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Tommy Habeeb of Cheaters fame didn't get enough T&A so he started a PPV only show with basically the same premise except the person knows his bachelor party is being set up for him and recorded. This is how it goes - the couple goes out somewhere and negotiates the rules for the party, he goes to a hotel with his friends to drink, then they go to a bar, the guys get a girl to do a body shot or something, they go to the strip club, then back to the hotel where two new girls show up, then they show the results to the fiance and all hell breaks loose. The problem with the show is there isn't any follow up. Tommy doesn't explain what happened to the couple. After the twelfth one he said a sentence about them being together. The real problem is they do show what happens, but you have to find out on Maury months later when they bring in guys for lie detector tests.

Ep# Episode
1 Raw & Uncensored 12/9/04
2 Real. Naked. Stress. 2/3/05
3 Naked Temptation 4/7/05
4 Spring Fever 6/2/05
5 Sexy & Scandalous 8/4/05
6 Last Dance 10/11/05
7 Naked Wedding Blues 1/5/06
8 Pre-Wedding Desires Uncensored 3/2/06
Nick & Mandy
He's a nice guy she sees that, that's why she likes him and they get along. He says she's an animal lover. She's up for most things. They met in a bar and spent the night talking. She loves him a lot. Marriage is a big thing, terrifying, most men get cold feet. They go out on a boat and she asks about the bachelor party. He says they are going to have fun, be boys. She doesn't want him to crazy, have fun, but don't ruin them. There is a driver who will sing Italian songs. She doesn't want him to get physical, he should be with someone else if he wants to do that since they've been together 3 years. He says it won't happen, trust me. If we can get through this with trust we can be together forever. He goes up to a hotel with his friends and they drink. Hunter says he'll talk him out of it. Fabian Cat Daddy says he'll be face down in beaver at midnight. Taylor wants to get drunk, but is the one to take care of him. They walk out to a black party van and it turns into a club and a stripper walks over and she lays on him only wearing a g-string. They do body shots over her and licks her breasts. Mandy is with her friend and is worried about Hunter. She doesn't want him to get too drunk. Nick pulls a pen out of her thong with his teeth. She pulls money out of his crotch with her teeth and smacks his ass. He pulls her thong off, grinds in front of her and takes his shirt off. He and Hunter then dance against her and dry hump her. She takes her bottoms off and is pierced. She does body shots on him. They go to a bar and the guys chant, "Don't do it loser." They do some tequila shots then Nick goes into the bathroom, throws up, slips on the puke and falls down. He holds onto the urinal for dear life a while. They leave and go back in the party van and she lays across him. Then he pukes over the back rail of the bus. They go to the Lodge Club and Nick is passed out. A woman in red comes over to wake him up and the guys put money in her thong. He falls over and pukes again. He's all red, so the guys get dances and it's $500 for the van. A girl in pink gives them dances while Nick is on the floor. They have to carry him out and put him in the luggage cart to get him back up to the hotel room. They draw on him and he throws up again. They write 'Fag' on his face and then two girls arrive in orange and black. Then two more girls get in and get topless and shake in his face. He can barely slap their butts. The girls wrap themselves around him in a blanket and he throws up again. He admits doing all the things he wasn't supposed to. Tommy arrives to show her the tape. He says he crossed the line from what he remembered, but he didn't tell her. She's nervous. On the DVD he says if I do anything to piss you off I'm sorry. She says that's so nasty. They show the stripper sitting on his face and he sucks on her belly. She asks what's that about, you were all over her and licking her breasts, she cries and pushes him. You are going to kiss me after this? He says it was one night. She leaves and says you make me sick and ruined everything. He asks how. She says he was to go out and have fun, not have a girl's coochie in his face. She doesn't know if she can forgive him or get that image out of her head. It was test to see what he would do. She runs out, he follows and says he leaves or she leaves. He grabs her and she leaves. He follows her to the car and she says will slap him if he doesn't get out of her way. He tries to block the car and Tommy says we'll talk tomorrow, let you work it out. He tells Nick he is sorry and wishes he could work it out.
Aaron & Bonita 
He says he's down to earth. She says no one is like him, he's her world. They like to play games, met at a basketball game, then a party a year later and have been together ever since. They want to spend the rest of their lives together. They go to a wall climbing gym. The winner gets the party. She doesn't want some girls booty in his face, climbs up and he pulls her down. She wants him to have a party, but not to screw around or she'll beat the black off his ass. He goes to a hotel with his friends. Derek is his best friend and is a party animal. His brother Dennis is the best man and doesn't want him to get married. Billy Man-Man is a fat wild man. Derek breaks out condoms. Then two white strippers show up with fake breasts and dance in front of them. The guys go to Buffalo Wild Wings and get scared of a cat on the way out. The strippers grind into them and put their breasts in Aaron's face. The guys say he's never coming home after this. The one with huge fake breasts climbs on Derek then he holds them both in the air. Both girls get on Aaron and he says for Bonita not to see this. They take the party van to a pool hall and do shots, beers and more. A young girl comes over to give him his last kiss and they close his eyes and old white lady kisses him instead. They take him to The Lodge and two white strippers get in his face. Bonita says no kissing, but he can get a lap dance and slap some booty. Billy says a black man's weakness is a white woman. Then a large breasted white woman comes over and gets in his face. They tell him not to get married. They go back to the hotel and more strippers arrive. One puts whipped cream in his mouth and licks it off. Then they put it on his chest and lick it off his nipples. They put it on the girls butts and wipe it off, Aaron licks her nipple and she plays with herself and grinds her butt on his head, then they both take off his pants and underwear and give him oral. They put a towel on him. The next day he says he doesn't have any regrets. Tommy arrives and Aaron says he's OK. She's nervous and if he has no regrets for what he did, she won't have any for what she's going to do. She says he broke rule #1, then cries. He says one girls' butt is talking to him. She throws a picture at him with the whipped cream. She says you didn't want to get married. He says that's nothing. She sees the oral and tells him to get his stuff out of her house and chases him out the door and tackles him in the yard and pounds on him. Tommy pulls her off and she chases him back inside and keeps chasing and hitting him. She throws his clothes at him and says not to touch me you nasty bastard. He wants to talk and says you love me. How can you do this and touch me? She throws his stuff out the front door. She says she's got something for his ass and runs out to her car, gets a baseball bat and chases him. Tommy runs after her and grabs it and says that's not the way to do this and holds her. She wants his cat out too. Tommy tells him to leave and she gets on the phone and cries. He takes a bicycle and rides off. Her two big aunts arrive and one has a giant wooden spoon that Tommy takes. The women go inside and Tommy goes back to Aaron and says to let her cool off and to call her. They are glad about the footage since it shows his true colors. Tommy tells them to calm down and take care of her.
9 Engaged & Exposed Uncensored 5/4/06
10 Sexy Seductions Uncensored 7/6/06
11 Most Outrageous Moments! Uncensored 9/6/06
12 Whipped Cream Dreams Uncensored! - Chudi & Porsha, Conrad & Tiffany 11/2/06
13 Our Favorite Fantasies Uncensored - Best of with Daniel & Adora, Aaron & Bonita, Jessie & Beth Ann, Chudi & Porshe, Moody & Parul, Chad & Taryn, Nick & Mandy, Kevin & Shay, Joeron & April, Conrad & Tiffany 1/4/07
14 Clothing Optional Uncensored! - Ross & Crystal, Artavius & Bell 3/7/07
15 Final Indulgence Uncensored - Omarr & Anna, Lance & Crystal 5/3/07
16 Stripped Down Rub Down Uncensored - Kenny & Jessica, Tre & Lei Lei 7/5/07
17 Topless Treasures Uncensored - Rick & Angela, Jimmy & Danielle 9/5/07
18 Naked and Naughty Uncensored - Steven & Denise, Jeff & Jamie 11/12/07
19 Hottest Temptations - Best of with Lance & Crystal, Artavius & Bell, Ross & Crystal, Jimmy & Danielle, Tre & Lei Lei/Omarr & Anna, Kenny & Jessica, Steven & Denise, Rick & Angela, Jeff & Jamie 1/14/08
20 Lifestyles of the Hot & Naughty 3/6/08
21 Too Many Girls Uncensored 5/12/08
22 Inappropriate Behavior 7/7/08


The Tonight Show Tommy pitches the show. 3/8/05
E! Special 10 Ways to Survive a Scandal with Tommy Habeeb. 1/06
Maury Povich Tanya & Anthony, John & Lori, Chad & Tara 2/16/06
Maury Povich Aaron & Bonita (8-2) - they broke up and appear on the show with her 2 huge aunts. He takes a lie detector test to win her back. He didn't have sex with the strippers, but he fails about cheating on her and having sex since they broke up so she won't take him back.11/03/06
Maury Povich Rhiannon & Cody - Over. Nick & Mandy (8-1) - back together. 11/07/06
Maury Povich Shocking Sex Parties & Cheating Fiancés Caught on Tape - Chudi & Porsha (12) they appear on the show and he passes a lie detector so she takes him back. Clips - Brian & Brany - got married. Joeron & April - it's over. 12/20/06

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