Supermax (2001)

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This Discovery Channel show documents prison life in a Supermax prison in Wabash Valley, Indiana. It's like National Geographic's Lockdown or the MSNBC show Lockup. Each episode is an hour. Narrator: Ron David

Episode Description
The SHU Nurse Wabash Valley, Indiana Rich Larson gives a video briefing about Discovery taping life inside. The SHU is the where the worst go. Marla Gadberry is the nurse on the unit who deals with suicides. A prisoner says they are watching him, they are shooting him up and he wants it to stop. Sgt. Brian Mifflin says they could snap at any time. Medical care in the Secured Housing Unit, where the prison's worst criminals are locked down 23 hours a day; and the investigation into the stabbing of an inmate. Plus the annual weightlifting competition. #1. 2001
Internal Affairs Don Tyler talks about murders & assaults, they have the same crimes inside as on the streets. They house the worst in the state all the ones too violent for other prisoners. All of them in SHU are dangerous. Once three prisoners faked an injury and wanted a nurse, three guards came to see them and the prisoners had the door open, they were able rush them and started stabbing. Dan Haskins was one who was stabbed. They ran back to the inner door and a tug of war started as the door was closing to pull him back in. An inmate who argues with the prison's lawyer for a settlement after the confiscation of an object. An interview with the man in charge of Internal Affairs. #2. 2001
SHU The SHU is searched for a missing metal spatula from the kitchen. Jerry Snyder says it looks like chaos, but its not. Inmates are stripped down to the underwear for safety. Mary Conover says it can make a nasty weapon. Inmates say its harassment, they are messing with everyone. One guy flips out saying someone smacked his ass and he wont spread his checks for anyone. Someone admitted it was in the dumpster, so they can finally go. Inmates who mutilate themselves, and a drug-rehabilitation program. #3. 2001
The Drug Bust Drugs are the second biggest problem they have after gangs. Chief Don Tyler says they just arrested an officer for a class A felony for bringing in drugs. All guards can be searched at any time. A tip comes in that visitor Mary Gerardo is smuggling in pot and acid. They get a search warrant and want to have a K9 hit her car and wait until shes signed in to get her. Det. Gary Hoskins from the police joins them. Mary arrives and looks nervous. An inmate in the psychiatric ward has a breakdown. #4. 2001

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