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Something Weird Video made the jump from VHS to DVD to Comcast On Demand. Many of these cult classics have appeared elsewhere, but the On Demand section does have some exclusives.

1963 Seahorse Jamboree - Bud Collyer/Johnson Outboard Motors
ABCís of Babysitting (1950s)
Ad Nauseum - The Sticks/Toothade Jamboree 07
Alcohol + Auto = Arraignment (Westminster PD)
Alcohol is Dynamite (Inglewood CA)
Alice in Acidland (1968)
Ants in Her Plants
Are You Listening? (1971)
Beginning Conscience (1957)
Best of Bikini BBQs (2008)
Betty Page Bathes for the Sultan
Bomb Threat! Plan, Donít Panic (1971)
Bouncing Bassoon
Bra & Panty Vintage B/W Ads - Playtex Cotton Pretty Bra/Playtex Panty Brief for the beach/Playtex Bra Extras/Playtex New Golden Girdle/Playtex Living Bra/Playtex Golden 7 Way Living Long Life Bra/Playtex Living Bra for Summer/Playtex Living bra for Bowling/Playtex Dacron Blindfold test/Playtex soft cotton girdle
Burlesque Trailers - Live Shows/Hollywood Revels (1946)/Kiss Me Baby (1957)/Hollywood Burlesque (1949)/Ding Dong
By Jupiter! (1946)
Chemical Tomb (1969)
Crime on the Streets w/Chuck Norris
Curious Alive (Dept of Health)
Dance of the Matador
Dangerous Stranger (1950) Sid Davis
Dating Doís & Doníts (1949)
Destination Earth - American Petroleum Animated (1956)
Dick Wakes Up (1954)
Donít Break Those Plates
Double Day of Danny Dillon
Dream Follies Short Version - Lenny Bruce (1954)
Drive in Trash Trailers - The Female Bunch/Teenage Tramp/Tender Loving Care/The House of Missing Girls/Double Agent 73
Drive-in Ads - Butter Nut Candy Intermission, Refreshment Center, Tasty Tempting BBQ, RC Cola (Animated), Refreshments - Couples
Escape Marijuana
Facing Reality - McGraw Hill (1954)
Fire! Patty Learns what to do (1951)
Focus on Junior Achievement - Learning By Doing (1961)
Focus on LSD/Psychedelics with Tommy Roe
Gentleman in Room 6 (1952)
Go-Go Girls music videos
Going Steady (1951)
Good Loser - Young America 1953
Head Man - Chevrolet Corp (1951)
Hollywood Honeys 220 (1950s)
Hollywood Pinups 42
Hollywood Pinups 48
Hot Rod Girls - striptease
How to Go Places with Gale Storm from Chevy (1954)
How to Protect Your Bike (Santa Monica PD)
Hygiene for Men: Personal Touch - US Navy (1967)
Imp and the Angel (Cartoon)
It Didnít Have to Happen - Industrial Film Toronto (1953),
Judyís Smile
Jungle Trailers - The White Gorilla/Love-Slaves of the Amazon/The Bride and the Beast/Virgin Sacrifice/Jungle Drums/Safari Drums/Jungle Attack/Congo Crossing/Bride of the Gorilla
Junior Prom (1946)
Keyhole Peex 359 (1950s)
Kiddieland (1957)
Kung Fu Trailers - Fury of the Black Belt/Thunder Fist/Shanghai Lil and the Sun Luck Kid/Superdragon/Tower of Drunken Dragons/The Mad the Mean and the Deadly/Furious Fighting/Single Fighter
Kung Fu Trailers - Hands of Death (1976)/Kung-Fu the Punch of Death (1973)/Chinese Hercules (1973)/The Thunder Kick (1973)/Fearless Fighters (1971)
Land of Birthday Toys (1963)
Letís Go Troop Camping (1951)
Life with Eva - Animated
Little Swiss Whistling Clock (1963)
Live Show Trailers - Dr. Satan & His Shrieks in the Night, Marathon of Fright, Spook-a-thon, Man Buried Alive, Friday the 13th Jinx Show, Kara-Kum Presents Horror
Look Magazine - You and Your Friends (1948)
Manners in Public (1968)
Maria Cortez - We Still Donít Believe it
Moon Monster - Animated
Most Important Connection (1950s)
Movie Ads 1960s - Fanta Orange, Bic Lighter - Refreshments, 9 minutes to go clown, Hot Dogs & refreshments, 8 minutes clown, Hamburgers to Go, 7 minutes clown, Hot Italian Meatball Sandwich, Shrimp rolls, 6 minutes clown, Our hot dogs are the best, 5 minutes clown, Flamer electric football, Corn dogs, Smithfield barbeque sandwich, Wizard of Oz clothing store, 3 minutes clown, Rodeo Joe - Toddy Malt, Kerasotes Theatres - is the place, Kerasotes Theatres has smoking in the outer lobby
Nite Owl Trailers - Secret File 1943/Operation Gold Ingot/Escape from Saigon/Headlines of Destruction/The Black Monocle/Death Pays in Dollars/Sergeant X of the Foreign Legion
No Smoking (1950s by Sid Davis)
Otto Meets a Puppet (1958)
Outbreak of Salmonella Infection (US Air Force)
Overcoming Fear (1950)
Pin-up Girl by Russell Patterson (1948)
Play in the Snow (1955)
Post-Mortem (Arlington County VA) 1967
Procrastinator - Young America (1952)
Right & Wrong & Whatís in Between
Riot Prevention - Torrance, CA Police Training Video 1960s
Safety Belt for Susie (1962)
Sailing in the Sky - Gliders (1958)
Scalliís Gymnasium (1951)
Scarred Face
Sepia Sirens (1940s)
Shopping Around with William Frawley - Chevrolet (1954)
Six Murderous Beliefs (1955)
Skeleton (Detroit Public Schools)
Sleep for Health - Encyclopedia Britannica (1950)
Smut Peddler Trailers - 3 Loves of a Psycho Cat/Another Day, Another Man/Bad Girls Go to Hell
Snack Bar Toons - Animated Intermissions - Bakers/Vikings/Pirates/Drive in Depot/Germans/Leprechauns/Martian Rocket to the Starts/Police/Kids (1959)
Soapy the Germ Fighter
Something Weird News - Frankenstein Sex tape/Airline Fare Hike
Something Weird News - Lame Party/Coramerica
Something Weird News - Shuttle Launch/Cannibalism Diet
Something Weird News - South Side Slasher/Neighborís underage daughter
Spy Trailers - Operation Beirut, Operation Apocalypse (1966), Operation White Shark (1966), Operation Goldman (1966), James Tont Operation U.N.O. (1965)
Stage Fright (B/W Short)
Sticks and Stones (60s Cartoon)
Strange Ones (Culver City PD)
Summer of í63 - Sid Davis
Superhuman Trailers - Colossus and the Amazon Queen (1960), The Saracens (1963), Colossus of the Arena (1962), Goliath at the Conquest of Damascus (1964), Hercules Against the Mongols (1963), King of the Mongols (1959), Atlas (1961), Seven Slaves Against the World (1964), Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women (1975), Hercules Against the Moon Men (1964), The Witchís Curse (1962), Three Fantastic Supermen (1967)
Talking of Tomorrow (Bell Labs)
Teenicide - LAPD (1950)
The Distant Drummer: A Moveable Scene narrated by Robert Mitchum
Top 10 Cat Fights
Top 10 Hey Dumbass Look Behind You Moments
Top 10 Needlessly Nude Moments
Trailers - Blonde Pickup (1951), Dance Hall Racket (1953), Test Tube Babies (1948), The Wild and the Wicked (1956)
Trailers - Mission Stardust (1968), Danger!! Death Ray (1967), The Time Travelers (1964), Dimension 5 (1966)
Trailers - On Her Bed of Roses (1966), The Molesters (1963), The Devilís Bedroom (1964), A Cold Wind in August (1961), That Tender Touch (1969),
Trailers - Orgy of the Living Dead Triple Bill (1973), Axe (1977), Beast of the Yellow Night (1971), Flesh Feast (1970), Scream Bloody Murder (1973)
Trouble in Paradise - Animated
Troubleshooter (50s Cartoon)
Use Your Eyes (Residence Investigation CAPD)
Vandalism (Only You Can Stop it)
VD Questions & Answers (1972)
Vintage Toy Ads - Strum Fun Getar from Mattel w/8 discs, Silly Putty - The Admiral (B/W), Slinky & Mobile Slinky toys (Color 70s)
Vintage Toy B/W Ads - Marx Sound-Power M16 & Rifle/Slinky for under $1 plus Slinky Train & Dog/Jingle Jump & Record
Watch Out for Poison
Weeds No More (1950s)
Weird U Mini Movies - Bad Vacation Spots
Weird U1 - A Career in Stripping/*$!& Steady
What to do in a Gas Attack (1943)
Why Girls Walk Home (1929)
Wild Wild World of Jayne Masnfield (1968)
Working Dollars - NY Stock Exchange (1956)
Your Food
Youth Farm Volunteers (Govt WWII)

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