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This half hour Court TV/truTV show first aired 10/06, then not again until 6/07. By then the logo, graphics and format of the show changed a bit. It could be called Pull Over since it isn't all about speeding. It is a lot like Fox's Cops, but this is mostly for laughs. They do seatbelt violations, running stops signs, chases and other violations. Now they give the name and where the person is from and the street and time they stopped them. Some of the segments from the pilot episode have been recycled and redone with the new graphics, but are a little shorter.

Season 1 (2006-07)

# Description
Pilot Whittier, CA - Lt. Chris Silva always wanted to be a cop, every day is something different, every person is different. Matt from Hermosa Beach passes him doing 59 in a 35. He's running late, calling his buddy at Chili's for a business meeting. There is no Chili's in the city. He's never been arrested before. He gets out, says they are work pants and there's a huge hole in the pants with red flowery underwear sticking out. He doesn't believe the radar gun. He says he'll fight it, he'll get a whole time of lawyers from PA to help him. Do you get a commission for these? No, I wish I did, but I would still write this one for free since it's excessive. He says it's a 50mph lane. He points a 35mph sign to him. He wants a receipt, whatever he buys in a store he gets a receipt. He's buying a ticket here. There's no receipt. Topeka, KA - Cpl. Kristen Hren only knows Topeka. She pulls over and SUV for going 46 in a 35. She finds a woman with 4 dogs hopping and barking all over her. She says they stay in the back, but when strangers approach they get a little wild. They are like her babies. She says they won't bite and offers them to kiss her. Kris declines. Altadena, CA 210 E. Freeway 4:20pm - Officer Gil Hernandez started the job when he was 31, he likes it, it helps people stay alive. He stops a green car for no seatbelt. Prince from Altadena waves to the camera. His registration is expired. He says he has no pot, hasn't smoked any in 90 minutes, it stays in your system only 20-30 mins. It's not true, it's 4-6 hours. He takes him out for a field test and he passes. He says his knees are shaking he's never been on TV and is cut loose. Classic - Oklahoma City, OK - a cop stops a woman for an expired inspection sticker. She gets out and yells here we go again. He tells her to put the radio down. He wants her phone number she says what are you going to do crank call me? He wants her job, she says none of your business. Then says she's self-employed as a legal assistant and drives off. He says why do I always get these. Whittier, CA - Lt. Chris Silva pulls over a white car for 35 in a 25. He finds a man dressed as Santa Claus. He thinks it's a 35 zone. He's wearing sandals, has lived there only a month, has no CA license. People told him it was OK to keep his IL one. He tosses his hat back in the car and sits on the curb trying to hide his face from the camera. Chris asks what he does for a living. Santa at the mall. He lets him go with only a warning. It's good to give Santa a break at Christmas. Topeka, KS Ferry View La 9:34pm- Cpl Kristen Hren has been there 9 Ĺ years, lived there all her life. She gets more flack from the women than the men. She pulls over a red SUV explorer for 45 in a 35. Heather (32) is a nurse. She's late for a party, wants the camera out of her face and flips them off. She's mad, says please can I just have a warning? Kris says no, she won't. Why? It's her choice, if she doesn't agree she'll set up a court date. She wants to set up a court date, did you catch me on radar? Yes. Thanks for being a bitch, good night. I'm going 10 miles over the f-king limit, she's an f-king bitch, big deal she's going to a party and can kiss my ass. Kris says she's having a bad day, a bit bitchy, didn't like the ticket, sped off at a high rate kicking up gravel when she sped away. Classic - Ottowa, OH - Officer John Mullins pulls a man over who rips off his own rearview mirror in a fit of rage. He tells him if he doesn't get out and pick it up he'll have a problem. The man screams. He asks him if he has a problem. He won't tell him again or he'll take him to jail. The man flips him off and speeds away. Burbank, CA - Lt. Justin Meadows is like anyone else, he's been pulled over and gotten ticket. He stops a man who is doing 53 in a 25, changing lanes and hitting the brakes. He says he's going to his house, he's coming from Ikea. He's in a hurry to get home because he has to take a crap and wants to do it in the bushes. He says are you kidding? He wants the ticket quick so he can go. He squirms, curses and says he's seriously going to crap his pants. How much is a ticket if he goes in the bushes? He has no record, so he gives him a warning. Justin isn't sure if he believes him. Whittier, CA - Lt. Chris Silva pulls Jeffrey over. His license is suspended and he just took his daughter to school because his girlfriend is sick. He gives him a ticket and has to impound the car. He has 5 suspensions on his license, 3 more coming. He has no shoes and has to walk home. Classic - Houston, TX - the cop tells the small Asian woman to pull to the right and stop. She pulls to the left into a parking lot. He wants to see her paperwork. She says you don't talk back to me. He tries to hit him, then kick him. He has to put her in a choke hold and carry her into his car. Whittier, CA - Lt. Chris Silva stops an Asian man for 35 in a 25 and no seatbelt. He tries to get out and he tells him to stay in the car. His window doesn't work. He wants a picture license. He says the DMV has his license, he only has a paper. How do I know it's you. He says he owns a restaurant around the corner and his picture is there. He doesn't believe he was doing 35 and shows him the radar. He warns him on the seatbelt, he saw him put it on when he pulled him over. Topeka, KS - Cpl. Kristen Hren pulls over a man for 52 in a 25. He asks if she has it on radar. Not anymore. He curses her out at first saying how does he know it's true. Then he's sorry and then tries to get out of it by asking her out to dinner. She declines and he says maybe she's scared he's better than the rest of them. 10/23/06
101 Glendale, CA - Glenoaks Blvd 10:22pm - Officer Ed Malouf goes to a street race and clocks a guy going 65mph. 6/8/07
102 Boulder City, NV - US95 1:19pm - Sgt. Slade Griffin always wanted to be a cop when he was a kid, not the robber. 6/8/07
104 San Juan Capastrano, CA - I73 at 6:45pm CHP Officer Robert Hunter says they wait until they are 10mph over. 6/15/07
105 Laguna Beach, CA - Downtown 9:20pm - Darin Germaine looks for red flags like weaving or slamming on the brakes. 6/15/07
106 Panama City Beach, FL - Bay Co. Front Beach Rd 6:51pm - Dep Neil Rubel has worked there 20 years. 6/22/07
107 Oxnard, CA - Fifth St 4:36pm - Officer Robert Valenzuela is the new guy, they give him the dirty work. 6/22/07
108 Oak Lawn, IL - SW Hwy 10:19pm - Officer Dan Olsen won't write tickets for doctors, nurses and teachers. 6/28/07 
109 Oak Lawn, IL - 95th St 10:43pm - Off Dan Olson says heís a joker, likes to have fun. 6/28/07
110 Oak Lawn, IL - Cicero Ave 12:28pm Ė Officer Mike Acke works traffic enforcement Ė speeders, crashes.7/5/07
111 Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Blvd 2:38am - Officer Alex Izquierdo is called lefty.7/5/07
112 Oxnard, CA - Rose Ave 12:24am - Officer Ernie Orozco says they call him the hammer because he writes the most tickets. He sets up for DWIs on the backroads. Daniel is a truck driver stopped for no headlights. He thought he had them on, but it slipped his mind. 7/19/07
113 Laguna Beach, CA - PCH 1:20pm - Officer Darin Germaine says it's summer you can't beat it. He waits at a speed change area and spots a Lexxus doing 55 in a 35. Cassandra (36) from New Port Beach is going to a hair appointment and thought she was going 40. 7/19/07
114 Oak Lawn, IL - 103rd st 9:05pm - Officer Dan Olson like to send people on their way with a warning. He spots a car going 47 in a 30. Mary (37) says a white car cut her off, he was stoned and she was chasing him to get his plate. She was going to call the police. He swerved around her and she went to get his plate. Dan didnít see any car. 7/26/07
115 Los Angeles, CA - Olympic Blvd 12:04pm - Officer Mike Goldstein says the biggest problem is traffic there. He spots a Ford going 51 in a 35 in a curb lane and he still goes fast while Mike chases him. Miguel (29) says he was going 40, he saw him, he knows for a fact he wasnít going 50 since he was going with the flow of traffic. 7/26/07

Season 2 (2008)

201 Jersey Girls Gone Wild - Belmar, NJ - Eric Weir likes the beach. Heís on 16th ave 3:30pm on the west end. He spots a girl doing 43 in a 25. Anna is from Staten Island NY with Marissa, Kristen & Jacqueline. He saw them throw a cigarette out. She says her uncle is a cop, but she doesnít have her number, itís her sister in law. 1/3/08
202 Ruined My Perfect Record - Sgt. Tim Hartsell says you never know what youíll end up catching when you stop someone. I29 by the speedway. He spots a car driving really slow with people hanging out the open hatch drinking. They are lost trying to find the event parking lot with their truck, itís across from the gate. Ricky from Dawnsville GA had a few to drink, one 30 minutes ago. 1/3/08
203 Tampa Good Old Boys - Tampa, FL I41N 8:42pm - Trooper Justin May says the weirdest excuse was a woman who said she had a spastic colon. He spots a truck going the other way with a headlight out in a lighting storm. He turns around and stops them. The truck is from 1968 and has no seatbelts. Sean from Plant City says he has no license, just an ID card. 1/3/08
204 Sing Your Way Out - Laguna Beach, CA PCH 8:24pm - Tony White grew up in London England and he was officer of the year last year. A car speeds by him doing 75 in a 55. It takes a couple miles to catch Tricia from Costa Mesa (48) who says she was going to her gig at the Marina room. She sings in the Tricia Freeman band. 1/3/08
205 Sexy Strudel - Chattanooga, TN - Officer Michael Ortel says people make fun of the way he talks. Rossville Blvd. 2:30am - he spots a car stopped on the on ramp with a brakelight out. The driver says he left his license at home. 1/10/08
206 Pushing it - Orange County, CA Rancho Santa Margarita Pkwy 5:48pm - Dep Mark Haselton says many know it as the OC. He spots a red Ferrari going 82 in a 55 driven by William from town. 1/10/08
207 Cali TV - Orange Co. CA - Alicia Pwky Laguna Niguel 9:07pm - Deputy Jeff Puckett says he joined for public service, job satisfaction and to take people off the streets. He spots a car with a license plate light out. Melissa (18) is with 4 friends. She says she hasnít had anything to drink and he tests her eyes. They went to a friends house for a party, were drinking screwdrivers and thinking of stripper names. 1/17/08
208 Bikes & Babes - Azusa, CA San Gabriel Canyon Rd. 4:22pm - Cpl Dean Brewer rides a motorcycle and is able to mingle in the crowd and they donít know heís there. He spots a motorcycle going 69 in a 45. Shuree from town asks what did she do. She takes her helmet off and has red hair. She canít believe she was going that fast on this road. Is there anything I can say to get out of this? The last ticket she got was 6 days ago going 102 on the freeway. She says you would too if you had a crotch rocket. Dean says you expect to see a guy, but more are women lately. He gives her a ticket. She says what happened to flashing cleavage to get out of a ticket? She flashes, she flirts, nothing. She canít say she wonít do it again. She already went to traffic school. 1/17/08
209 Wrong Turn in Hollywood - Hollywood, CA - Alex Izquierdo is more laid back being born there. Hollywood Blvd 11:20pm Ė he spots a woman with no seatbelt and then she makes an illegal u-turn. Libby form Missoula is laughing like an idiot and she almost ran over someone. Sheís from Montana where they donít have to wear seatbelts and the passenger can drink. They let her go, they gave her the Seinfeld wave, let me go because Iím cute. 1/24/08
210 Dr. Speed - Los Angeles, CA - Andy Cruz is on the SWI task force, gets 2-3 a night. Hollywood Blvd 11:48pm Ė he spots a Jeep Wrangler playing the radio loud and driving fast. Alecia (27) says sheís guessing itís the music. She has heavy black eye makeup and says she stole the car as a joke. She had a beer 2 hours ago. He smells beer, sheís all nervous about getting stopped. Sheís in a girl punk band Dragstrip Kitty. 1/24/08
211 Alta Dena Speeder in a Beemer - Altadena, CA Ė Officer Steve Allen says not one of his stops ever asked if he knew Ponch or John from CHIPs. He spots a black BMW doing 82 in a 65. Joyce & Alex are from San Francisco. Sheís lost, is trying to get back to the Bay, looking for the freeway and was asking him for directions. Sheís in school, can prove she paid for the car, but has no registration. 1/31/08
212 Traffic Stop Smells Trouble - Beverly Hills, CA - Officer Dave Rudy says they have the quickest 911 response time in the country. Wilshire Blvd 9:20pm Ė he spots a possible DWI running a red light with illegal tint. Marcel (21) says he doesnít have any weed on him, but Dave smells it. He smoked it an hour ago. He doesnít think he has a pipe, heís not sure where he was. He was just having lunch, he means dinner. 2/7/08
213 Worst Bribe Ever - Brick NJ Rt 88 10:45pm - Officer Mike Miller says the craziest thing he saw was a 4 door Cadillac with an operating disco ball. He gave him a ticket. He spots a car doing 55 in a 40. Danielle (26) from brick says she just got the card in the mail, but doesnít have it. She doesnít know the speed limit, doesnít usually travel it, doesnít usually take these routes, cries and says sheís on the way to get a new tongue ring and he ruined her night. She says her parents are going to kick her but, sheís a good girl. She has piercings all over her ears, used to have her nipples done. He gives her a warning and a summons for no insurance. Sheís not a bad girl, but cries when she gets in trouble. Sheís still getting the tongue ring. 2/14/08
214 Stay in School Kids - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Antonio Parkway 3:23pm Ė Deputy Mark Haselton from Orange Co says the problem with speeders is texting or on the phone and not paying attention, the #1 reason for accidents in the area. He spots a Ford Explorer doing 71 in a 55. Christopher & Aaron are metal musicians. They are about to meet up with a buddy in their band Antagen to do a show tonight. He sings a chorus and Mark knows them from playing last year and winning a battle of the bands. They sing a verse and say they donít know the second verse. They say they are hard working and were stopped by the man. Mark cuts them a break dropping the ticket 1 mph. There are school kids around so itís dangerous. They say they are good role models for the kids. Chris says heís the nicest cop heís ever seen. He says he could be mean and they sing again and he jokes about taking back the ticket. They sing they are on Speeders and itís hard being a rockstar, but they make it look easy. 5/29/08
215 Go Blue! - Los Angeles, CA - Sunset 11:19pm - Officer John Lawrence has been there 19 years, a busy night is the most fun, doesn't know what to expect, comes out to help people and make a difference. He spots a Mercedes with tinted front windows. Shabz (20) from LA says she just bought the car. He asks if she had anything to drink. She says no and gets her out for a FST. He smells something and gives her a BAC test. She blows a 0. She says with the tint boys don't distract you. People don't bother you. They mock on her dress. She says guys threw rocks are her other Mercedes that has tinted windows. He says she dresses up and looks nice, but doesn't want attention. He'll give her a warning for it. Next time a ticket. She says if you are ugly don't talk to us. 5/29/08
216 The Shaggin' Wagon - North Las Vegas, NV Losee Rd 5:37pm Ė Officer Tony Bailey says he looks for drag racing because of open areas, traffic is busy, itís hectic. He spots a white Volvo doing 56 in a 35. Roxanne (27) an accountant from Vegas. She says her husband called 7 times at work about his marinara sauce and she canít do it from there. She has a white stove and she doesnít like it dirty, itís heard to clean it off when sauce is on it, she wears the pants at home. Itís freakin ridiculous traffic here, she was racing a guy. He gives her a ticket and she wants to know how much. Itís $390. She says she has no money and look at her car.  6/5/08
217 Repeat Offenders - Belmar, NJ 16th Ave 8:20pm - Officer Eric Weir says his favorite part is helping people and serving he community. He spots a car going 34 in a 25 with the interior light on. Danielle (22) from Hallow says she doesnít have her license since itís not her car. What was I doing wrong? I thought everybody knew you could go 10 miles over the limit and he should give her a break for being pretty. #218. 6/5/08
218 Brut - Calvert Co. MD - Rt 4 Prince Frederick 3:27pm - Cpl Tony Moschetto says when heís not working heís rocking on the drums or bass fishing with his dad. The area has a problem with speeders and they have cops dressed in camouflage hiding in the woods with a radar gun. They radio a Blue Ford Explorer 76 in a 55. Elvin (26) from Jersey City is in the Navy. He was passing a cars, it was an old lady in a minivan sheíll be coming up. 6/12/08
219 Get Off My Car! - Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Blvd 2:10am - Officer Alex Izquierdo says he looks for patterns - erratic driving means some are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The bars are getting out so it becomes a madhouse for half an hour. He spots an SUV with 2 guys riding on the side. Rhonda (32) & Erica (26) were trying to get them off, sheís not drunk. Itís her birthday, they wanted them off the car and wouldnít leave. They wouldnít take no for an answer, they wanted to go to Embassy suites. Another cop goes to talk to the guys and they are yelling and screaming they donít know nothing about nothing. They were talking to the ladies, it is what it is. The girls say they never saw them before. Just roll up the window and donít talk to them. Next time they will run their ass over. 6/19/08
220 Behind the Speeder - Los Angeles, CA Sunset Blvd. - Officer John Lawrence says one of the best things about the job is every night something different is going to happen and they see many things. Heís looking for someone who drank after work and is heading home. A car turns in front of him and cuts off a car, then goes in front of him and hits a curb. Asher (23) from Palo Alto says my bad. His registration is ripped. He says heíll replace it, he hasnít had anything to drink, was looking for a place to park. Heís a metal musician into funk and blues and thereís nothing like getting in the moment. He has no band, is just a singer with no guitar. He sings the guitar instead. 6/19/08
221 Be Very Quiet - Laguna Beach, CA - PCH 5:29pm - Cpl Tony White says the best way to stop people from speeding is be visible. If heís behind you, look out. He uses a handgun to catch a 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 doing 75 in a 50. Jeong (49) says he just got the car, he didnít mean to speed, he has a perfect record. He knows the limit was 50, has no idea what he was going, didnít mean it, just picked up speed. Heís been clean for 25 years. Heís a good driver, what he did was against the law, pretty fast. He shows off the engine and says itís easy to go 80, even 100. He gives him the ticket. 6/26/08
222 My Mom's So Crazy - Ann Arbor, MI - Arbor St 9:20pm - Officer Bill Clock says itís rare for him to give a warning. Itís game day so they can get 113,000 football fans. He spots a car going the wrong way on a 1 way in front of a large party. Tony (26) is from Dallas, he went the wrong way, total accident. Everyone was pointing and he thought he was cool, but they are chanting a-hole. Itís not his car, itís the girlsí in the back. They were looking at the people and thereís a huge group chanting let him go. He gives him a warning and he says he was distracted by all the people. 6/26/08
223 Lawyer Jokes - Altadena, CA - Fair Oaks Ave. 12:38pm - Officer Steve Allen of CHP says itís a common excuse for people to say go with the flow of traffic, but itís not a good one when itís 65 everywhere. The street is under construction so the speed limit drops to 25. He spots a black Porsche Carrera going 40. Vernon (48) & Sanders (36) just moved there. Itís 35mph, knows itís 25 now, he was going 40. He just got the car 25 minutes ago. He was just looking at the instrument panel as he was driving. He never got a ticket before. His friend has lots of tickets. Heís a lawyer, but he gives him a warning. He wants to see what the car can do. 7/3/08
224 Hail to Bus Driver! - Lake St Peabody, MA 4:41pm - Patrolman Mark Saia says most people respect the uniform, once in a while they donít and he has to treat them differently. The road drops down to 30 and he spots a Grand Am doing 43. Dave (42) from town says he grew up there. He was following too close. He didnít think he was going fast, he was checking out his old neighborhood and thinks the speed is artificially low. He wonders if the people still lived there. All the Hooters closed down and thereís none around anymore, closest is 100 miles away. He likes the wings, beer and girls. He gives him a speeding ticket. He asks if itís a ticket/ticket. It is. 7/10/08
225 Dramatic Recreations - Brick, NJ Brick Blvd 3:53pm - Officer Mike Miller says heís been there 3 years. Everyone picks a shift for a different reason. He signed on for excitement. A car passes him on the shoulder to get in the Shop Rite. Debbie (37) & Andrew (9) donít know why he stopped her. She thought it was OK to drive there. She has a huge stack of paper and says she has insurance, but canít find it. Her son told her there was a cop behind her and she said sheís in trouble. He license expired a year ago. Everything is OK, her husband will lecture her later, Mike doesnít look nice, heís cranky. Her license expired in 06, she thought it was 08. She gets a warning for it, but canít drive. She wants to go to Old Navy and will park as close as she can and call for a ride. 7/17/08
226 Hallelujah! - Markham, IL Crawford Ave 10:10am - Officer Samuel Harris says there are high crime areas around Markham and through traffic enforcement they are able to keep crime down. He spots a purple Dodge going 55 in a 40. Laverne (67) says she was listening to Creflo Dollar and praising the lord, sheís never gotten a ticket and has 29 Ĺ grandchildren. Her daughter will kick her ass if she gets a ticket. He asks if she was speeding for god, was it the devil? She says she was praising and heís good looking and is he married? He isnít. 7/24/08
227 Southern Fried Special - Best of - Tampa, FL I41N 8:42pm #203/Chattanooga, TN Rossville Blvd. 2:30am #205/Southern Bad Boys - Calvert Co. MD - Rt 4 6:42pm #218/Concord, NC I29 #202/New - Catching up with Smokey. He says heíll show you what a redneck looks like - pork rinds, spare bag, double wide, goats. He kisses the goats & his girl. He has a lawnmower with souped up engine, firepower, heís as redneck as they come/Sharon vs. John cookoff Ė collard greens vs. apple brown betty/Southern Charm - Concord, NC Hwy 29 7:48pm #205/Southern Spring Break Tampa - Letís see Ďem boobies, Tim & Jessie, Brett from Moody, AL Ė sometimes they are in PJs or naked. 8/14/08
228 DUI Best of - Belmar, NJ 16th St 1:03am #211/Oxnard, CA Rose Ave 7:56pm #206/ Panama City Beach, Bay Co. FL Beach Blvd #104/ Beverly Hills, CA Wilshire Blvd 10:16 #212/Oxnard, CA Rose Ave 12:24pm/Altedena, CA 210 E Freeway 4:20pm/New Update with Danny - His wife yelled at him the whole time he would end up in jail so he doesnít do it anymore/Rutland, VT N Main St 7:10pm #204/ Mission Vilejo, CA - Ernesto #209/New Erensto update - He says he doesnít drink at all, Salsa is his passion. He goes to a club and dances with a woman, thatís how he does it/Classic - Mt Vernon 3/19/02 Ė a drunk woman walks a straight line in a square. 8/14/08

Season 3 (2008-09)

301 Peelin' Out - North Las Vegas, NV Craig St. 9:58pm - Officer Tony Bailey says you never know what youíll get could be the nicest guy from the meanest guy, never know what youíll get it. He spots a 60 in a 45. John (32) has 4 kids, itís a rental car, the kids are all loose. Tony tells them they need to buckle up. He wakes up and has to feed them all individually, they all want something different. He wants 1 more kid and blames the oldest telling him to speed up. They say heís nice sometimes, not really. One kid says he wants to be a happy face when he grows up. He gives him a speeding ticket, but not the seatbelt ticket. Glendale, CA Bel Aire Ave 4:58pm - Officer Paul Lopez says his number 1 hobby is watching USC football, a diehard fan, is from a long line of alumni. He spots a truck running a stop sign and gets behind him and she blows another stop sign. Sara from London, England is only driving 1 week. 8/21/08
302 Poker Joker - Aliso Viejo, CA Pacific Park Dr. 3:52pm - Dep Richard Nelson says heís looking for vehicles that pose a threat - erratic, DWI, not paying attention. He spots a truck with a high bumper, no fenders or mudguards. Chaz (43) says itís a company truck for Poker Clothes. He hands him a few insurance cards that are expired. Chaz says they look like twins, but Richard doesn't see it.  He died his goatee red because heís a big CA Angels fan. He didnít know about the law. If you kick up rocks you could hurt someone. He has 2 kids, going to have a boy and call him Jack, theyíll be a flush. Mesa, AZ N Center Ave 3:50pm - Ofc Matthew Slaughter says his biggest pet peeve is cracked windshields, lit cigarettes and wide turns. AKA Late Delivery 8/21/08
303 Summer Heat - Calvert County MD - Ofc Tony Moschetto has an unmarked Tahoe and itís the best job in the world. He spots a 77 in a 55. They are riding the edge like they are drunk. Kelley (19), Jeana, Patience & Krissi are together. She says they are going to Baltimore to a club. She has a lip piercing and says there is no alcohol in the car. Jeana says itís her birthday, she can take her off her shirt, doesnít know the meaning of boyfriend. They show tattoos and cleavage. They all get out and do catwalk moves. They say itís the summer, donít have to wear much clothes. He gives her a ticket for 64. He wants to check the trunk for beer. She says there are strawberry bubbles, not beer. He's glad they are underage without beer. They say they cut us a break because we are hot and blow the bubbles. 8/28/08
304 Speeder'd - Ft. Lauderdale, FL I75 - Ofc Barry Radanof says heís very meticulous, clean, neat and organized, heís all business. He says itís alligator alley, the FL autobahn and pots a 91 in a 65. Angel (31) & Joel (31) asks why is he being stopped, he was going with traffic and was going 68. If he went that fast it would start shaking, any chance of a mistake? He doesnít think he was going over 70. It seems unlikely. He keeps saying he canít believe it was 90. Barry says it was laser, not radar and is accurate. He had a clean record and gives him a warning. 8/28/08
305 Flippin' - Prince Frederick, MD Rt 4 1:28pm - Cpl Tony Moschetto says he has the record for catching a bike going 126mph. He spots a damaged car. Bryan (19) says he flipped the car, doesnít know how many times. The windshield is cracked, no front bumper, no plate, front tire is bald, side view mirror is empty - itís his ashtray. He is going to take it off the road. You have to do it now. He says a friend in the back said it wouldnít roll, he said sure it would and pulled the wheel hard and flipped it. He got hurt a little. Itís a Horsha hybrid, it causes womenís clothes to fall off. He hit a barn with it, a shopping cart, 2 trees and his head on the window. He will never get it fixed, he loves it, says itís not broken. Heíll let him park it and tow it later. Heíll get a ticket for an unsafe driving. An employee at the gas station says itís a crash test dummy car. Miami, FL I75 - Sgt. Kevin Strickland looks for aggressive driving, cutting people off, causing problems. He spots an 86 in a 55. Curtis (29) & Cecilia (34) are stopped. 9/4/08
306 Skull and Bones - Concord, NC S Union St 4:47pm - Sgt. Tim Hartsell says his mom raised him to say yes maam, no maam, yes sir and uses that every day. He spots a 51 in a 35. Katherine (25) is obese and with her mom. She says sheís looking for a Bingo Hall on Wiltshire and hoops, hollers and laughs. She saw him, sheís sorry, didnít see no speed limit, donít give me a ticket, they were looking for the Bingo sign, didnít know she was going fast. When you know youíre right, but you are wrong, that is no way to be right. Itís little money, but she yells for the big bingo money. He gives her less of a ticket because she made him laugh. Laguna Beach, CA PCH 2:55pm - Cpl Tony White says they have lots of people coming there to party, but too many people with alcohol is a bad mixture. He wants to slow cars down. One passes him going 60 in a 45 and he turns around. The man switches lanes like crazy. Ali says he just borrowed it for the coffee. 9/4/08
307 Late Delivery - Redondo Beach, CA PCH 9:1pm - Ofc Latoya Felix says being a female cop is a great experience, feels like part of the team. Knows the guys will back her up. She spots a car making an illegal turn in the crosswalk and he blows a stop sign too. Adrian (35) & Jenna say they were going to see the ocean, then decided to get sweet potato fries in the middle of it. Heís an ambulance driver so that craziness translates into his live. They are newlyweds and she told him there was a cop there, he said no. Sheís giving him the whip. She tells him what to do all the time, he canít tell her. He used to be a firefighter and gave his ID, now they just give him tickets. She doesnít give him a ticket. Jenna says we are in Los Angeles or whatever. 9/11/08
308 Rebel Without a Helmet - Calvert Co. MD Greenwood Ave 3:20pm - Cpl Tony Moschetto says whatís great about his job is he comes across lots of colorful characters, you better slow down. Speeding and seatbelt violations lead to bigger things. He spots a guy on a scooter with no helmet and he runs a stop sign. Alan (54) says he wasnít looking behind him, he just head the woo woo. He wasnít trying to outrun him. He was just cold, he wasnít told he needed a helmet. He puts around and waves to the neighbors. Itís his new toy, his ears were cold going up the hill. A helmet is a good idea, he did get bird poop on his head once. Theyíll get you, no big deal, supposed to be good luck. Canít force a good poop. He gives him a warning and Alan says thatís a pretty sneaky SUV, doesnít like it. He thinks he got good luck and now heís even. Tony likes he was nice. Concord, NC Copperfield Blvd 7:28pm Ė Sgt. Tim Hartsell says if heís a jokester they wonít take him serious, heís out protecting them. 9/11/08
309 The Popo Show - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Santa Margarita Parkway 4:10pm - Deputy Mark Haselton has given 15,000 tickets, most common mistake is driving too fast. He catches a motorcycle with no exhaust and stops him. Robert (52) asks whatís the problem. It appears there are no mufflers on there. He thinks they are street legal. No. He was told when he bought it the year he bought it was OK. It was custom built in 2001. Itís been a law since 1985. He never heard of it. He doesnít think they would sell it if it was legal. He then says he built it himself. He asks if you heard it, I asked you. Mark knows what heís talking about, he's a bike cop and his is barely legal. Then another bike goes by that is loud. Rob thinks the safer the better. He gives him a ticket for $100, but he can fix it. With cars itís 96db, bikes are 82db, have to be quieter than a truck. He doesnít think he could make it louder if he tried. Concord, NC Lawndale Ave 2:51pm - Sgt. Tom Hartsell likes the unmarked car, it gives you an advantage moving around, can catch them. The street is 25 and people jog there, so itís safe. He spots a silver SUV going 44. Mary Lou (32) thinks she was speeding a little bit, about 35-30, though itís 25. 9/18/08
310 Wing Woman - Laguna Beach, CA Ocean Ave 11:46pm - Cpl Tony White says he does all the technology and they support them as a hi-tech department, one of the leading ones in the county. He looks for people leaving bars making mistakes. He spots a car making an illegal left turn. Matt (31) Ginger (26) donít know why he was stopped, been there for 2 weeks. He didnít know about the turn, coming from Newport Beach. Havenít drank, were going to the bar to drink. He only had 1 beer, then water and does better with girls. She is his wing girl, bait he puts out there. She says it works. They see her and know heís non threatening. If they are nuts Ginger will dance with him. Heíll push her into guys to hook her up. It works well for her. Then a huge outburst erupts. There are girls yelling girls gone wild. They want Tony to come dance with them. He canít and runs away. Tony gives them a warning. He says itíll make a really good day if she hooks him up. Ann Arbor, MI Plymouth Rd 4:21pm - Ofc Trudy Sahr. North Las Vegas, NV Craig Rd 7:20m - Ofc Tony Bailey  9/18/08
311 Say Cheese - Tampa, FL - Ofc Mike Anderson says speed will kill so he likes to be out slowing them down and saving lives. A car passes him doing 80 in a 55 on the phone. Jamie (28) from Vegas says there was so much traffic and old people that are so slow and they donít know about the fast left lane rule. They donít know you go fast in the left lane. She came from work taking pictures of kids all day. She wears bunny ears to get the kids to smile. She didnít notice the white Ford truck was a cop, itís made like a work truck. She asks if this is a warning. No a ticket. 30 miles over is court. They are getting creative with enforcement.
Chris A. Kouhi (57) has no idea why heís stopped, he came from the bank, stopped, turned right, doesnít know anything he did wrong. He made the wrong deposit and hands him the bank info. He went from business to personal accounts. He did not see the sign, didnít know that, had no tickets for the last 10-15 years. He should get a warning if he deserves it. He did that movie... ahhhÖ. Mustang Sally and a Bacardi Commercial in the Dominican Republic. Itís a horror movie, lots of fun, people got killed, he did, no he didnít, good low budget. He lets him go with a warning for being honest. Concord, NC - Lawndale Ave 11:36am Ofc Tim Hartsell is the Sgt. of the traffic safety unit addressing concerns around the city, people complain about speeding in their neighborhoods. He spots a 43 in a 25. Jeff (41) & Donna (42) couldnít answer why he was going fast, itís his grandmotherís car. His truck got totaled from hitting a tree at 60mph. His boy did it, glad he had the insurance or itíll wouldíve pissed him off. They are only there to love each other. Cold beer and crazy women is whatís it all about, NASCAR is good for the economy, brings lots of money. Heís going to get a big old rib eye, baked potato and salad, wonít say what else. He gives him a ticket for 34 to save him. He says alright to everything, going home to have beer. Tyler, TX - cops stop an old guy for DWI and calls the cop and alien and doesnít want his van towed, cost him a lot of money. 9/25/08
312 Designated Mower - Lake Forest, CA El Toro 9:45pm - Deputy Richard Nelson says the best part of the job is making a difference, serving the community, every day is different. He stops a truck for tinted windows. Jeronimo (24) & Renee are celebrating, going to be a daddy. Itís against the law to have them that tined. He says they are not limo tinted. He shows him they need to be able to see inside and out. He doesnít want a baby yet, but it happens. She pictures her life a different way, huge wedding, then kids, she was on birth control too, sheís the 1% that it happened to. They are living together, why get married? They donít want the kid to be the ring girl. She wants to dress up a girl, canít do that with a boy. Rich asks if itís his wife, he says come on. He gives him a fix it ticket. He doesnít want to get married and she challenges him, so he says yes. 9/25/08
313 Trike Trouble - Prince Frederick, MD Rt 4 6:06pm - Cpl Tony Moschetto says they are very aggressive in their enforcement, liberal pursuit policy, they want to terminate as soon as possible. He spots a 94 in a 45. Itís a fat guy on a 3 wheeled motorcycle. Glenn (61) from Huntington asks if he can get up to get his license. Itís in the trunk. Is there a reason for your speed of 94? No way. You serious? Radar doesnít lie. It didnít feel like it, he didnít realize he was going that fast, it was a burst of energy, likes to show it off, itís a 2007 Boss Hogg. He was showing off to some pretty young girl. Heís a squirrel trying to get a nut, itís power. Tony gives him a break he never gave anyone. He saved him $510 and 4 points. He was showing off for women. Theyíll get you in trouble every time. He was doing his job. Tony says he needs all the help he can with women. 10/2/08
314 America's Next Top Tot - Lake Milton, OH I76 11:36am - Cpl James Davis says the biggest mistake you can make is arguing with him. He says itís the fastest road in the city. He spots an old beat up painted Volkswagen bus for not signaling. It has dealership plates too. Glenn (52) says itís registered in Akron, OH and heís transporting it to his brother in NY. Itís a 1970 VW bus, just getting in is an adventure. He wasnít sure he wanted to do it, but is supposed to help people out. Life is not a zero sum gain, if you treat people nice they will do the same thing for you, it took him 50 years to figure it out. He gives him a warning and is intrigued by the paint. He shows him the spray painted spots like Snoop Dogg and Disco Inferno. Heíll signal from now on. 10/2/08
315 Grand Prix Grandpa - Toms River, NJ Route 37 at 7:20pm - Patrolman Steve Schwartz has been there 8 years, cell phones are a primary offense in NJ, itís $125 if you are caught. A motorcycle speeds by him and when he sees him he takes off at over 100mph, turns into a residential area and stops. Hans (50) from Brick says a Honda cut him off by the Wawa. Did you see it? I saw you gong 100. He almost cut me off into the barrier. His insurance is expired last year. Why are you going so fast? Trying to get by that guy, I was so pissed off, he was on his cell phone, he chased me, tapped the brakes, he started laughing. Heís not an ahole on the bike, but nice to get away from a guy like that. Heís a grandpa, 2 kids, doesnít do wheelstands, no scratches on it. He gives him ticket for careless driving and not having insurance. He doesnít feel lucky, he got 2 tickets. He doesnít drive like that all the time. Indio, CA Jefferson Ave 4:49pm - Officer Coy Bradstreet says is nickname is No Brake, you are going to get a ticket from him. He spots a black car going 72 in a 55. Itís a Ferrari that gets far ahead of him. Jeff (26) from Seattle says heís sorry, it wonít go to 55, itís his bosses car, doesnít know. He got it up to 150mph, want to take it for a spin? He opens up the back to show the engine, he doesnít know how fast it goes. He was getting gas for the car, runs errands, gives rides. Coy likes that job. His boss doesnít like speeding tickets, he says donít get caught. He gives him a ticket and he speeds off. If he kept going he wouldíve gone to jail. 10/9/08
316 No Defense - Asuza, CA Citrus Ave 3:55pm - Randy Schmidt doesnít mind writing tickets, but have to get used to it, donít make many friends. He spots an Infiniti making a dangerous turn and cut someone off - failure to yield. Rachel (19) has no idea why he stopped her. That street is really hard to turn out of and she went. You went in front of that 4Runner and it wasnít safe. She got pulled over a couple months ago for speeding. The top 3 things to get out of a ticket - 1. Flirting 2. Crying 3. Some excuse like going to a funeral. Sheíll probably cry. She was on the phone at the time and suddenly hung up out of guilt. He gives her a ticket and she says I told you I'm going to cry. He says itís not the end of the world. She got 2 tickets before, didnít think it would cause a problem. He knows, he doesnít want her to feel bad. She wants to know how much it costs. He doesnít know. Sheís 0 for 2 on crying. Toms River, NJ Mathis Bridge 2:49pm - Steven Schwartz is on Rt 37 looking for speeders. He spots a white BMW going 68. Alexis (24) & Josephine (21) are from Warren. She is sorry, never been stopped for speeding. She didnít look at the speedometer, the car goes fast, it just goes, she was dating a guido for 3 years. They are fist pumpers to techno music. They like lots of eye makeup, little clothes, high shoes (like her). He gives her a ticket that is reduced. 10/9/08
317 Repeat Offender - Alisa Vilajo, CA State Route 73 9:20pm - Ofc Robert Hunter likes to go after speeders, those who cut people off and no seatbelts. He spots an 88 in a 65. Vashti (18) & Deane are late to the senior prom. They are supposed to be there at 9:30pm, forgot the ticket, had to go back, itís their emergency. She shows off her shoes and orange dress. Their GPS says they are going to be late. Itís senior prom, donít have a boyfriend, but going with a hot guy, plans to slow dance, wonít get a kiss. Dad is in the back. He gives them a ticket, never heard that one before. Alpharetta, GA State Route 400 3:20pm - Ofc Daniel Lambert says he arrested a woman for DWI who said she had no toes. He had her take her shoes off and she had toes. He spots a red SUV in the emergency lane. Bud (46) from Baltimore didnít know that. He noticed the bumps, heís not from GA, heading to the PGA store for a club, didnít know, still doesnít know, just going along dumb. He was 10mph over, but wasnít speeding. He gives him a ticket and he laughs. Breaking a golf club isnít an emergency. 10/16/08
318 Hooters Howlers - Fort Lauderdale, FL I595 at 5:11pm Ė Sgt. Kevin Strickland spots a 91 in a 65. Emily (22) and Dominique are late for work at Hooters. They think they were going 72, 75, donít know. They have a lease they need to pay, theyíll get last pick at work and the bad section. They want him to hurry. They put their name tags in a pitcher and then get picked last. Emily got angel wings tattooed on the back. Dom likes to sit and eat at the table with people. They are more than willing to show cleavage to let them go. He gives her a ticket and they promise to fight it. Calvert Co. MD R4 at 10:38am Ė Cpl Tony Moschetto is a hatchet on traffic. He spots a 65 in a 45. Ray (58) & Vance arenít from here. They are from Baton Rouge, LSU. He sucked the paint right after his car. He says he was next to him, he pulled out, you pulled over, came by, I looked to see you, had to speed by to catch up to see if you are a cop. Why? Why wouldnít I? 10/23/08
319 Kumbaya - Beverly Hills, CA - Santa Monica Blvd - Officer Dave Williams is set up looking for no turns on red. There are 2 signs there. He spots a white Lexxus making the turn and it has no plates. Tawnya (38) has owned the car 5 months, is waiting for personalized plates. The GPS told her turn, the guy was honking and she wanted to flip him off. She has a big rock on hr finger, came to do the whole Rodeo thing. Sheís lost, they are closing in 2 Ĺ hours, wants to go home or get a drink. He gives her a ticket for the plates, it wonít go on her record. Sheís excited, will go spend some money. FL - Sgt. Kevin Strickland spots an SUV going 85 in a 65. Michele (33) from Fort Lauderdale was rushing to pick up her son, knows she was over the limit. She canít find her paperwork, gets out, goes around the other side, goes in the back, goes back around. Sheís a singer, artists are disorganized. She sings a song about being nervous. She shows her CDs as Mia Ocean. He gives her the ticket for speeding and a warning on the card. Sheíll see him in court and make the world change. She sings another song. 10/30/08
320 Legend of the Hammer - Greensboro, NC - Spring Garden St. 3:34pm - Officer Cameron Peach spots a red car with no seatbelt. Flip (41) & Dithier ask whatís going on, he had his seatbelt on, he just took it off. His license is good. Heís from Harlem, owns a used car dealership, they are crispy, still good. He wants his big arms on TV, it's from drinking lots of milk and cereal. He is sexy, had his Lexxus cruiser with 22 inch rims, jumped out with a tank top and his girl liked it. He told her he changed the alphabet to put U&I together. He wants that cut out. He gets out to flex. Cameron lets him go and heís cool. Maybe he should eat more cereal. Oxnard, CA Oxnard Blvd 9:58pm - Officer Ernie Orozco goes out and busts ass, no breaks, writes lots of tickets. He spots a 50 in a 35. Jose (43) doesnít think he has his license on him, itís not revoked, doesnít know how fast he was going. The lady behind him was trying to pass so he sped up. Heís going to a Mexican girls' 15 year old birthday. He has his clothes in the back and he shows them off including a formal Hawaiian shirt. He has a bunch to chose from. Heís not going to whine and says heís sorry. He gives him a ticket for $90. He comes back to say he knows Ernie, heís famous. Padamo told him about him. Ernie says heís a liar, donít believe him. Heís an ex-cop who teaches traffic school. 11/6/08
321 GPS Breakup - Beverly Hills, CA - Santa Monica Blvd. 2:08pm - Officer Dave Williams says the excuse used most to get out of a ticket was I have to go to the bathroom and one guy peed on himself to prove it. He spots a black SUV make an illegal turn on red. Aric (19), Aaron, Taylor & Lauren. The girls saw the 3 signs, it was obvious. He goes to school in Nebraska and got a ticket there. They can make right on red in NE. They were lost, Karen told them to go, thatís his Australian accented GPS. They told him not to from the back and Karen was trying to talk to him too and he missed the 2 signs and the light. He likes to live dangerous, danger is all around in Nebraska, corn can get cut. He says Karen doesnít lie, it told him to turn. He gives him a ticket and he says Karen told him to. You turned right, not at the right time. He wants 7 signs there. He needs to listen to them in back. 11/13/08
322 Behind the Speeder - Calvert Co. MD Rt 4 at 1:50pm - Cpl Tony Moschetto spots a white car speeding, tailgating and has a tag hanging doing 71 in a 45. Nicholas (24) & Dominic say he has no registration or insurance, the tags are from his other car. He didnít signal either, lots of infractions, doesnít want to arrest him. He just left IHOP, barely even awake. He has an active warrant. He thinks heíll get off for being honest. Dom drank 4 Diet Cokes and has to pee. He doesnít want to tow the car, but has to arrest him for the warrant. Nick is his brother, has to call his mom to drive them. Dom really has to go to the bathroom. He warns him about finding something in the car first. He searches him and lets him go in the woods and he goes a long time. Mom arrives and Tony warns people to slow down. 11/20/08
323 Speeders for Sale - Alpharetta, GA Hwy 400 N 9:30pm - Officer Daniel Lambert says radar or laser is the best way to catch a speeder and prove it in court. He spots an 83 in a 65. Treena (31) & Nina are sisters. She tells him to shut up, she just bought the car a few hours ago. She knows itís 65, itís stupid that itís 65, everyone does at least 100, she was doing good. She has no way of knowing she was going that fast. She wanted a Lexxus for luxury, itís fast, pretty, air seats. Sheís a dental hygienist, deals with funky ass mouths all day. He admits itís a fast road and gives her a ticket. She says no break since she got it the first day. Itís bad for her insurance, heís an ahole. Panama City, FL - Officer Matt Stretchert says if they are out they know they are watching them. He spots a 61 in a 45 coming over the bridge. Clifton (23) is from Columbus, used to be from here, just driving his buddy to the bar. Have you been drinking? Iím good. I smell it, how many 1 or 2? Yes. He gets lied to all the time. They are chasing women. He grew up with the girls at the strip club, going to see some old friends. He pulls him out for a FST. Honestly how much did you have to drink? 2 beers. He gives him the finger test, the one foot test. He does OK, he had to check him and make sure he was safe or it was his responsibility. He cuts down the ticket 2 mph. Every dog has his day, caught for speeding, now to the strip club. 12/4/08
324 Fast Pitch, Fast Cars - Panama City Beach, FL - Front Beach Rd - Deputy Neil Rubel says people get crazy on Spring Break and itís not safe. He spots a truck with people hanging out the back drinking beers. He stops them and the beer disappears. He makes them pull them out and show ID. Coul & Matthew from KY ask if itís illegal. You can sit in the back, but on the floor. No one told them not to drink. One guy says he told them not to. Coul says heís been to jail there many times, 4 public intox, 3 DWI, 2 public nuisance, fireworks, starting a fire, terroristic threats. He doesnít like jail, itís a miserable time, but heíd do it again. He gives them tickets. Lake Milton, OH Mahonig Ave 3:01pm - Cpl James Davis says they call him Beaver for hitting a 60 pound Beaver with his car once and ruining it. He spots a 35 in a 20 school zone. Brian (21) Terri & Christina. His license is suspended for not paying a ticket, he doesnít know if he has a warrant, has no seatbelt, didnít put it on. Heís going to be a fast food manager, heís licked peopleís food before, they are drunk and stupid and deserve it. They give free tacos to strippers. He gets a ticket for suspended license. He pulls mom out because she has a warrant for not paying tickets. She made arrangements to pay though. Itís $80. They have to tow the car, canít wait for his dad to get it. Barstow, CA I5 5:34pm - Officer Robert Stephano says speed increases, change of surviving an accident decreases. 12/11/08
325 Holster It AKA Cinderella Speeder - Azusa, CA Irwindale - Officer Randy Schmidt was in 8 crashes in his first 18 months and now has a lucky crash dummy tattoo. He spots a black BMW doing 59 in a 40. Jesus (29) thinks itís 35, thought he was going 40. No 59. You are kidding. He wants a warning, he works right there, does a lot of copying, he does city hall, rec center, he knows Linda there, right there. He says thatís Irwindale, well heís Azusa. Doesnít that change it? Arenít we all part of the community? He just got the car 2 months ago and got 2 tickets already, he needs to find something else. Itís to attract the ladies, heís getting more tickets than ladies though. Heís scared of number 3. He gets a ticket for the full amount. Orange Co. CA - Dep Jeff Puckett joined for public service, but heís addicted to the rush. He spots a green Nissan pickup with a brakelight out. Bonnie (58) has no idea, what did I do, I canít speed in it. She hasnít got any tickets before, she feels like a celebrity on camera now. She was on Love Connection once, but the guy was a jerk, really bad, shouldíve picked the German race car driver. Her cats all love her, wants to turn one into a man. She has Casey, Gizmo, Lucy and Markham. Mark isnít overbearing and is understanding, laughs at her jokes. He gives her a warning and she says sheís taking it in next week to fix. 12/18/08
326 That's a Paddlin'! - Concord, NC Hwy 29 at 5:53pm - Sgt Tim Hartsell spots a car not signaling, tailgating and not signaling some more. Terry (39) says he wasnít that close. He couldíve stopped in time, it doesnít bother him, wasnít hardly doing the speed limit. Heís on the way home from work. A lot of people think his car model are race cars, but they are 100hp tops. He made the handling better, he shows all the customizing he did, neon lights, air intakes and he did it all cheap. He used faucets for intake, hardware store trim. Heís been driving since 1986 and hasnít gotten caught speeding, but has lots of tickets. Heís into his car, so he gives him a warning. The money he saved is more mods. Alpharetta, GA State Rt 400 at 9:53pm - Officer Daniel Lambert spots a car going 92 in 65. Sonny (43) & Bena are sorry about it. He has the registration on paper, he was trying to keep up with everyone and was rushing to get gas, the light is on. He saw he was going 77, no excuse to go 10 over. Heís a car salesman, doesnít usually speed, but got a ticket a couple days ago. She says she wouldnít let him drive the car. He says you are going to get me in trouble. He gets a ticket since he did it before. He doesnít reduce them when they are that high. 12/31/08
327 Mama Mia! - Santa Monica, CA Beverly Blvd - Pfc Dave Williams spots a car making an illegal turn. He tells him to pull around the corner, he has a GPS. Valerio (28) Dario & Antonio are from Italy. He has an Italian license and heís not supposed to make a right hand turn on red there. Heís an accountant, just got there last night and went to sleep. Looking for a rich girl to get married to. He would say you are so beautiful in Italian. Now we have 3 Italians in an American Car. They like big boobs, bigger than Pam Anderson. Italian women are harder, like a job, 2 months to get them. Americans are easier. He just gives them a warning. They want to take a picture with him and he agrees. They are looking for Paris Hilton, they saw her film on the net. Long Beach, NY Park Ave 11:10pm - Ofc Brett Curtis says it's the city by the bay in the summer. He spots a car with a headlight out. Katie (28) doesnít know, sheís coming from the bakery in Rockaway, she lives 3 blocks away, canít find a place to park. Parking is impossible on the weekend there, one of the nicest people heís stopped. He runs her license and itís revoked. She didnít know, thought she was all paid up. He has to take her license, she has goes to court to get it back. She can get a neighbor to drive it. He doesnít have to take the car. A man comes back who can drive it and the car wonít start. She has to get a tow anyway.  12/31/08
328 Big Bad Biker - Concord, NH Concord Farms Rd 10am - Sgt. Tim Hartsell spots a biker doing 57 in a 45. He wants him to go to the left and he goes to the right. Jerry (57) didnít think he got up that fast, tries not to go over 50. Heís familiar with this road. He hates aholes with cell phones, texting, computers, reading books, souped up cars flying around, slow in the left lane, lots of bozos. He sees a lot of Harleyís, but not a lot of bikers, they put a lot of crap on their bikes. Tim says bikers seem like all other bikers. Jerry is married with children, doesnít live the lifestyle, just rides. Itís his wifeís bike, it was a real lemon. He always hated smiley faces when they came out in 1971, he has a button with a bullet through a smiley face. He has lots of mottos. Tim gives him a warning. He knows the turn is bad, couldnít get that high. He never goes over 10 or theyíll get him. If you show respect youíll get it back. Oak Lawn, IL 95th St 9:05pm - Ofc Dan Olson looks for violations. He finds a car with 1 headlight. Shontell (20) & Antoine are from Chicago. He takes her out shows her the light and lets her bang on it. Sheís never been stopped before. They only have rap music, no Barry Manilow. Ant says heís her man, but he didnít know it was out or he would fix it. She laughs at him. He says she bumped into him, thatís how the met. She says heís comedy. He gives them a warning, he asks her to sing a Manilow song thinking she wonít know one. She does a little Copa Cabana. 1/8/09
329 Wrong Way Wedding - Beverly Hills, CA - Officer Dave Williams is working the north end looking for speed or sign violations. He spots an SUV going the wrong way on a turn ramp. Heís never seen an illegal turn lake that in 10 years. Kyle (27) from Westlake didnít see any cars coming or signs. Didnít you see the arrows? I didnít. I work here, Iím setting up a wedding. Heíd never seen that, heís doing the floral, dťcor and lighting, candy for the candy bags. Heíll give some to Dave. He has white chocolate & lollipops. Dave says there isnít a lot of signs, he wasnít speeding and is at work so he gives him a warning. He can't take the food. Concord, NC Union St. 12:16pm - Sgt. Tim Hartsell is on a 35mph street and spots a 53. Wayne (44) from Newport News, VA. He says there is no way, he goes from 40-45. He drops a toothpick an Tim wonders if itís drugs, he doesnít know his age, heís got him tripped out. He doesnít eat or swallow toothpicks, he chews on it, spits it out, itís to keep from smoking, ainít funny kinda, sad, heís not a bad person. He rolled up the pick and it looked like a rock. He knocked the ticket down to save him. He doesnít have his license on him and says heíll fight it. Eureka, CA US 101 at 4:15pm - Officer Greg Hill says they are above San Francisco. He spots a woman on the phone with a dog hanging out the window. Heidi (39) says she doesnít bite. Someone called her, her phone rang, she turned it off. People are always distracted on their cars always texting. He gives her a ticket for the phone it's $20. Her registration is expired too, she gets a fix it ticket. 1/15/09
330 Of Beads and Bods - Panama City Beach, FL Front Beach Rd 12:03am - Deputy Matt Streichart spots a truck with people hanging out the window during spring break. Alex (20), Josh & Jack are from Alabama. He tells the driver heís responsible. The passenger looks wasted, he has beads he gives out to see titties. They have big wheels, girls like them. They like girls, racks, titties. Heís down to his last beads, had a dozen. They pick them up and take them to a hotel. He takes his ID, gives him a warning that people could fall out, heís seen it. They say itís lame ass. Milwaukee, WI Wisconsin Ave 6:32pm - Officer Gregg Duran is on a bridge that is a 30 zone. He spots a 47mph. Elizabeth (29) has her license out, doesnít know the limit or what she was going. She said she hadnít gotten a ticket in forever, she was at a wedding yesterday and didnít hook up, everyone else did. She has the worst Wisconsin accent. He has one too. She doesnít have a registration sticker. She shouldnít get a ticket because she didnít know, she is nice, didnít see him. He gives her a warning and a fix it ticket for the sticker. She wonít do more than 8 over now. Rancho Santa Magarita. 1/22/09
331 Damsel in Distress - Greensboro, NC Wendover Ave 12:27pm - Officer Danielle Budusky may look cute, but she packs a lot of punch in a little package and doesnít let many people go. She hides behind trees and finds a 61 in a 45. Mandy (21) thought she was doing 45, she hit the brakes at Holden, didnít see her, didnít know she was a cop, is sorry she was going fast, she is going to meet her family after church for breakfast. She sings with the choir and gives a demo. Sheís into drama, sheís done plays they say sheís good. She was Miss Thomasville, has head shots, likes inline skating, not as good as she used to be, tough girl, doesnít look it. She works at the animal shelter, itís good to be positive, sheís pretty hardcore. Her mom then shows up and says itíll be up to her to take care of it no matter how much the insurance goes up. She might be the next Hollywood star, who knows. She gives her a ticket for 55. Itís her first speeding ticket. Dad says itís their wedding anniversary, like her first words, extra proud. Glendale, CA - Officer Ed Malouf says they just passed a law against cellphones in cars. He pulls up next to the guy, has AZ plates, didnít even see him. Gave him oops look. Curtis (41) knew why he stopped him. He has a hardwire, needs to use it. They reenact the call. They donít have the law in AZ. Ed says he looked over, had shock value. Curt says how are you going to stop technology now, heís extremely conservative, everyone is usually behind him. He puts his earpiece in now. Keep it in. He gives him a ticket. 1/29/09
332 El Ceej - Laguna Beach, PCH 9:45pm - Cpl Tony White spots a car make an illegal left turn. Shirley (34) is a security guard from LA. She has her paperwork, wasnít really paying attention, but was a little. Is there a sign? Yes, and on the pavement too. She is a stay at home mom for 13 years, now is a single mom, just got divorced. She works like crazy, two 8 shifts, canít afford to divorce the mofo. She moved out here with her new boyfriend a major in the Marines, heís 6' and hot. They never see each other. Heís putting on the pressure to get divorced, theyíve been together 4 months. Tony says the stops can lead to bigger things, but nothing here. He gives her a small ticket, failure to obey posted sign. She has to be at work in 3 minutes. A man in uniform is hot, but not one that gives you a ticket. Calvert County, MD Rt4 at 5:40pm Cpl Tony Moschetto spots a Jeep going 77 in a 55. CJ (18) is from town, has no reason for it, first time heís ever been stopped, itís very nerve-racking. His crazy ex called him to give him crap for not calling her. They call him Ceej, he needs some love. Heís got line like how much does a baby polar bear weigh, enough to break the ice, rearrange the alphabet for U & I, gets 3-4 numbers a night. Tony is disappointed, he drops it to a 64 to save him a point and fines. He says give him a yell on his facebook. It wonít be cool if his mom has to drive him. 2/5/09
333 Eugene, OR - Officer Doug Ledbetter waits at a red light and has a green that someone runs in front of him. Philip (39) from town noticed it at the end, he was spacing off a little bit. He collects old 60s, 70s, 50s, has 6 of them, not cars. They are Computer Games - World of Warcraft. Itís a major online game, best ever made. His character is a woman. He didnít see him at all. His wife is going back to school to make sure all bills are paid. He mightíve been able to afford it if he had a job. He gives him a red light ticket. Milwaukee, WI - Officer Gregg Duran is where it's 35 on the bridge. Itís hard to judge with and without headlights. He spots a 51 in a 35. Jason (32) nail technician says he knows, just driving, doesnít pay attention, going to get his son to eat ice cream. Then he says yes maam, I mean sir. Gregg says he gets it all he time, he must be confused. He canít grow a mustache at work. He runs his record in 04, 06, 07, 07 he got speeding tickets. He wants to, he tries to because his wife is pregnant, keeps speeding at the time, canít stop. He has a radar detector, but it wasnít plugged in. Gregg laughs at him. He says he doesnít use the detector, itís funny. He knows he shouldnít. Laguna Beach, CA - Officer Spring Sendelle says if you are speeding you might get stopped. She spots a white truck with an expired registration and cracked windshield. Charles (69) from San Clemente says he hasnít put the stickers on since 07, he called his insurance company to get it fixed. Heís a handy man, does all kinds or things. Heís too lazy to do his own though. Heís a gardener, put roses on the table, makes every woman happy. She says itís dangerous on the window, she gives him a fix it ticket. Put the stickers on ASAP. He says that hurts for a handy man. 2/5/09
334 North Las Vegas, NV Craig Rd. 8:31pm - Officer Shane Arrendale spots a van make a u-turn right in front of him and a no u-turn sign. Martin (39) is a singing telegram man dressed as a Playboy bunny. Heís going to a party for a 35 year old girl to sing. Itís like a prank or joke. He has a van full of costumes, no one will forget it. The old hairy guy gets out and sings and dances. Then he sings a song for Sean and heís disturbed. He lets him go with a warning. Fort Lauderdale, FL I75 - Trooper Bernardo Alonso spots a 95 in a 70. Randy (44) pulls right over in his Titan. He has tickets for the Dolphins Game and was in a hurry. He wants to tailgate with sandwiches and wine. Heís had tickets before. He gets a $230 ticket. Greensboro, NC Willow Rd 5:10pm - Officer Cameron Peach spots a guy with no seatbelt in an all red car. Rodney (23) says he just left the house, almost had it a year, calls it a donk, 92 Chevy Caprice, lift, ipod, cost $1500. Paid $1200 for the seats, $3100 rims, it gets him the looks. He gives him a ticket and shows he has a truck horn he blows. Beverly Hills, CA Robertson Blvd. 3:46pm - Officer Dave Williams spots a silver Infiniti on a phone. Timothy (46) has no idea what happened, says he got a $900 ticket. He denies being on the phone, says it was the bluetooth, he talked, didnít talk. His insurance, license and registration are all expired. He has a warrant for no license, heís been through it before. Dave wants to know how it got this bad for him. They wonít come to arrest him, so he lets him call for a ride. Eugene, OR Coburg Rd 3:10pm - Officer Doug Ledbetter spots a woman with no seatbelt, on the phone and tossing her cigarette. Kayla (22) is sorry, really stressed out, doesnít usually do that, had a really bad day at work, wasnít paying attention and is sorry. She ran out of milk and got stressed. Doug keeps telling her the world is not our ashtray and gives her 2 tickets. Classic - GA cops stop a man for DWI and he is cuffed. He says he has respect for the law, kicks his truck and falls over. 2/12/09
335 Beverly Hills, CA Santa Monica Blvd. 11:42am - Officer Dave Williams says heís very funny like Chris Rock or Sinbad. He spots an Audi make an illegal right turn. Anthony (37) has no idea why he was stopped, heís going to play tennis. He didnít see anything, he deserves the ticket. He was on the phone, wasnít paying attention, likes cops, doesnít want road rage, all people are scumbags who give cops a hard time. He needs the ticket or he wonít learn, he will keep doing it until someone gets hurt. Heís gotten many tickets, got revoked for 135 in a school zone. Dave says itís rare someone is so honest. He gives him the ticket and heís thankful. Oak Lawn, IL - Officer Dan Olson spots a car going 24mph with no front plate. The guy stops in the middle of the street and says he thought it was Speeders. Randy (22) says he was going to get a plate, he hit his girl last night, didnít mean to. It fell off, should be in the trunk. He tries to sell cars. He shows the damage in the front, he was too close, she was in a pickup, itís her fault, didnít tell her that. Heís going to get it appraised. Dan cuts him loose. Greensboro, NC Rt40 12:45pm - Officer Cameron Peach says the strangest excuse was a man was tricked by a male prostitute. He spots an 82 in a 60. Krisonna & Keisha beg not to get a ticket, sheís in a hurry to turn in her paper for school. Itís her chemistry lab report. She has to get there by 1pm. She does 2 jobs, Kei does 411 for police. People donít know anything or how to spell at all. He gives her a lower ticket for $151. Milwaukee, WI Capitol Dr 12:49pm - Ofc Gregg Duran works on a bike and spots a 53 in a 35. Josetine (36) knew he was looking at her, what the heck, was just coming from church, took her heels off, put the flip flops on, has to be able to switch and look good. Now she is in a hurry to get the bank. They learnt about pot and drugs in church, not this. She then gets out to show her outfit. He gives her a warning. Update - Beverly Hills - Dave Williams stopped a woman in a Prius who thought she was so green. She forget the ticket, now all her clothes are high price from around the world and not green. Fort Lauderdale, FL I75 5:45pm - Trooper Bernardo Alonso spots an SUV doing 93 in a 70. Matthew (31) says heís running late to pick up his buddy for the game, he should know better. That wonít work with a judge. Heís a marketing guy and calls the guys to say heís going to be late and he laughs like crazy. He gives him the ticket. He wonít pay $230 for it though and wonít make it slow him down with partying. 2/12/09
336 Lots of Laffs - Laguna Beach, CA PCH 10:33pm - Cpl Tony White spots a red Volkswagon doing 58 in a 40. Hank (79) & Lola are in a hot wheel. He came from a comedy contest with her, sheís a comedienne. They say she won the contest. She tells bad jokes. She says theyíve been married 54 years, he says 52. They do call each other names and get mad. Itís not funny, he tries to watch the speed, itís her car, the speedometer is too dark. Speeding isnít a laughing matter. He gives him a warning. Long Beach, NY Park Ave 11:42am - Officer Brett Curtis spots a guy in a BMW on a phone, then he blows a red light. Jimmy (43) says he doesnít have any ID on him. Itís his girlfriendís car. Heís having a bad day. Heís a chef, hates to be asked his specialty. They have 45 pastas and garlic knots. He starts out nice, but makes the guys work and tosses stuff at him. Brett knows where he works. He gives him a warning on everything, but a cell phone ticket. Chula Vista, CA East Orange Ave 5:01pm - Agent Tim Kahl likes arresting people. He spots a white Camero doing 50 in a 35. George (22) says he doesnít have a license on him. Any reason to stop me? Speeding. How much you smoke? Just got off work and had a puff. He doesnít think he has any more weed. They find a stun gun, a bag of weed, brass knuckles & handicap tag. They arrest him and take his car. Greensboro, NC Guilleford College Rd 8:55pm - Officer Danielle Budusky says you never know what youíll get when you stop someone. She spots a 50 in a 35. Keva (23) says she was trying to find cheaper gas. She saw $4.49 and $4.19 driving back and forth. She canít believe it. Itís her first ticket, itís $155. Sheís on E. Quick stop - Broward Co. FL - a biker does 89 in a 65. Heís a commercial truck driver and canít afford any points. His wife is going to kill him, heís dead. He has a bunch of tickets and gives him a new one. Blythe, CA Donlon Ave 11:29am - Cpl Troy Fabanich says they call him Hollywood. He spots a pickup truck with 4 people crowded in the cab. Chris, Eric, Marcel & Butch - heís never had a license, knows itís illegal. One is missing a seatbelt. They sing and try to play games. He gives him a ticket for no license, if he gets one itís gone. None of them have a license and need a ride. Classic - FL - a cop stops an old man who gets mad and drives in reverse onto the cops hood. 2/19/09
336 North Las Vegas, NV Centennial Pkwy 8:57pm - Officer Brian Merker's biggest pet peeve is unrestrained children. He spots a 54 in a 35. Martin (33) & Aiden (7) says he looked down, slowed down, saw him, didnít know he was going that fast. He wasnít paying attention. His son is crazy, keeps talking and bouncing around. Aiden asks the cop if he likes donuts. No. He has them. He gives him a ticket, never asked that by a kid. Abington, PA Huntington Pike 6:05pm - Officer Alan Freed says they have accutrak lines on the road that computerizes the speed automatically. He gets a 67 in a 40. Tommy (39) from Philly says he passed you fast. Heading home, stomach is bothering him, been stopped in the same spot. He always watches his speed, but the hockey game is coming on, his girlfriend doesnít drive, has to get her, has to get back to work, two guys cut him off, has to walk the dog. He gets a ticket and is sorry. Slidell, LA Carr Dr 12:38pm - Deputy Matthew Cleland says people arenít excited to get tickets from him. He spots a 38 in a 25. Stuart (57) is a salesman, he just took his seatbelt off, wasnít paying attention to the speed much. He was behind that car, that truck a few car lengths. He didnít realize he was speeding, he sells cars including the one heís in now. 1999 Lincoln Town Car with 200,000 miles for $4000, good deal. He also does carpets and has samples in the trunk. They donít die, they get ugly. He offers him half price on the car for no ticket. He gets a speeding ticket and a registration warning. Glendale, CA Pacific Ave 12:14pm - Officer Ed Malouf is out there to educate. He spots a 47 in a 30. Arnold (20) has no idea why heís stopped. Any weapons? No. You have a knife. He thinks itís a 40 limit. He gets pulled over 4-5 times a week. They just make up reasons to stop him. Sometimes he has illegal knifes, he collects them and they end up in his car. He carries them for the heck of it. Itís his first speeding ticket. It doesnít feel good, sucks, has to pick up his mom, heíll be late. He clocks him pulling out at 40mph in the 30. Westin, FL I75 - Trooper Bernardo Alonso spots a Mercedes doing 96 in a 70. Adolfo (23) says he has to go the bathroom. Triple burger with kingsize fries is killing his stomach. It was good, usually gets chicken. He doesnít know what will happen, will use the ticket for toilet paper. He gives him a ticket. Exit the freeway for the bathroom. Classic - FL - a woman is arrested for DWI and keeps laughing. She has 5 physical defects - tattoos. 2/19/09
337 Concord, NC Concord Pkwy 11:03am - Sgt. Tim Hartsell drives an unmarked car. He spots a black car weaving, then bumps a car. Ginger (36) & Connie (36) says she didnít bump him, that's her old man. She wears her PJs everywhere, has stress free zone on her butt. Thatís Connieís husband, they followed him. They are grandmothers, donít work, play Wii, have fun, good shoes. They hide the handicapped tag. She just got her license back for speeding and reckless driving from popping the clutch to make the kids heads bump. They saw Tim on TV and says heís a star. Milwaukee, WI Michigan Ave 10:32pm - Officer Gregg Duran says itís grass roots. He spots an illegal u-turn in an intersection. Mandi (32) & Rob know, she was listening to her drunk husband. Sheís a nurse, heís a doctor, she gave him a party for getting her license, they were listening to the GPS. Sheís not drunk, will put it on her blog. Sheís breaking out on hives, is nervous, doesnít drink anymore or would call her mom. She calls the GPS Javier, is more fun when she is drunk. He gives them a warning. Laguna Beach, CA PCH 11:36pm - Cpl Tony White stops speeding by being visible. A truck passes doing 70 in a 40. Bianca (20) canít find her license, she just wanted to get home. She has a passport. He says sheís a frequent flyer. Sheís in college, likes to have fun, is on the swimming team, snowboards. She had an A and C size boobs and got implants because insurance covered it. She knew it was bad, but didnít care until she hooked up. She gets out and lifts her shirt. He gives her a ticket for 59. Long Beach, NY - Officer Mike Corbett says he wanted to have a TV therapy show. He spots a failure to stop and turn on the green. Anthony (35) & Kim says it was an honest mistake, he didnít mean to break the law, was distracted. He was going to the beach, first time this year. They have salad, chips, dip, no fruit. He breaks out the coolers and shows all the food. She has 5 layer dip, try to pack everything so they want for nothing. He gives them a warning. Slidell, LA Hwy 90 - 8:04pm - Deputy Vincent Cyprian has been there 3 years to uphold the laws and goes home happy. He spots a woman speeding 73 in a 55. Rebecca (37) from New Orleans says are you fóking kidding. Sheís never been arrested, has gotten tickets, doesnít have registration. Sheís has some fking issues, her mom pays the rent, she has so make coconut curry shrimp with butter until she got stopped. If sheís going to jail itís for murder, she planned it out. She was speeding and would do it again. He gives her a speeding ticket, sheís cool with that. Says itís a stocking stuffer, he smells nice. She has curry, milk in the back. He never got that before. Classic - OR - the man says he went to law school. He asks if he knows the alphabet and he says A-F XYZ, then gets it wrong 5 more times. 2/26/09
338 Beverly Hills, CA Sunset Blvd 11:00am - Officer Dave Williams used to be DJ Page. He spots a Mercedes doing 52 in a 35. Shamin (25) has a dog on her lap, no idea why she was stopped, thinks itís a 40 zone. Itís her first time being stopped and sheís nervous. She was out of country in Encino. She had sex at her girlfriendís house. She woke her up in the night and went down on her. She has a promise ring, but she cheated on her 6 times. Then she gave her an expensive ring and promised she wouldnít do it anymore. Her dog Binky is all she has. He gives her a ticket for 50, she can go to court. She begs, then curses them out. Covington, LA Hwy 21 - 5:29pm - Deputy Guy Willie has been there 15 years, heís 6í5Ē and 350 pounds. He spots a car with no seatbelt. Donald (74) says heís right about that. Heís going to pick up a 6 pack, go home and drink. The car is in his wifeís name. He got tired of that after 23 years. He has a hook for his window, itís falling apart, hard to find parts for the old thing. He gives him a ticket. He wonít fight, heíll pay it. He found out 3-4 months ago, he was single, there was no record of the marriage. Heís happy as a pig in a mud puddle, nothing he likes about her. Heís on blood pressure meds, not good for the ladies, doesnít think viagara works. Eureka, CA V street 7:58pm - Officer Greg Hill says the craziest thing was he smelled a pungent odor and found 12 pounds of pot in the car. He spots a car over the double yellow, then running a stop sign. Andrew (25) says son of a gun he didnít stop. He was spacing out, running late, has to pick his wife up. He was watching Speeders on TV, itís a good show. She is pissed heís late. He thought it was a sweet looking car until he lit him up. Now itís $200, will have to take her out for dinner. He gives him a warning, but he needs to pay attention. The wife walks up and Greg tells her what happened. Greensboro, NC Lee St 12:41pm - Officer Cameron Peach says everyone calls him peach. He spots a woman with no seatbelt. Charla (42) normally wears it. Sheís been a dental assistant for 16 years, get them done every 6 months, get them bleached, sheís happy about it, gets lots of discounts. She loves her car Pontiac GTO, itís her favorite thing. He gives her a ticket. Sheís glad itís not a speeding ticket, she learned her lesson. Chula Vista, CA Ridgeback Blvd 1:56pm - Agent Tim Kahl is watching a t-intersection for stop sign runners. He spots a white car, even with lights and sirens on she runs another. Roberta (57) is so used to doing it and was listening to Dr. Laura on the radio. She wasnít thinking, she would probably warn her to pay attention. She should call in about not getting stopped. She wants mercy, didnít intentionally do it, just did it. Stop signs are for stopping, she should have a show. He gives her a warning and wants her to call in how nice he was. Classic - OH - a cop stops a red pickup and the man gets out naked. He has nothing but a blanket.  2/26/09
339 Lo-Ridiní Grandpa - Covington, LA Hwy 190 7:57pm - Deputy Victoria Dombrowski is on criminal patrol looking for anything she can get her hands on. She spots a white Jeep Cherokee with an unknown temp tag. Jawnee (35) thought she was a cop that wasnít a cop. Sheís waiting on the tag to mail it to her, they canít find her. She just moved here from FL, used to be in Asia. She was on Girls Gone Wild Panama City 1990. She says they are real and flashes her breasts. Sheíll probably be arrested, likes handcuffs. Sheís a good girl. Her info checks out. North Las Vegas, NV Losee Rd - Officer Shane Arrendale says itís Saturday in an intersection known for red light runners. He spots a Cadillac riding too low. The plate has to be 12 inches off the ground. Joseph (56) says there is nothing wrong with it. Itís on hydraulics. He lifts it up. He opens the trunk to show the batteries and how it works. Nothing like it. He canít run them while on the roadway. He wants to do the police car like that. Have to ask the chief. It was his birthday yesterday, so he gives him a warning. Greensboro, NC Business I40 1:20pm - Officer Cameron Peach says he was a landscaper before this. He spots a 75 in a 60 who keeps going fast. Shasta (23) & Mynika know she was speeding. She asks if this Speeders. She just said last night she wanted to be on Speeders, but didnít want to get a ticket. She canít believe it, sheís their #1 fan. Every Thursday she makes sure she is home cooking dinner and watching Speeders at 8pm. She canít believe the excuses people give. She doesnít have an excuse, she was lost and speeding, not much else. She needs a Speeders hat and shirt. He gives her a ticket, but drops it to 69. She wants his autograph. He says thatís a first, never been asked. He says this should make her a happy camper. Wilton Manors, FL - Andrews Blvd 11:14am - Officer David Akers says he was with the FD, but burning buildings isnít his gig, rather would dodge bullets, itís safer. He spots a pickup following too close and doesnít signal in front of him, takes a while to stop. Michael (27) says someone was tailgating him, he wasnít paying attention. David says you were right up my tailpipe, should be 3 lengths back. Mike asks why would he tailgate a police car. He doesnít have anything to hide, heís not afraid of anything, he passes cops all the time, never gets pulled over. He did get a speeding ticket once. He doesnít know what a ticket would be for. He gives him a ticket, itís $140. No points? Yes. He can go to traffic school. He doesnít know what he was supposed to do. Mike says his handwriting is so awful, he canít read it so heíll take it to court. Long Beach, NY W. Broadway 4:19pm - Officer Mike Corbett says if he wasnít a cop he would be an impersonator in Las Vegas - Dan Akroyd. He looks for rule breakers and spots a cab making an improper left turn. Anthony (46) says some people say you can go the other way, no sign about u-turns. He makes pizza, driving a cab is like a vacation, canít beat it. He prefers making pies, can get to the heart by the stomach. Heís a pie man, donít make it too thin, get your hands and spin it, donít press the middle. Pepperoni, calamari, shrimp, whatever they want. 80% of the people who get in his car he knows. He canít say what goes on in the back, saw lots of crazy stuff. He wants to educate him and gives him a warning, doesnít want to take all his money for the day. He sees him all the time, never pulled him over before. Classic - IO - a woman is arrested for DWI and says she wasnít driving the car, understand the charge? You ever had an orgasm? Probably not. Would you like to suck me? Will you take a breath test? Breathe on this. 3/12/09
340 Tattooed Blue - Long Beach, NY W. Broadway 4:00pm - Officer Mike Corbett says the most unusual person he pulled over was an Anna Nicole Smith impersonator. He spots an illegal left turn. Chelsea (19) is a catering server. Sheís going to Arizona Blvd, been looking for a spot for a half hour, is late for work, not from around here, there was a huge accident back there. She says sheís not a BSer, she smiled big, seemed a little giddy, hopes that worked. He says heís all business, doesnít notice. She says sheíll just give it to her dad to pay. He says heís giving her a ticket. She says her dad is going to kill her. Heís joking and just gives her a warning. Her heart dropped, it was a $105 what she would make today. North Las Vegas, NV N5th - Officer Brian Merker says itís 35, looking for speeders. He spots a car doing 51. He gets a phone call while puling her over. Sequia (21) & Wahrisi (19) didnít know she was going that fast, thought she was doing 40. She got in trouble for not stopping there a couple days ago. She does tattoos and will give him one for no ticket. She is a star. Wah says he is hip hop, the Don stick up kid. He wants to get tats all over. He gets out and raps about the ticket, sheís her girl. Brian says thatís a first. He gives her a ticket for less. Slidell, LA Eden Isle Blvd 12:38pm - Deputy Matthew Cleland says his most memorable stop was a lady who ran a stop sign and she had to poo. She was breaking a sweat so he let her go. He stands in the street with a radar gun. Tuyetnhi (32) is flying at him with no seatbelt doing 35 in a 20. Sheís going to New Orleans, no hurry, to her salon do nails and feet for women and men. Lots of men have nasty feet. Pedicure is once a month recommended. They also do Swedish message, tissue, full body treatment. She says he has cuticles, but is clean. He bites his nails. She gets a speeding ticket. She knows they arenít playing, when they write a ticket, they really write one. He needs a massage. Heís fine with what he has. 3/12/09
341 Smokiní - Oxnard, CA Oxnard Blvd 1:44pm - Officer Craig Goodvin says he was a bartender for 10 years serving people, now he serves and protects. He spots truck with smoke pouring out the tailpipe. Richard (55) Melissa and Maggie the dog say they are taking it in to get fixed right now, itís a blown headgasket. She asks if they are on Cops. He canít turn it off or it wonít start again. He lost his license when his wallet was stolen. They both smoke in the car even though itís full of smoke. The dog is training to get away from the smoke. He paid $1000 for the truck. He gives him a warning since it stopped smoking. Milwaukee, WI Appleton Ave 12:28pm - Officer Gregg Duran was in sales before this, this is a sales job too, a people job. You have to talk to them, itís better to give a ticket than peel them off the road. He spots a 50 in a 35. Chris (19) is a roofer, says he was going 43. 50, really? He doesnít have his license on him, itís good though. His front plate is in the back, the screws are messed up. He has a lip ring and his girlfriendís name Jamie tattooed inside his lip. Theyíve only been together a year and a half. They brought chickens, feed and crickets to his school as a joke. He also brought 8000 rubber balls. He gives him a fix it ticket for the license and plate also a speeding ticket. He never got so many tickets. Beverly Hills, CA Santa Monica Blvd 5:44pm - Officer Dave Williams spots a car making an illegal right and on the phone. Miriam (45) doesnít know all the things she did wrong. She says donít you remember me, he came to her house about the neighbor complaining about the German Shepherd. She is single. He backs away. She wants to give him a hug and kiss and puts lipstick on. He doesnít know what to say. He gives her a warning and she wants a kiss, he wonít do it and gives her a handshake. 3/19/09
342 Burn Out! - Chula Vista, CA McKenizie Creek Rd 4:20pm - Officer Alicia Chudy says the best way to stop a speeder is pull them over and give them a ticket. She goes to a neighborhood on foot where there is a complaint. She spots a 38 in a 25. David (32) is just going home, he used to live in Boston. He was sick of the weather so he came here. He says pissah means great. Wicked means extreme, if he gets a ticket itís horsecrap, sheís jerking a knot in his tail. Heís been there 3 years. He has a CDL, so she gives him a warning and heís thrilled. Glendale, CA Honolulu Rd 8:55am - Officer Ed Malouf is out to educate. He spots a 50 in a 35. Audrey (46) has no idea why she was stopped, she thinks itís 40, doesnít notice how fast she was, didnít think about it. Sheís heading to pick up her son at CV, she hasnít gotten a ticket since 1986. She is the oldest of 8 and her dad saw it. She keeps talking and talking about every ticket she got. She has 2 cell phones and he calls. He gives her a ticket. Oxnard, CA Rice Ave 6:50pm - Officer Ernie Orazco says his nickname has gotten around and people call out 'hey hammer'. He spots an 18 wheeler cab turn in front of a car. Connie (29) didnít see the car. She was hoping it wasnít a cop. She just delivered 22000 pounds of diapers. Was like what the hell, just keep going. She thinks it's awesome she is on Speeders, she loves it. She calls her friend Scotty that she is so excited to be on TV she doesnít care about a ticket. She shows her bad tattoos, her little dog she drives with and where she sleeps. The ticket is $140. 3/19/09
343 Designated Drunkard - Mandeville, LA Hwy 190 at 9:45pm - Deputy Victoria Dombrowski says they call her whisker for a mistake when she meant to saw whiskey. She spots a 43 in a 30. Wayne (31), Danny & Brandi say he picked up his brother who was too drunk to drive. He has no license, was to get it Monday. Brandi says she has a license and itís her car. Danny is 19 and drunk. He talks about fishing every day, but has no license and doesnít fish. He spear fishes, looks at them like bears, can I borrow 5 or 10 dollars for a 12 pack? Wayne has a Jesus tattoo on his chest and Kat Trap inside his lip, best in the world. She says itís pretty good. She gives him a speeding ticket and Brandi has to drive. They say the police suck. Oak Lawn, IL 95th St 3:05pm - Officer Dan Olson says tell him the truth and 75% of the time you wonít get a ticket. He spots a car with no seatbelt who makes 2 illegal lane changes. Thomas (27) says he doesnít know where you guys are. You can miss my car a yellow Hummer? He has a bat in the back, says he works in a bad neighborhood. He had no idea, thought it was a radio show. He was trying to get away from them. He sees it now, he gets pulled over for the seatbelt all the time, will start wearing it. The neighborhood is crazy. Dan makes him put the bat in the trunk. Itís not safe. He gives him the seatbelt ticket. He says to thank him for not giving him the other tickets. He almost hits the Hummer on the way out. Blythe, CA Hwy 95 at 11:29am - Cpl Troy Fabanich says heís been there 10 years, running radar in a 55 he spots a purple Mustang going 68. Chris (24) & Vanessa from Temecula. He didnít see him right away. Just picked up some beer. They are dating for 5 months, went to high school together. She likes a smile. They played beer pong on the first date, she says she won. They are going to float in the river and drink beer, itís scorching out there. He gets a ticket. They have a big bag of cigarettes, they both smoke. He says itís not his first ticket, she wanted to drive, but is too slow. 3/26/09
344 Hit the Gas - Oxnard, CA F Street 5:59pm - Officer Ernie Orosco says neighbors are complaining about people not stopping at the stop sign after work. He spots an SUV with no headlights. Donovan (26) burps and asks what did I do. She grabs her wallet, says she canít get her license out, he wants it. Sheíll give him the info. Sheís eating tacos and keeps burping. She says sheís in a hurry to get to a party, you are wasting my time. Sheís not going to hold in her belches, doesnít care if itís a cop, sheíll burp in his face. She hates cops, he can die. She asks if heís done yet and gets out and comes for the ticket. She gets it, itís a ticket, sheíll pay it, sheís late. She grabs it and runs. She sits on the taco when she gets back in and throws it. She never got a ticket before. Plantation, FL University Dr 1:15pm - Officer Joseph Vallejo spots an illegal u-turn. Heather (27) says sheís made that u-turn almost every day, sheís on her lunch break, been there 6 months, does it every day, never saw it. She canít afford a ticket, sheís a clerk for a car insurance company. She doesnít want to get in trouble, has 12 minutes to get to work on time. She gets a ticket for the u-turn and seatbelt. She only has 5 minutes and the guy behind her did the same thing. She doesnít think itís fair, will take it to court. Sheís all confused, yells to the car next to her because itís a coworker. She almost forgets to put the belt on. North Las Vegas, NV Lake Mead Blvd 10:18pm - Officer Brian Merker spots a car run a red light. Red (61) says it hit her when she went through, hoped no one was around. She doesnít have a NV license, though she moved there 4 months ago. She has no birth certificate. Sheís all into Obama and he says she needs to change. She gets a ticket for the red light. Update - Popo the Clown says she hasnít been pulled over since and does a bad magic trick with a hat. 3/26/09
345 Rollin' Up - Oxnard, CA 5th Street 2:46pm - Officer Ernie Orozco says he likes giving tickets and he does because they wonít do the same thing again. He spots a woman going 57 in a 45 and on a phone. Ashley (25) wonít roll the window down, itís as far as it goes, or itíll get stuck. She was in an accident a month ago. He keeps asking questions and she keeps asking what? Heís tired of yelling, she says she wasnít yelling. I didnít say you were. She canít get the door open now, itís all stuck. He makes her climb out the side and her pants come down. He says she canít be on the phone. She asks if you are sure. She wants a warning since she doesnít have a ticket. She doesnít think she was on the phone, her door wonít open, window wonít open and her butt was in the air. He was frustrated, but it was funny. Eugene, OR 6th ave 8:59 pm - Officer Doug Ledbetter spots a 39 in a 20. Laura (20) & Aaron say she was trying to make the lights. She didnít realize it was a 25, coming from Portland for his birthday. They go driving up a big hill called Grantís Pass to go four wheeling and shoot. They put up beer can targets in the woods. Assault rifles, shotguns, anything. They arenít together, are brother and sister. He gives him a ticket and says heís a firearms instructor. She asks whatís the best way to grab a pistol so you donít get a kickback. He says 2 hands, donít go on the top or youíll get burned. Heís old enough for the beer in the back. Laguna Beach - Cpl Tony White thinks British people are much friendlier, just look at him. He spots an illegal u-turn right in front of him. Alura (25) says she was pulling out of the spot, she was trying to get the spot so she could play with her band, sheís the cowbell player. Sheís been playing 12 years. She doesnít have her bell or she would play. She blows on a bottle and beats on a water jug. She says itís cosmic, but she isnít a hippy, though people call her that. She has parrot feathers, rocks, a fermented mushroom drink, alkaline water, a crystal to keep her centered and grounded. He played the triangle and gives her a warning. Her magic crystal saved her. 4/2/09
346 Extremely Illegal - Oxnard, CA Victoria Ave 12:37am - Officer Ernie Orozco says giving tickets corrects bad habits, the price is well worth it. He spots a 71 in a 55. Tinotenda (21) & Mlandeli are from Zimbabwe. He thought he was going 35. Why so fast? He didnít realize he was going that fast. He was coming from the gym. He's been in America 4 years, doesn't understand what the cop is talking about. He was getting buff in the gym and takes off his shirt to show. That old cop doesnít work out at all, he doesnít have this. Ernie says he doesnít need to work out, he can catch him with the gas pedal. Heís got a date she keeps texting him. Ernie says to put his shirt on, is he supposed to throw dollar bills at him. He thinks he can show a female judge his abs and get out of a ticket. Concord, NC Mills Blvd 1:56pm - Sgt. Tim Hartsell likes to spend time with his family, go to NASCAR and fish. He spots an illegal u-turn. Lucille (54) & Katherine didnít know they werenít supposed to do that. He says there is 2 signs, one in the median and one at the stop light. She saw the light. Kath has a tape of her son in law saying god can. Maybe god can tell him not to write a ticket. Luc has been married 18 years, itís not good, he used to treat her good, but now sheís fat. Kath says she was navigating. Tim asks if sheíll pay half. She pays half the food. She is greedy. They ate and then she wanted to go to Olive Garden. She promises sheíll do better with a warning. Praise god. Calvert County, MD Route 4 at 10:42pm - Deputy Tom Rickard has been there 2 years. He spots a 53 in a 25. Robert (45) & James says he was trying to get him home, heís not feeling good, he was puking, knows he was speeding. He just lives right there. He has no license, it was suspended. He ate sardines, mightíve been that. He pulls him out and he drops his cigarette. He arrests him for no license. Itís been suspended a few years. Tom says itís been 18 years. He wants someone to pick him up, you arenít getting out tonight. Update - James says he eats sardines a couple times a month, some were bad, he got sick. Rob knew he was speeding, he didnít want him to make a mess in his van. He saw the cop, knew he was screwed, had another court date, heís still going to drive though. 4/2/09
347 Wrong Way Chase - Laguna Beach, CA - Pacific Coast Highway 11:03pm - Cpl Tony White has a work personae and when heís home itís relaxed and quiet - candles and music. He spots a car missing a front license plate. Sharon (33) Michele & Mary Ann say she isnít speeding dude. She never got 2 plates. Any alcohol? No, Iím the designated driver. She says itís BS, mini coopers donít have plates in the front, she has had it for 3 years. Itís girls night, the boys are gone, itís all about sex, penis sizes, nitty gritty, size does matter. They would rather be in PJs watching movies, they are watching Interview with a Vampire, she loves vampires. He gives her a warning, tells her to put it on when she finds it. Then they all what a picture with him and he agrees. Long Beach, NY Park Ave 1:56pm - Officer Mike Corbett spots a 53 in a 35. Lauren (31) didnít realize it. After she says she was speeding, but doesnít think it was 53, canít believe it was 53, wasn't it. Thinks itís 40. Canít be 35. Sheís a high school teacher. She says she was 20 over the limit, no wait 18. She keeps thinking about it, would give herself a B+. He tricks her and gives her a warning, wouldíve been $115. He says 54 now. Driving School - Orozco says at first they had a radar they attached to the side of his car like a microwave oven. A radar detector wonít work fast enough. Calvert Co. MD Route 4 at 3:27am - Deputy John Harms says if they run heíll catch him. He spots a car coming at him head on and gives chase. Itís foggy, slick and dangerous, he goes head on into traffic, just misses cars, swerves onto the correct side to miss cars. Another cop goes to PIT him and spins out in the rain. They go to box him in and he spins out into the median and John rams into him and the airbag hits the cameraman. They break out the windows and yank him out. He had no shirt and cut his big gut. 4/9/09

Speeders Fight Back

This spinoff show has people who were on the original show and some who weren't fighting tickets they got in Broward County FL.

101 Pilot - Broward County FL - Omar says he sped up to get around a car, heís picked on because of his car, heís a good student, he has a chart with his grades. He has a way with the ladies and Brenda Di Ioiaís a female judge. Ofc Wong pulled him over. He told him he was driving his girlfriend home. They donít understand he didnít have radar. He thinks the car caused him to stop him and he had a Mohawk, but had tinted windows. He shows a chart of his grades, but no driverís ed. People laugh at him. His dad stays with him. She checks his record - accident, following too close, speeding & obstructed view. She gives him a $200 fine, 3 points.10/16/08
102 Repeat Offender - Emily & Dominique 3 months later. They think the judge doesnít know what heís in for. They get all decked out in makeup with cleavage showing not knowing sheís a woman. Sgt. Strickland shows the paperwork. Dom isnít allowed to talk. Emily says the dog ran out and they had to catch her first. They say they have a donut on the car and couldnít go that fast. They donít know what the legal limit is for donuts though. They have a chart to show what they would usually make if they are in a good section and what they make in a bad section. Itís still a $230 fine, but no points. They want the red head connection, but the judge says itís tenuous at best. They were expecting a male judge and showing their personalities. The judge says itíll never work. Jose says he only drove 15 yards out of the dealership, no way he could go 57 that fast with his bad car. He says itís a 1998 Mustang, no clutch, no transmission, no tune up in 3 years. He shows 45 feet walking in the court, itís impossible for him to go that fast. He says he took the seatbelt off to get his documents. She understands that, the cop might not have seen him. The ticket is dismissed. The judge says she wonít date people in court even though he wants to take her out to dinner. 10/23/08
103 Love Triangle - Dedrix was stopped for 92 in a 70 and is back 2 months later. He says it wasnít him and has information from optometry school. He wants a moment to pray. Trooper Alonso stopped him on I75 and says the radar is an electromagnetic wave that spreads out like a flashlight. He was too far away to just pick him out when other cars are in the cone. He says he had his eye on him all the time. Because he is a student he knows about eye deterioration. He wants to give the officer and eye exam, though he is a first year student. Alonso has had lasik surgery, messes up some of the letters, so he says that means he couldíve messed it up. Brenda says he passed gives him a $180 fine and no points. She respected the way he presented it since he hadnít been charged before. Michelle Sullivan from episode #319. Sgt. Strickland remembers her and the singing to get out of a ticket, didnít work. She wrote a song for Brenda and dresses in a hippy outfit. She has no questions, just was worried about getting fined for picking her son late. She wants to plead her case through song and they let her, but she stops playing the guitar. She gets $185, no court, no points. After she thinks Brenda is cool. Brenda thought Michelle mightíve thought she was on stage instead of court. 10/30/08
104 Heavyweight Faceoff - Dominique was with Emily on the show. Now sheís back with her own ticket for 66 in a 45. She was going to a party and drinking. Sheís got a car prop she made and tells the judge they were at a party and had to take a birthday shot and it was a mind eraser. She draws on the board that it takes 15 minutes to kick in and her house is 10 minutes away. She had 5 minutes to get home. Everyone told her that, sheís 125 pounds and doesnít drink so isnít used to it. She shows her car prop and was pulled over and given a FST and she passed. He didnít like her equation. She hasnít gotten a ticket since 02, so she is fined $120 and no points, itís not bad to get $100 off. She thinks her prop helped, it took a long time to make. 2 months later Rolando from the last episode is on. He says heís 10 and 0 in traffic court. Radanof isnít worried. He told him he had problems with his cell phone and wanted to get home to make the call. Radanof admits it's hard to get reception there. He says heís trying to sell himself today, she is beautiful. He wants to prove reasonable doubt because computers can make errors. He found on the internet that radar picks up speed of all the people around him. Brenda says it makes you come up slower. Radanof says there was no one else on the road. Rolando says you are never alone. Radanof says it was Thursday at 5pm and he's worked there 12 years. He is fined $225. After heís pissed off and curses them out and leaves his stuff there, they can clean it up. 11/6/08
105 Big Bad Biker - Earl Miller was pulled over on University and a Dodge Charger came up behind him saying he did 90 in a 55 and itís too busy and he was behind him 10 minutes. In court he raises his left hand instead of right. Officer Paquet & Berardo of Davie, FL were together and they said it was 66 in a 45. They ask if he has the wrong ticket. He says SWAT guys came out, not these guys. They were in a Silver Dodge Charger. They say they were in marked cars. He says they are liars. They say he is talking about 30 blocks away. He gets fined $275 and 3 points. After he throws his stuff. The cops say he was aggressive then, just like now. Rolie was stopped for running a red light on 27th. She says there was no light there. He says 25th. On the ticket he changed the street name. The cop doesnít show up in court. She is ridiculously mad, has a graph and was pulled over too late. She has pictures of the lights and says where she was he couldnít see. She says he wrote the wrong year on the car and the wrong address on the ticket. She is found not guilty. Between the vantage point and the mistakes she won. 11/13/08
106 Gravity Under Arrest - Curtis Mosely was going to his farm and a calming device arm was down and he couldnít get to his fruit. He brings in a copy of the sign, pictures and a book and he knocks everything over. The cop says no one is allowed to go around the gate. Here is the traffic control device book and itís not listed in there. There is no law to have a watch. He doesnít have one or a phone, doesnít know what time it is when the arm goes down. He was towing a trailer and was trapped, he couldnít turn around there with the trailer, they should have a way to turn. If he did turn he would go over the double yellow line. He has miracle fruit for her, but she canít take it. He is found not guilty. Andrew was going up the hill and accelerating to get up and then when he came over the hill the cop was waiting to get him by gravity. 11/20/08
107 Playing Chicken - Michael Camp was stopped for 47 in a 35 getting a chicken dinner. 3 months later he comes to court with Alisha & Nicole. Heís going to win, he has spicy chicken with him. Officer Owens says she didnít smell chicken in the car. He doesnít know if he was speeding. He had this delicious chicken with him he was longing to eat. His friend starts drawing for no reason and is stoped. He was going a little fast, he wanted to eat. Heís in customer service like her, heís looking for a refund because heís not satisfied with the service. He says heís got nothing to prove the case. He says itís expensive, he has groceries that cost him $60, this ticket is like 3 weeks worth of groceries. Nicole starts showing the chicken around, then she starts eating and Brenda tells her to sit, then she comes back for chips. Brenda makes her leave and says this isnít a joke, people can tell you by the company you keep. He loses. They canít believe it, she did it because it was ridiculous. Mark Samia shows the turn he was stopped on in the rain, he hydroplaned in the rain and crashed. He got a ticket for reckless driving and doesnít understand why. The cop wrote a ticket for failure to use due care. 12/4/08
108 Sob Stories - Michael & Terrel were on the show for tailgating Officer Akers. He arrives 2 weeks later to contest it. Akers testifies that he was so close he would hit him if he stopped. He told him someone was right on him. Mike starts talking without being asked. He was in an SUV, he couldnít see behind him. Who would tailgate a cop? His car is very high, people say it is intimidating. He doesnít think it is. He doubts cops get tailgated. Brenda has been on ride alongs and has seen it. He has a demonstration of cars made out of boxes. The police car has a frown looking to pull people over. His box is large, but he loses. Itís a $185 fine. He wants to know why, it was less on the ticket. She chose it. She can go from 0 to $1500 if she wants and can raise it. He takes $185 and leaves pissed. Michael OíHanian was stopped on the show for going 36 in a school zone. His dad was cop for 25 years, he said to tell the truth. Officer Cook is there, he has no chance. Mike wants a plea for leniency, he was going home, not in a hurry, heís a math teacher at college. He hasnít had a ticket in 20 years, heís on a teacherís salary, served the community for 25 years as a math teacher and has made children better. He will donate half the ticket to childrenís charity as a check. He thinks itís $330, but itís $580. It turns out he was right. She lowers the fine to $175 and no points, but she canít take a check. He can donate on his own if he wants. Bernard Amity wasnít on the show. 12/11/08
109 Makiní Em Sweat - Kyle was on the show going 52 in a 40, he was late for baseball practice, his dad is a cop. He says itís no big deal, who doesnít speed, his father shows up for moral support in uniform. Officer Graber was using the radar, his Ford Mustang pulled ahead of a pack, gave him the radar, he was speeding. He asks if Brenda ever sped, ever been late? She doesnít have to answer. He thinks he was a little over, maybe 5. He wanted them to know his dad was a cop, that he wasnít a little punk. If heís late they make him run and he could lose his scholarship. It was all bad except meeting her. She told him he was speeding when he stopped her. He isnít a bad driver, heís only gotten in 1 accident. His dad says he hasnít gotten any calls on him. He has flowers for the judge, but she canít take them. He then says heíll give him to the officer since heís nice. His dad says it wonít help that his dad and brother are cops. Cristina was on the show speeding on Sunrise 62 in a 45. She says she has a good record, he says she has 4 tickets in a year. At court she says someone stole her identity, sheís getting tickets every week. Ofc Mercog says she wonít get out of it. He says she was 17 over and she says where did it say that. On the laser. He says he saw many tickets in her glove compartment. She says she was on the way back from court where she got 2 tickets in her name. Her record is more clean than it looks. Brenda says to have her license flagged, so if they are stopped again they will get caught. She doesnít think she was going that fast. Her insurance is now high because of her age. Itís $200 and 3 points because itís her 4th in a year. She curses Brenda out after. She says all that cleavage didnít help. 12/18/08
110 Cory was going to school, late for class, hungover, shows where he was when he ran the stop sign and he runs it while heís talking. He has proof and pictures to win. Officer Akers says he approached the sign, slowed down, didnít stop. Cory asks where he was, he didnít pull him over for a long way. He has pictures and says he was on 7th. He thought he was stopped for speeding, heís lived there his whole life, he knows he stopped. He wouldíve seen him sitting there, he drives there 4 times a week, he sees the cops sitting there all the time. Heís lived there 21 years, heís seen Akers around since 6th grade. She says he has 11 tickets in the last year or so, so she doesnít buy it. He gets $200 fine and points. First ticket from Akers. He flips out after and litters. Michelle was on the show on Rt 838. She was doing 61 in a 45, she knows she was speeding to get to work. 3 months later she arrives. Ofc Mercogliano says she was speeding. She asks if other cars were around. He says yes. She says she has lots of felonies and arrests, has back problems, she was evicted, she canít lose her job. Itís her first job she did well. She talks to the crowd, says sheís stressed out, made it to 40, itís a miracle. She doesnít think she was going that fast. The officer says she was one of the nicest people she has stopped and can give her a break. She hasnít had a ticket in 10 years so she gets a $150 no points. 1/8/09
111 Captain Cuba - Armando is Captain Cuba who was on the show making an illegal u-turn on Peters Rd. He did research, is prepared and sings his theme song to the Captain Planet song. Heís from Cuba and appreciates a chance for court. He has a printout about it being easy to see. Heís driven it and turned there, he saw 4 others doing it. He wins and wants cheers. Fred was on the show for speeding on a motorcycle. He was doing the speed of the truck in front of him. Officer Owens stopped him. He was doing 46 in a 35 on his Suzuki. He was Andrews ave maintaining speed behind a truck. He says itís a digital speedometer on the bike thatís hard to see. He bought it to save on gas, he wouldnít speed, heís saving gas. He uses the car to pace as a cushion. She says he was coming up on the truck. Brenda says he has no tickets since 03, heís fined $185, no points. They got him instead of the truck. Owens says itís dangerous to speed on a bike. Tracy was on the phone with his mom Frankie when he got stopped and brings her with him. He used to be a court bailiff he sets up to chairs to demonstrate the car. He was on the phone to his mom, his stuff was in the back and got a ticket for no seatbelt. He was in the military and had 4 perfect scores. His mom got a speeding ticket and thinks itís not fair. The cop says his radar log isnít available so he is not guilty. Mary was on the show making an illegal turn. Officer Akers says she was on the phone at the time. She was in the no turn lane and made a turn. She was getting directions on the phone. Mary wants to know why she didnít get a warning, she didnít see the arrow on the floor, there was no sign. She was on the phone and got lost. She has map of Oakland Blvd. Akers says itís wrong and draws a new map and where the sign is. She saw the sign, but didnít. She gets $175 fine. 1/15/09
112 Magic Bullet - Matthew is with his lawyer. He has a Porsche 911, but it was in the shop, he was in his momís Saturn with his 3 little dogs. Mark Gold from the ticket clinic says itís a slam dunk since he pulled over 2 cars at once. The officer doesnít show up and Mark interviews Matt. He was taking his dogs to the groomer and a train caused a detour and he was where he normally wasnít. A cop was in the street pointing people over and another cop was somewhere up on a hill telling him who to stop. It was like the magic bullet. The speed limit sign was a mile away and tilted. He tells him itís not proper if the laser is pointing at 2 cars. She agrees and it is dismissed. Jean was on the show with Officer Owens for 49 in a 35. He says he was not speeding because his daughter was in the car. The officer says she got him on laser. He says his eyes were on the speedometer, he was shocked she stopped him. He has pictures of his kids, he was from Haiti 10 years ago. There was no speed limit there, no traffic lights. Heís been out of luck in the last few years. He did get a ticket before. He really got 5 tickets in the last 2 years including 105 in a 55. She gives him a $475 fine and driving school. She could take his license, but gave him mercy for his familyís sake, next time no license. Heather was on the show for an illegal u-turn on University. 1/22/09
113 Susan was on the show caught speeding by Officer Akers. She cries because she was on unemployment. Her friend Linda joins her. Akers saw her gaining on a car and clocked her at 51. She finds it strange he was sitting in the middle of the road, did he shoot it out the back? He says there are 2 radar, so there are no obstructions. She was behind 2 cars going way too slow. She was unfortunately going to get a driving job and cries. Itís Broward County School Bus driving for kids. She is a retired cook and has a recipe for disaster what happened that day. She hasnít gotten a ticket since the 80s. She gives her $185 and school, itís reduced. She asks for community service. She can get 18 hours instead of a fine. She has nothing but time so she can do that plus school. Micah Holland Sr. says his son got pulled over a couple blocks from his house for speeding, but IDíed him as the driver. He shows his car and his sonís tiny car. Like Shaggy it wasnít me. He has pictures of them for his case. The cop got the blue Toyota on laser for 45 in a 25. Micah says he put the wrong information in the computer. His son was driving, he just entered the wrong name. He has no hair, his son has 18 inches. His son is in school and asked him to pay it and he would. It has his info and date of birth on it. It is not signed. Her ticket is signed. He has his license and it doesnít match. She dismisses the case. He told them it was like it was. 1/29/09

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