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This half hour G4 show goes where the movie left off and forgets everything about it. Instead each episode is a parody of another movie,  TV series or video game. Mel Brooks, Daphne Zuniga & Joan Rivers reprise their roles from the film. They first aired in Canada, then in the US in a different order.

# Description
101 Revenge of the Sithee - Star Wars Prequel movies are spoofed. 9/21/08
102 Lord of the Onion Rings - When Barf uncovers the evil Onion Ring, Skroob sends Dark Helmet after it. 9/21/08
103 Grand Theft Starship - Lone Starr and Vespa get trapped in a video game. 9/21/08
104 Watch Your Assic Park - Skroob uses advanced pseudoscience to enhance his favorite athletes with dinosaur DNA. 9/21/08
105 Fishfinger - President Skroob plans to take over the galaxy's fish supply. 10/5/08
106 The Skroobinator 10/5/08
107 Deep Ship 10/12/08
108 Druidian Idol 10/19/08
109 Outbreak 10/26/08
110 Hairy Putter and the Gopher of Fire - The Spaceballs are invited to Mawgwart's for an annual golf tournament. 10/26/08
111 Spidermawg - Barf is bitten by an alien spider and transforms into a superhero. 11/2/08
112 Mighty Meteor 11/9/08

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