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This Court TV series has marionettes, bobbleheads, action figures and hand puppets. At last a serious approach to the compelling stories found on The Smoking Gun Website. It's just what's needed to transform the police reports, lawsuits and other exclusive documents found on the website into must-not-miss TV. This was a fun little show that came and went so fast in 2005.

# Episode
1 Matthew McConaughey is caught playing the bongos naked on a noise complaint/Liza Minella vs. David Guest - he claims she beat him in a drunken rage/David Copperfield vs. Chris Roller/The Contract demands of Sharon Stone
2 Christian Slater beats his girlfriend at a friend's apartment/Brad & the Beanstalk - Athena Marie Rolando stalks Brad Pitt in 1999 by going into his house/Around the World with Liza Minelli & David Guest/Contract Demands of the Rolling Stones #2.
3 Diana Ross DWI 2002 – she pulls into a Blockbuster after hours claiming she wanted to rent a movie and fails a field test/Wedding Night to Remember 8/03 – Michael Van Strate bit the groom’s finger off, bit another guy and ran from cops/Outhouse Outlaw 1/26/05 – Gary James Moody was found in a women’s toilet tank and claimed he dropped his wedding ring down there/The Contractual demands of Marilyn Manson – lots of food
4 The Continuing Adventures of James Brown vs. James Eubanks from the power company 7/3/00, Shoplifter, Interrupted - Winona Ryder 12/5/01, Dial M for Marijuana - a dog dials 911 and cops find a pot garden at Nandor Santho's house, Tollbooth Tales - a woman pays a NJ turnpike toll with pennies and the attendant flips her off and throws them at her.
5 Slap Happy - Richard Simmons smacks a man in an airport after he spots him and sweat to the oldies/Don Henley’s Greatest Hit 2000 – Don hits a woman in the face with a maraca for taking pictures at a concert/Cannonballed Bachelor – Justin Scheidt vs. Showgirl III – he claims they took him on stage, wrapped his legs around the patrol and dropped down on his crotch/License to Offend – a couple complains about seeing a license plate ‘4NIKATE’
6 Total Knockout: Naomi Campbell vs. Georgina Galanis – she was attacked multiple times while working for her/Not So Slick – Robert Chamberlin covers hotel rooms in Vaseline/Get Pumped! – Judge Donald Thompson uses a penis pump in court/Tollbooth Tales – a Maryland minister complains about an attendant who cursed him out for trying to pay with a $20
7 The Continuing Adventures of James Brown 1991-01 – harassing Lisa Rushton for sex/Duran Duran Calling 2000 – Cornel Zachary’s phone number was listed on their website/Salad Brawl 2/29/04 – in a Florida retirement home Lee Thoss plays with the salad in the bar which angers other residents and starts a fight/A Wedding to Remember – Adrienne Samen, the bride got drunk, started a fight and was arrested

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