anthony. Itís a fashion show, they are going to pick him up in limo and have him model their Average Guy clothing line. Scottsdale, AZ - Dave Storrs will be modeling. Tori Meyer and Diana Terranova will be assisting. Russ is picked up for FTA. They search them at the door. They want to know what clothes he likes and he can have them. She has him speak to the cameraman saying heís an average guy. Heís here for the women. They have him try an outfit and Dave comes in as the designer and asks how he like it. He says they are comfortable. They want him to say you canít get arrested in these clothes, but he says you will get women in them. He wants him to walk it like normal. They have him wear a Halloween jail outfit on the catwalk. They tell him itís a prank show on Fox TV and he laughs. There is one more surprise, you are under arrest for real. He has no idea why. Larry Farnsworth says when no one gets hurt itís a good arrest. Tyler Mills is next for drug charges, Daniel Moya for contempt of court, Charles Biggs for FTA on DWI, Toni Rejaibia for felony drugs, Joseph Lama for FTA on vehicle theft. They say itís the best day of their lives, canít get arrested, if you arenít wearing them itís a crime. He has him wear the jail outfits. This year stripes are in. They are all posing and told itís a prank show on Fox Reality. Toni says this is so wrong, Dan laughs and hi-fives. Arpaio says he doesnít care how they do it, he just wants them in jail. They got 389 fugitives total in all 3 stings. 12/28/08
102 Operation Movie Star - Wanted fugitives are lured to fake movie sets and asked to participate as extras. Donald Alston, Victor Meija AKA Alex Hernandez, Daniel Angelo, Hannah Kern, Todd Anderson. #102. 1/3/09
103 Operation Spa Promotion - Fugitives are led to believe they have won VIP treatment at the new J.L. Spa, where they are arrested. Phoenix, AZ (Dave Sheridan, Tori Meyer, David Storrs, Diana Terranova) arrest Larry Bishop, Dustin Sherwood, Kevin Miguel, Denise Beach & Steve Nez. 1/10/09

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