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Season 1

This half hour truTV series is like Beach Patrol or Ocean Force. Dewey Beach, Delaware is a popular destination for summer vacationers looking for sun, fun and entertainment. Cameras visited the area on July 4th Independence Day 2008 and followed the lifeguards, rescue units and police officers who tried to the keep the sometimes dangerous beachĖand the often hectic streetsĖsafe.

 Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Fourth of July - Caitlin Dimondi says a lot of people come there, itís quiet now, have to be ready for anything. Starboard Bar Ė the running of the bull is a bunch of people getting as drunk as possible chasing a man in a bull suit for a mile. Lt. Mike Thompson says it could get dangerous. They come to the beach and run by. Lt. Tom Humphrey gets a call of a 6 year old boy named Whit who is missing. His mom Medley Baughman says he was just gone. They go look for him with the party going on. After 30 minutes nothing. They go to their house and now itís an hour. Ofc Adam Cartwright goes to a bar where a girl has alcohol poisoning. James May says she is 25, overdosed and was puking. She canít hold her head up. An ambulance arrives with oxygen and an IV. 90 minutes later and the boy is still lost. They get a call 2 hours later he is found in Rehoboth Beach a mile away. Lt. Chris Muscara brings him back. The kid says he accidentally walked too much. He scared them all. There was no way they couldíve found him that far. Nightfall and drunks are spilling out. Ofc Maggie Obarra is patrolling for drunks, she can find them by looking. She spots a car straddling lanes for 300 feet and stops the girl. The driver stumbles out. Count backwards from 100 to 89. 100, 98, 99, 87, 86, 87, 86. She gives her the heel toe test on a big yellow line and she canít do it and blames it on the wind. She canít do the follow the pen test either. Then the BAC test and she blows a .19. She says she has to go to work tomorrow. You are under arrest. She doesnít understand why. They search her car and find a different ID, she gave them a fake ID. Sheís really under 21. The other one said 25. She admits it. Thatís criminal impersonation. She says no. Some people should stay away from alcohol, when on vacation they think the rules donít apply to them. 9/8/08
102 Only 311 live there, but 20,000 show up for the 4th in a town only a mile long. Lots of sex goes on. Itís the place to go drink and pass out and try to remember. Guard train for helicopter rescues. 10am Ė a strong wins pushes a turtle raft with girls out to sea. Humphrey says they have to come back, they need to abandon it or come in. They arenít making it, so they go in. 10:51am - A guy is so drunk heís falling down on the sand. He keeps falling down and his friend tries to get him home and he runs for the water. Randy Stone says the heat is affecting him. Marc Ashby says if the girls lose the raft theyíll have trouble getting back. Two teen girls fall off. They go out and pull them all in. 9/8/08
103 Tanner Allen says lots of people body surf and get hit hard. He sees a guy struggling and wobbling out. He collapses holding his head, which could be a spine injury. James May says they do lots of training. Cpl Casey Zolper is on a boat looking for BUIs. He stops a boat with 3 guys and a girl and does a safety check. The driver smells of beer. He says he had 2, then 1 with lunch, then 2. They take him to shore for a FST. Injury - they have to get him to a hospital and put him on a board and take him out. Drunk - he talks about sport fishing. Casey gives him 15 minutes to get his land legs back. He fails and blows a .154 and is arrested. 9/15/08
104 Jason Warren says someone is swimming far. Tom Humphrey calls him in, but he wonít come in. His wife says he is training for a triathalon. Ranger Dillon Parks goes to an underage drinking call. They ask the 16 year old guy to be honest about drinking and he stumbles when he stands. He says none, the breeze is breezing me. Swimmer - he goes under and they go out to him. Caitlin Dimondi goes to a guy who went down. The boy says he canít see, itís an emergency. Swimmer - the guard pulls him in and he stumbles. He says the whistle was very faint. Heís used to the pool. Drunk - how much did you drink? None. I can smell it. The test will tell him. Then he says one, maybe half, a sip. They find buried cans nearby. They give him BAC. 9/15/08
105 10am - a group of guys are busted for drinking on the beach, itís a ticket for $546. They are from NY and wait for lifeguard Marc Ashby to beat him up when he leaves. They admit they are going to pound him or hit him with a board, heís going to get killed. Other guards go confront them. Tom Humphrey gets a call of a lost girl in pink. Drinkers - three guards go up to them and asks what is going on. They say they didnít know drinking wasnít allowed and arenít making threats. Search - 15 minutes and nothing, 20, 30, then sheís found. Stuart Dooley was off duty and found her playing. Ofc John Jenney looks for a car with people hitting each other. A witness saw the guy wailing on her. The girl denies it.  9/22/08
106 Joe Roberts finds a 3 year old wandering around. She knows her momís name is Annie, her name is Alanah, thatís it. Tom Humphrey says they donít leave the kid and others look for the mom, but arenít finding her. Sgt. John McCarty goes to a park for a domestic. The guy says she is miserable and doesnít want to do anything. He started packing up and she grabbed a knife and he fought for it. She says they fight all the time and doesnít believe she had a knife. A group of people saw her go at him with a steak knife in front of the kids. They find the knife and a wound on him. She is mad they are arresting her in front of her kids. She has to be arrested. She says sheís stabbed him before. The guy says his kids are fine, heís not going to pay to get her out. 9/22/08

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