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Each half hour or hour episode of this Oxygen Channel docu-reality series examines a different female felon and attempts to pinpoint the moment when she lost control and killed the man in her life. These feature interviews with the real people involved, reenactments, sometimes police footage and what seems to be a unique style of murder. For season 7 they switched to 1 hour episodes 108 episodes documented.

Season 1 (2004)

# Description
101 Celeste Beard Johnson - A woman is accused of convincing her lesbian lover to murder her husband. 8/6/04
102 Virginia Gayle Larzelere - A doctor's wife is accused of manipulating her son into killing her husband. #102. 8/6/04
103 Clara Harris - A dentist is accused running over her husband when she discovers he is having an affair. 8/13/04
104 Elena Kiejiliches - The wife of a wealthy Russian émigré is accused of shooting her husband. 8/20/04
105 Kimberly Hricko - A woman is accused of poisoning her husband and setting his body on fire. 8/27/04
106 Lee Ann Reidel - An upper-middle class woman and her lover are accused of conspiring to kill her husband. 9/3/04
107 Ruth Ann Aron - A millionaire real estate developer is accused of hiring a hit man to kill her political rival after she loses an election. 9/10/04
108 Joyce Cohen - Multi-millionaire's wife is accused of hiring three thugs to kill her husband in a fake home invasion. 9/17/04
109 Susan Wright - A middle-class housewife is accused of tying her husband to their bed and stabbing him 192 times. 9/24/04
110 Diane Zamora - Young Annapolis cadet found guilty of murdering a 16-year-old girl who slept with her boyfriend. 10/1/04
111 Kristin Rossum - Forensic scientist is accused of killing her husband. 10/9/04
112 Debra Baker - Bookkeeper is accused of poisoning millionaire boss. 10/15/04
113 Carolyn Warmus - Former elementary school teacher is convicted of murdering adulterous lovers wife. 10/24/04

Season 2 (2005)

201 Adele Craven - A seemingly perfect housewife is suspected of murdering her husband, an airline pilot. 2/20/05
202 Rita Gluzman - When police discover garbage bags full of body parts being thrown into a river, Rita Gluzman becomes the prime suspect. 2/27/05
203 Sharee P. Miller - Investigation leads officials to an internet chatroom after Bruce Miller is shot to death in an apparent robbery gone bad. 3/3/05
204 Elisa McNabney - When successful attorney Larry McNabney's body is discovered in a Sacramento winery his wife Elisa is suspected of the crime. 3/06/05
205 Terri Gilbert - Albuquerque county commissioner Gene Gilbert is shot in his basement and his wife, Terri, is suspected of committing the crime. 3/17/05
206 Donna Somerville - When DuPont heir Hamilton Somerville dies, police suspect his wife of murder. 3/20/05
207 Brenda Andrew - Advertising executive Rob Andrew is gunned down in the driveway, and his wife, Brenda, is the prime suspect. 3/27/05
208 Stephanie Stephens - wakes up next to her dead husband's body. 4/3/05
209 Amy DeChant - becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a Las Vegas bookie. 4/3/05
210 Linda Jones - A woman accuses three men of beating her husband to death. 4/24/05
211 Dionne Baugh - An Atlanta millionaire's mistress is accused of bludgeoning him to death. 5/8/05
212 Dante (Della) Sutorius - When a cardiologist is found shot to death, investigators delve into his wife's dark past. 5/15/05
213 Pam Smart/Pamela Smart - A wife becomes the prime suspect when her husband is found executed. 5/22/05

Season 3 (2005)

302 Yesenia/Alfredo Patino - A woman's secret past is exposed after she is linked to the murder of her lover's wife. 10/09/05
303 Manuela Garcia - A woman attacks her husband with an ax. 10/16/05
304 Jeena Han - Sibling rivalry between identical twins leads to burglary, identity theft and a conspiracy to murder. 10/23/05
305 Dora Cisneros - A mother takes deadly action after her daughter is dumped by her boyfriend. 10/30/05
306 Kimberley Kondejewski - A meek housewife puts an end to 17 years of abuse from her husband. 11/06/05
307 Mary Louise Thompson - A woman who crusades against gangs hides a dark secret. She runs the local gang. 11/13/05
308 Laura Rogers - A woman's second husband turns abusive shortly after their marriage. 10/16/05
309 Linda Lou Charbonneau - A woman orchestrates the murders of her ex-husband and her second husband. 10/23/05
310 Stella Nickell - A Washington woman kills to obtain a hefty insurance payoff. 10/30/05
312 Gail Bennett - she shot her drunken husband following an argument, ran away, married right out of high school, had a kid, got divorced, had another kid, divorced again by 36. In 1988 Tom Bennett was her third husband, divorced because he was an ugly drunk, but got back together. 7/2/90 - partied, got drunk, wanted to leave, he got his gun, but she shot him first and the bullet hit a metal pen in his pocket. Sheriff Pippin was the law in town and came over for the report and raped her and was able to throw out his out case. The second case she won $2 million because he said she wanted it, right after her husband was shot! She won less in a settlement, he lost his job. 11/13/05
313 Deidra Lane - A woman claims abuse caused her to shoot her NFL football-player husband Fred Lane. 11/20/05
314 Michelle Theer - A woman lets her lover take the rap for the murder of her husband, an Air Force captain. 11/27/05

Season 4 (2006)

401 Sandy Murphy - A woman becomes a suspect in the death of Las Vegas casino heir Ted Binion. 1hr 10/1/06
402 Carol Carr - A woman with two sons in the late stages of Huntington's disease takes matters into her own hands. 10/8/06
403 Erin Dukes - A woman's marriage to an abusive husband comes to a violent end. 10/15/06
404 Donna Lynn Fryman - A woman claims self-defense in the shooting death of her husband. 10/22/06
405 Dixie Shanahan - An Iowa woman shoots her abusive husband and keeps his corpse hidden in the bedroom. 10/29/06
406 Sheila Davalloo - A woman stabs her husband during a kinky game in which he was handcuffed and blindfolded. 11/05/06
407 Phyllis Nelson - An Iowa woman stabs her estranged husband in the chest after she confronts him about an affair. 11/12/06
408 Nikki Redmond - A Savannah, Ga., beauty queen shoots her boyfriend after she learns he is seeing another woman. 11/19/06
409 Piper Rountree - A woman shoots her ex-husband in a driveway ambush. 11/26/06
410 Mary Ellen Samuels - A husband involved a messy divorce turns up dead. 12/03/06
411 Melinda Raisch - A soccer mom's story about her husband's murder doesn't hold up more than two decades after the crime. 12/10/06
412 Sarah Johnson - The parents of a 16-year-old turn up dead after grounding her. 12/17/06
413 Joan Shannon - A soldier's stepdaughter shoots him. 12/24/06

Season 5 (2007)

501 Martha Freeman - A married woman and her secret lover resort to murder. 5/6/07
502 Amy Bosley - Money troubles play a part in the fatal shooting of a husband. 5/13/07
503 Kimberly Cunningham - A woman takes revenge against the family friend who molested her daughter. 5/20/07
504 Margaret Rudin - A four-time divorcee hits the jackpot after she marries a Las Vegas real-estate magnate. 5/27/07
505 Jane Dorotik - A successful businesswoman builds a nice life for herself and her husband. 6/3/07
506 Susan Polk - During their divorce, Susan and Felix Polk threaten to kill each other. 6/10/07
507 Vicki Monroe - A woman becomes a suspect in the murder of her husband, a Kentucky bar owner. 7/15/07
508 Claire Welsh - A former prom queen takes action when her boyfriend of two years decides to end their relationship.  7/22/07
509 Mary Krueger - A woman snaps after finding her husband in the arms of a prostitute. 7/29/07
510 Brookey Lee West - A mother-daughter conflict turns ugly. 8/5/07
511 Daphne Wright - A deaf lesbian is accused of murder and faces the death penalty. 8/12/07
512 Melanie McGuire - A woman's murder scheme backfires when her husband's dismembered remains wash ashore. 8/19/07

Season 6 (2007-08)

601 Mary Winkler - A preacher's wife finds a sinful solution to a financial crisis and a troubled marriage. 10/7/07
602 Jessica McCord - A woman ends a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband. 10/14/07
603 Adrienne Emily Hickson - A woman is accused of murdering her boyfriend. 10/21/07
604 Sarah Brady - An expectant mother becomes a suspect in a murder case. 10/28/07
605 Elizabeth Reynolds - After spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery to please her cheating lover, Elizabeth pays to have him permanently removed. 11/4/07
606 Lynn Turner - Police investigate after Lynn Turner's boyfriend died of the same circumstances as her late husband. AKA Julia Lynn Womack Turner 11/11/07
607 Kathleen Denson - A wealthy ranch owner gets caught for the murder of her boyfriend. 11/18/07
608 Misty Witherspoon - a woman who shot her husband, a police officer, with his weapon was embezzling money from her church to cover the family's debt. 1/6/08
609 Cynthia George - Former beauty queen and socialite, Cindy George, was found linked to a secret life and murder. 1/13/08
610 Lisa Whedbee - A woman worn by motherhood and marriage finds a lover; their plot to kill her husband backfires. 1/20/08
611 Erika Elaine Sifrit - A woman running a scrapbook business was found with items belonging to a couple that mysteriously disappeared. 1/27/08
612 Malaika Griffin - A chemist in a biotech lab has a secret past, including a warrant for murder. 2/3/08
613 Sharon Daniels - A woman becomes a suspect in the murder of her husband, a preacher in their community. 2/10/08
614 Michelle Michael - A nurse, bored with her life, sets fire to the house while her husband sleeps. 4/6/08
615 Linda Henning - A fashion designer falls for a married man and kills his wife. 4/13/08
616 Darlene Gentry - A woman with money problems decides her husband is worth more dead than alive. 4/20/08
617 Monique Berkley - A woman's teenage lover stabs and shoots her husband to death. 4/27/08
618 Shayne Lovera - A women decides to kill her math professor husband. 5/4/08

Ann Trexler - A grandmother hires a hitman to stop her granddaughter's move to Montana. 5/11/08

620 Kerri Faye Brown - A nursing home administrator kills her employer. 5/18/08
621 Ann Miller Kontz - A chemist uses arsenic to end her marriage. 7/06/08
622 Elicia Hughes - A teacher gives her husband a lesson about cheating, with his own .45 caliber handgun. 7/13/08
623 Linda Fields - A rancher takes out a life insurance policy on her ranch hand, then takes him out. 7/20/08
624 Tracey Frame - After legal problems, a man signs his house over to his girlfriend, but after a bitter break up, his body is recovered in a storm drain. 7/27/08
625 Shawna Nelson - A stay at home mom with three kids and a husband, decides to get rid of her lover's wife. 8/03/08
626 Jeanette Sliwinski - A model hits rock bottom that ends with triple homicide charges. 8/10/08
627 Leslie MacKool - A woman of privilege marries an older man with a history of money troubles, then to solve her problems, she kills her mother. 8/17/08

Season 7 (2009)

701 Ashley Humphrey - A young woman is murdered in her garage and all the clues point to a bodybuilder and his young bride. 1hr. 1/8/09
702 Larissa Schuster - Detectives search for a man who didn't show up for work. 1/15/09
703 Cindy Sommer - Test results reveal a young marine died of arsenic poisoning. 1hr 1/22/09
705 Beth Carpenter - A vicious custody battle leaves a man dead on the side of the road, and officers trying to link the crime to the dead man's sister in law. 1hr 2/5/09
706 Monique Johnson - a corrections officer kills her policeman husband and covers it up. 2/12/09
707 Susan Grund - A district attorney is shot in his home; key evidence turns family members against each other. 1hr. 6/4/09
708 Lisa Costello 1hr. 6/11/09
709 Jocelyn Dooley - A former sheriff's son, a casino pit boss, goes missing in June 2001, and his wife, who he was divorcing, is suspected. 6/18/09
710 Renee Poole - An anniversary turns tragic when a young husband is gunned down. 6/25/09
711 Nikki Reynolds - A young woman is accused of stabbing and killing her adoptive mother with a 13-inch butcher knife. 1hr. 10/4/09
712 Jennifer Hyatte - A woman is accused of shooting and killing a corrections officer to free her inmate husband from jail. 1hr 10/11/09
713 Rhonda Orr - A woman is accused of setting a house fire that killed her disabled husband. 1hr 10/18/09
714 Erin McLean - A love triangle results in murder charges against Eric McLean, accused of killing his wife's young lover.  10/25/09
715 Shannon Torrez - A woman is accused of stabbing a mother and stealing her baby to pass the child off as her own. 11/1/09
716 Monique Turenne - When Canadian Air Force Major David Turenne is beaten to death in his front yard in February 1996, his wife and her lover are suspected, but she clams a mystery man killed her husband. 11/8/09
717 Kelly Forbes - A Long Island wife claims self-defense after she is charged with strangling her husband to death.With Special: After the trail 5 min 11/15/09

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