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Originally this show was called Texas SWAT for season 1 and 2, then it was re-released as SWAT USA and for Season 3 it was renamed again as Secret Ops.

This half hour Court TV series gives an up-close, inside look at the high-stakes world of special weapons and tactics teams across the country. From strategy and planning to heart-pounding deployment – it's a truly unique and exciting look at the best in law enforcement. Witness never before seen specialized tactics, tricks and training, as well as the camaraderie that bonds every man and woman on the force. From gathering intelligence to executing high-risk plans aboard planes, trains and helicopters, every episode is filled with action-packed real-life investigations. If Cops was dedicated to SWAT this would be the show. Narrator - Anthony Call. The show went off the air in 2007. I have the ones in BOLD.

Season 1 (2006)

# Description
101 Dallas - Officer Steve Claggat says no 2 crack houses are like each have their own threats and differences. They drive by, get film footage, intel on who is inside. They hit the house from every side and break windows, use flashbangs and catch 4 people inside. Irving – most deals are done in cars, so they train by breaking out car windows.  1/4/06
102 Dallas – a drug house owned by known dealer Demarco Spencer. #102. 1/5/06
103 Irving - pot & mushrooms. Texas’ SWAT teams put in extra hours around the office, working overtime on the battle against drugs. 1/25/06
104 Irving 10/9/05 – gangs are a big problem. cops go after a gang run crack house. Officer Rick Cutler leads the briefing and says the house is fortified with burglar bars on the windows. Lt Kevin “LT” Hamrah is running the mission. 1/18/06

Season 2 (2006)

201 Watch as two of Arizona’s most active SWAT teams bravely take the drug war straight to the dealers. First, Maricopa County SWAT raids the lair of an armed crack dealer, but can they find the hidden evidence? Then, Tucson SWAT cracks down on street drug dealers in a campaign of dangerous buy-busts. Will this culminate in a massive seizure of cocaine or a major let down? #1.
202 Take a ride with Inglewood SWAT as they mount a strike against a barricaded armed robber who has threatened the lives of policemen. Then, join the Hawthorne SWAT team as they raid the home of two dangerous men accused of armed robbery. And then, experience the chaos faced by law enforcement when the Hawthorne team must remove a suicidal man who locks himself in his car with a knife. #2
203 In Clayton County, Georgia, what will happen when a veteran officer heads solo into a drug den armed only with a taser? Then in Newton County, the SWAT team responds to reports of small town crime, and in Gwinnet County, watch as SWAT must delicately gather intelligence before springing a deadly trap on a crack house. #3
204 Texas - In Laredo Sgt. Jose Jalomo has an undercover buy drugs from a house and SWAT raids it with Officer Mario Chavarrla/Austin - Officer Steve Jones weapons training/Meth lab in junkyard/Officer Steve Scheurer - criminal couple with 5 kids/Laredo - Officer Ernesto Flores goes to a house in a school zone with a pregnant heroin dealer and finds coke, guns and needles. #4. 10/22/06
205 In McKinney, watch as the SWAT team sends an informant on a high risk operation. Will they all be forced to respond when the operation goes awry? Then, Lewisville SWAT targets a house believed to be connected to a violent gang involved in drug trafficking and murder. Finally, in Hays County, will an armed siege lead to a tragic outcome? #5
206 Texas - In Bryan Detective Brett Boswell, Officer Buck Rogers, Leo Gonzales, Will Cantu – Coke house raid – they run out the back and are caught/Second raid – a felon with drugs and guns/Training/San Antonio – cops take fire so SWAT is called in. Nugent Raspberry came over to his ex-girlfriend’s house, killed her boyfriend and dumps the body in front of the door. He comes out in the middle of the night handcuffed to the girl holding a gun to his head and he’s shot dead. #6. 10/8/06
207 California - Officer Steve Colquette goes to Menita Gardens on Hawthorne Rd where there’s a large rave party. They have to break in and take a rowdy guy down for underage drinking/Inglewood - Officer Donovan Gallatin & his K-9 Yogi search for a suspect and find 2 black guys hiding in a shed inside a BBQ pit/Sgt. Juan Catano is doing undercover surveillance of drug dealers and gang members at the same place where the rave was. One guy gets punched in the face/Officer Francis Hardman hits 11 locations at once. #7. 10/15/06
208 Arizona – Sgt. Robert Allen, Officer Bob Brant, Harry Bryant, Deputy Thad Jones, Sgt. Dave Le Tourneao, Sgt. Glen Powe, Juan Rodriguez, Robert Sanders, Capt. Dave Trombi, Sgt. Harvey Woods – Meth dealer in a condemned apartment/Tucson – Two nighttime warrant drug raids/Team waits at a gym for a Trojan horse meth lab where they find 2 pounds worth/ Constitutionalist compound. #8. 10/1/06

Season 3 (2007)

301 Crackdown in Motown - Detroit 4/11/06, Wayne Co. Sheriff’s Dept says the CCC club is an illegal afterhours club. Proof an up and coming rapper was murdered there. He got in a fight, opened fire and was taken down. Cops face an alleged drug dealer in a parking lot; and police officers get in a standoff with an armed woman. 11/4/07
302 Target Tucson - SWAT is going for a huge shipment of pot coming in from Mexico. A UC in the group knows where it’s going, they will get it at a stash house. They all have priors for trafficking. 11/4/07
303 A SWAT team targets a suspected drug dealer inside his house; and investigates a gang allegedly involved in violence and narcotics. 11/11/07
304 Officers try to arrest an alleged drug dealer, and they attempt to apprehend a man who has allegedly made threats against 911 operators. Also: Cops attempt a raid on an alleged DVD piracy ring. 11/11/07
305 Arizona Crop Bust - Tucson SWAT trains. Sgt. Robert Allen says there’s no such thing as fully trained, they train 240 hours a year with explosives, entries, you have to be dedicated and willing to learn. Officer Steve Parker is watching a house, it’s a fortified brick apartment with bars. Cops try a raid on an alleged drug dealer; and then the officers try to find and destroy a marijuana farm. 11/18/07
306 Manhunt in Atlanta - Gwinnett Co. training for a raid on a dangerous fugitive. Lt. Paul Corso says suspects don’t want to go to prison so they will come up with many means to stop them. A black man robbed a bank at gunpoint and the ex-girlfriend turned him in. He’s hiding with cousins and has robed a second bank. Police look for escaped fugitives in a wooded area; and officers search for a missing woman. 11/18/07
307 Gang Bust in Detroit - Wayne Co. is an area with armed drug dealers. Sgt. Charles ‘Mother’ Hall says SRT trains constantly, like it’s real. They never know what’s coming at them. Mother is their sniper who is always watching them. He’s been there since 1992, he’s the oldest member and was in Vietnam. The work of a Special Response Team sniper on a series of drug raids is detailed. 11/18/07
308 Party Crashing in Milwaukee - Officer Torrey Lea has been there 8 years, they have twice the murder rate of the average. They did 400 warrants the year before. They are going after a gang of drug dealers that hates the police. They go in the dark, it takes a few hits to get the door open, they use a bang and find a baby and a girl. 11/18/07

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