Star Wars Movie References

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Airplane II: The Sequel - There is SW style scrolling intro, including a bit about "the princess" as written in a trashy romance novel. (1982)
Back to the Future - Michael J. Fox puts on the radiation suit, with the hairdryer tucked into his belt, puts the headphones on George McFly and tells him, ''I am Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan.'' (1985)
Boogie Nights - "It's the new model with the TK-421. Without the TK-421 it doesn't have that bass. Its gotta have the TK-421." Ross - Did you see that movie Star Wars?, Eddie - Four times., Ross - People say I look like Han Solo., Eddie - Really? (1997)
Cat People - While working in the gift shop Irena sells packs of ESB trading cards to a couple kids. (1982)
Chasing Amy - That's a bunch of bull@#!&! Lando Calrissian was a black man, and he got to fly the Millennium Falcon! etc. (1997)
Clerks - Which do you like better: Jedi or The Empire Strikes Back? etc. (1994)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Near the very end of the movie - Inside the aliens' ship an image of R2-D2 can be seen on the wall. (1977)
Darkman II: The Return of Durant - A man wildly fires a laser-type weapon and Durant says, ''Take it easy Luke Skywalker.'' (1992)
Demolition Man - Line: "OK, Luke Skywalker lets see you use the force in that thing."(1993)
Dogma - "...No more adventures. I feel like I'm Han Solo, and you're Chewie, and she's Ben Kenobi, and we're in that f@$%&! up bar." etc. (1999)
E.T. - In Elliot's room there are a few SW figures and a TIE Fighter. In the famous scene, the kids are taking E.T. out for Halloween as a ghost and he runs into a kid in a Yoda costume. E.T. points at him and repeatedly says, ''Phone home.'' (1982)
Fifth Element - One character has a hairdo like Princess Leia and the villains are called mandalores. Also the opera diva looks just like a Twi'lek. (1997)
Get Crazy - There is a SW Style logo and Star Destroyer in ANH type opening scene. (1983)
Ghost Busters DVD - There are many mentions of how SW paved the way in special effects for them to make GB, including Ivan Reitman talking about it. Also there is an interview with Phil Tippet who worked on the effects in the SW films talking about the influence. (1999)
Gross Encounters of the Nerd Kind - Independent film on the original Hardware Wars video. Has a scene with Vader. (1977)
Hardware Wars - Horribly cheesy SW parody, the 1st one - Fluke Starbucker, Auggie Ben Doggie, Ham Salad, Princess Anne Droid, Arty Deco etc. (1977)
Hardware Wars Special Edition - More of the same with 20 CGI shots. (1997)
Indian and the Cupboard - A Darth Vader action figure comes to life inside the cupboard and battles a T-Rex. (1995)
Indian and the Cupboard - Trailer features this scene (1995)
Indiana Jones + The Temple of Doom - The name of the club in the opening scene of the movie is the Club Obi-Wan. (1984)
The King of Kong - Steve makes a Vader drawing, Billy compares himself to Obi-wan (2007)
Making Contact - Aliens arrive on Earth and make many Star Wars toys come to life in one boys room. A bunch of boys are trapped in a barn and a few seconds of Darth Vader from ESB were inserted into the film! When they get out and are asked what happened the bully replies, 'It was my hero, Darth Vader.' (1984)
Mallrats - He found a weakness, like in the Death Star. Etc. (1995)
Maris the Chojo (Anime) - Darth Vader, R2-D2 + a Scout Trooper appear in a western town. (1992)
Eddie Murphy Raw - He says he used the Jedi Mind Trick to avoid Mr. T's wrath. (1987)
My Science Project - Three guys vandalize a car while wearing Don Post Darth Vader and Stormtrooper masks. (1983)
The Naked Gun 33 & 1/3 - In the opening sequence the police squad car (seen only by the flashing lights) is driving along the trench in actual footage from the original release of ANH. (1994)
Poltergeist - Many Star Wars figures are in the kids' room. (1982)
Rescue from Gilligan's Island - Ginger is told by her manager that she will have to be nude in her next film, and Gilligan tells her that several films like Star Wars was successful without nudity. (1978)
Robots - the blue bot says, "The force is strong in this one" looking like Vader and voiced by James Earl Jones. (2005)
Scream 2 - Randy says, 'Sequels suck' , 'Empire Strikes Back, A better story, better effects." etc. (1997)
Servants of Twilight - Joey's dogs' name is Chewbacca and Joey can be seen dropping Star Wars figures in a fish tank in the beginning scene. (1991)
Sex and the Single Alien - has a parody of the SW rollup (1993)
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - When Regiment #5 (the human shield regiment with all black soldiers) are about to be overrun by the Canadian army, one soldier says: 'Youssa tink people gonna die?' just like Jar Jar. (1999)
Strange Brew - While dressed up in a white hockey outfit Doug McKenzie says, 'Luke, I am your father.' Bob, 'He's seen Jedi 17 times.' (1983)
Team America World Police - In Egypt there is a cantina parody and Gary does Luke entering Jabba's Palace. (2004)
Tommy Boy - Tommy speaking into a fan, trying to sound like Darth Vader, 'Luke, I am your father.' Then to Richard, 'That was from Star Wars.' (1995)
Toy Story - Buzz gives a speech to Woody about what's happening back on his home planet that resembles the story of the Rebellion against the Empire. (1995)
Toy Story 2 - In the first 5 to 10 minutes of the movie you can hear sounds from all 3 films... Lightsabers, Vader's breathing, TIE fighter laser fire, X-wing laser fire, and the stomp of an AT-AT. Also Emporer Zurg tells Buzz he is his father and they fight on an elevator above a shaft like ROTJ. (1999)
Transformers: The Movie - The recent video re-release features a SW-like opening crawl. Also, while the autobots flee from the decepticons, hot rod is seen training with a lightsaber-like device on a starship. (1986)
Twister - One character referring to a Tornado, 'That was no moon.' (1996)
UHF - Stanley Spudowski is fighting the villains with his mop and it makes a distinct lightsaber sound. (1989)

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