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This half hour show on truTV is a behind the scenes looks at how real police footage and interest stories are filmed by freelance video journalists and end up on the news. They follow Rich Cowgill, Josh Harville, Scott Lane, Austin Raishbrook, Howard Raishbrook, Marc Raishbrook & Jon Talent on the streets around Los Angeles, CA.
Ep# Description
101 Scott Lane goes to an area with itís 4th shooting in the last few days. A cop shot and killed a suspect and itís over with cops all around. Then shots ring out and cops run for cover and set up. More and more shots ring out. Cops fire back and hit the shooter, they donít know if there is another shooter, but run in and grab a downed suspect. There was one other cameraman there who didnít get a good shot. He races to get it on the air first and they show the footage on the news. Howard Raishbrook is British and also is a stringer. Whoever gets their first gets the sale. He competes with Scott, but they talk to each other on the phone about who is going where. Itís a rescue where someone hit a traffic light and is stuck. Fireman are using the jaws of life to cut the roof off and put her in the ambulance, those are the best shots. Scott is too late for it. He hears a call of a police pursuit that is going on for 45 minutes, over 100mph with kids in the car over a violent domestic. He has the address of the guy and bets heís coming home so he goes there instead of joining the chase. It goes from quiet to chaos as there is the wife on the phone, then a police chopper and the van racing up. The woman walks right up to the van and she wonít get out of the way. He gets out, then goes for his fat kids to get them out. Cops run over and tackle him when they leave. Cameras are all over as the suspect talks. Scott is 33 years old and his mom calls to check on him at 5am. South Central - Marc & Howard are new there. They pass by a huge street fight where a large group of blacks is kicking and beating one kid. Shots are fired, they call 911 and wonít get out. When cops arrive then they get out. It scares him how brutal it is. He gives the tape to the police to help them. Marc isnít sure he wants to do this every night. 110 Freeway - a call of a bad crash at 2am. The road is blocked so he turns all around to get a shot of it. He gets over it, they went 40 feet down off the road. There is a red car where the front is ripped off and a man is in the river and a wounded woman is in the back. He helps the fireman try to find a way down. People have climbed down and supplies are lowered to them. They have to rappel down a wall to get to them. The guy is in bad shape and they have to get an ambulance down that takes a while to get there. Josh Harville goes to a horse stuck in a well story. The large horse fills up the small hole of the septic tank. They sedate it, put a harness on it and blindfold it. When they lift it the horse thrashes out. So they redo it to his belly and get it out OK. He was the only one there and sells it to the news. 8/20/08
102 Scott drives at night looking for trouble. He spots an accident on the 710, sets up since police arenít there yet and the car might get hit. People swerve to avoid the flares and two cars collide. More cars swerve and skid, then another car slams into a van very hard. He wants to get out of there because itís too dangerous. Heís extremely excited about it. Josh wanted to be a cop, but now does this. He films a police chase that goes around and around where people are watching. He goes by 4 times and does doughnuts. He goes by a dozen times right in front of him doing doughnuts around cops, then gives up. It only takes minutes to transmit it across the country. 8/20/08
103 Scott Lane goes to a car chase of a burglary suspect at 3am and calls Josh Harville and tells him not to go. Josh gets ahead of him and Scott gets pissed. Scott thinks heís the best in LA. They both film it as he takes a turn too fast and crashes into Joshís SUV. Scott tells him he shouldnít have been there like he told him. He goes to a call of a driveby shooting in a gang area. He films paramedics working on a victim. Cops wonít talk to him so he talks to witnesses, but canít get an ID. Austin goes to a call of a man who jumped off the Venice Beach pier and didnít come up. He films helicopters and lifeguards pulling him out. Heís barely alive and hypothermic. 8/27/08
104 Harbor District Midnight - cops chase a stolen Jaguar and Scott tries to catch up but canít. The man runs on foot into a casino and shoots at cops. Hollywood 101 Freeway - Howard goes to a motorcycle crash and gang members tell him to leave. Scott films as people run for their lives. The suspect is captured and hostages are released. He races to get it to the news and itís shown on Ch5. Howard is by himself and tells them not to touch his camera. He screams at the guy to get out of his face as cops arrive. He films it and is safe. South Central Ė two men in a blue van fire at cops. Josh films them going by and wears a kevlar vest. Scott goes to a chase of a drunk driver going 70mph. 8/27/08
105 Scott hears a police chase and tries to get to a good spot, but it slows down. The truck then stops, goes backwards and spins its tires in a huge cloud. Rich Cowgill & Troy Case go to a forest fire that goes into a neighborhood. They run out to get close. Scott films the truck grinding on a rim, kicking sparks and going backwards. He gets PITted and keeps going. He races to get the takedown. The guy wonít come out and they fire rubber bullets all over. He gets out and runs, gets shot more and is chased down. Rich - he finds someone who refuses to evacuate and they have to yank him out and put him in his truck. They stay with firemen and find another old guy who wonít leave. They throw him out and he goes back. 9/3/08
106 Cruiser Crash - Josh Harville goes to a police chase of a pickup truck. He films the guy racing by, then a cop car loses it, crashes hard and spins around. Cops pull over to help and they are trapped inside and the engine is smoking. Howard goes to police chasing a car that knocked over a gas pump and crashed into a liquor store and ran on foot. Crash - cops tell him to back up in case of fire. Firemen arrive and rip the door off. They get the male out, but the female passenger is stuck. They ambulance them both out. Howard Ė he films the damage to the pump and store with car inside. He sees the skidmarks and gas pouring out. He interviews the owner, no one was hurt, he was worried about fire. Josh arrives and gets to the suspect first. 9/3/08
107 Scott Lane joins a chase and jumps out to get passing shots, one on the 710, but has to get the takedown shot. Brentt gets the end of a DWI stop, but the guy wonít get out. They hit him with pepper balls and rubber bullets, nothing, they send in the dog and he howls. Scott gets another shot of him without headlights after an hour, then gets another shot of him going through a construction zone almost hitting him. He drives onto the beach and cops get stuck in the sand. He jumps into the ocean and is caught. Scott goes crazy with delight. Austin & Howard Raishbrook hear about a train derailment. Heís 40 miles away from it and canít get there. He calls Jon Talent who is nearby. The train crashed and it caught fire, 2 dead, 23 injured. He gets close enough to film the rescues by the firemen and those airlifted out. 40 firefighter teams are there. 225 people have to be accounted for. Austin calls Howard that his apartment is on fire from a blanket on a spaceheater. Howard arrives to film his brother being taken to the hospital. The train crash rescue goes into the night. Scott goes to a call of a driveby and because of the crash cops are scarce. He films the victim before police can get there. Train crash is 4 hours in and the footage goes nationwide. Scott interviews the shooting victim. He says he was walking by and someone shot twice. EMTs wonít treat him without cops. It takes 30 minutes for them to arrive. They tell Scott itís not safe and he shouldnít be there before them if there is a gun. Howard goes to a call of an SUV who drove through 2 brick walls and wonít cooperate. Josh gets their first. The guy acts likes heís on PCP and wonít listen to police or firemen. Two female cops spray him with mace. More cops arrive to take him down with tasers. Itís in their blood to be stringers. 12/14/08
108 Austin films a police chase of 2 gang members on the 405. He goes around and around waving since itís his neighborhood. He hangs out at Austin, then circles around by him and crashes. Howard goes to a driveby on the 10. He gets lost on the way. Austin films the takedown as they slam the woman down and arrest the driver. Howard finally finds the scene and sets up, but they want him to move away. They wonít give him any info and he got the shots. They call Scott to find out where he is. Scott & Josh go to Louisiana to film Hurricane Gustav. Jon Tallent goes to a drunk teen up a tree. He yells and curses the cops. They inflate a mattress and when he jumps down they tase him and put him in an ambulance. Josh & Scott drive into the storm and roads get blocked and Scott jumps out to move things. Scott jumps out to film in the storm on a dock and Josh says he doesnít know what heís doing, the fool is an idiot. Howard goes to a barricaded suspect call in Marina Del Ray. A man fought with his wife and threw her and her stuff out of their hotel room. After an hour the man comes running out with a machete and they shoot him with a beanbag and take him down. Scott falls hard and comes back, his footage is useless, when they drive wires are down everywhere. One goes down and starts a fire. They go to where a giant tree fell and took out a house. Scott gets all excited and wants to go in and shoot stills. Josh says itís too dark, it wonít work. Heís sick of him. He needs 10 second shots, but the footage goes on CNN. 12/21/08
109 Scott goes to a drunk driver hit and run chase. He films some of it, shots are fired and he arrives at the standoff. They surround the battered car and he refuses to get out. Howard goes to a call of a fire at a supermarket and toxic fumes from a fumigation bomb. Itís a huge story and they are calling for 5 trucks. Scott films as the guy lights up a cigarette, goes for something and they shoot him. They load him up on a Downey ambulance. Howard films ambulance shots. South Central - Scott goes to a stabbing call and cops are blocking off the scene. He films the shot, but heís trapped in the crime scene and runs through. He gets caught and has to walk around and is mad about it being alone with his expensive equipment in a bad neighborhood. Howard goes to a call of a man that went off a 75 foot cliff. Firemen go to him, fireboats are nearby and a chopper lowers a basket to him. It swings around on the way up. Scott goes to the call of a woman giving birth in a car on the way to the hospital in Boyle Heights. Firemen deliver her and take her into an ambulance. Her cousin says the baby came out on the way, they didnít know what to do. 12/21/08
110 Scott gets a call for an interview, then jumps out when he sees a car stalled on a blind corner after spinning out. The driver warns people, but too late. Josh & Howard both go to a call of shooting on Hobart & Melrose. Scott films another car plow into the car, then big spinouts and more crashes. J&H blow the roadblock and the police donít want them there. There is no tape so he keeps pushing them back. Joshís truck dies and so does the call. Judy Echavez comes to interview Scott at a tattoo parlor then runs out in the middle. Itís a big fire with 100 foot flames and 120 firemen. Howard sees a fire on the freeway. Scott runs up to the fire and they push him back, but he gets it. Howard films a car that went on a closed exit, crashed, blew up and the driver died. Scott gets a snake attack from the trunk of a car. Itís a baby rattlesnake that bit the driver's hand. He locks his keys in the car and has to break out the window. 2/8/08
111 Howard goes to a stolen blue van DWI chase. After 30 miles they stop, but he takes off. Scott & Josh go to a Compton shooting. Gang members shot into a car and they sneak into a yard to film it and an owner confronts them. Van chase - the man has 1 arm and 2 fake legs when he gives up. Scott gets away and the owner wants Josh arrested. Cops donít care. Scottís camera died and he gets one from Jon Tallent. A gang shooing turns to officer involved. Suspects are caught and K-9s are on scene. They both get shots of it. Jon goes to Koreatown for a fire. Scott goes to a call of a minibike who crashed into a motorcycle cop who is OK, but gets no suspect. Brentt Sporn goes to Long Beach about a protest against capitalism. Itís totally unlawful, they wonít back down and are beat down by police. 2/8/08
112 Josh films a 15 year old who stole her momís car and wonít stop. She hits spikes, loses 2 tires, stops and takes off. Scott goes to a call of a carport fire. The fire gets bigger, more cars burn and powerlines go down and spark. He runs toward the fire and cops tell him to back off. He says there is no crime tape, heís working like them, they canít tell him to leave so they arrest him. Josh films cops yank the girl out. He was in the army and is back to reenlist. Scott calls Brent Sporn to bail him out. They take him to the station, but let him go with a warning. He gets the footage on the news anyway. Austin picks up his girlfriend Carrie to ride with him. He goes to a shots fired call in Watts. Itís a bad gang area and he canít get much. Gang members get in their face and they leave. Scott goes to a shooting outside a birthday party. Three are hit and he gets victims, leaves and steps in poo. He goes to a truck that hit a fire hydrant and it sprays high in the air. The woman broke both legs and is trapped. They cut her out safely. Austin goes to a retaliation shooting from before. He films a victim being loaded into an ambulance. They have too many stories there. Josh & Ryan come upon an accident. A truck smashed a car and he goes over and rescues a baby before paramedics arrive. It was loose in the car. Josh goes to the army recruiter. 2/15/08

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