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Now this could be considered an early reality show. People take a cab ride with no knowledge they are being filmed and reveal details of their lives they shouldn't tell family, let alone complete strangers. Women even take off their clothes and one couple has sex right in the cab. The only problem with the show is it's on once a year and there doesn't seem to be any new episodes forthcoming. 

Vegas Drivers - Ruth Scott, Eddie Ramey, John Bachmann

Ep# Air Date Episode
1 1/95 New York City. Memorable rides include an off-duty trauma cop who recounts scenes of death he has witnessed, a homeless man who explains his decline, and a young woman who talks about the joys of body piercing. Won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Special. 
2 95 New York City. Rides include a pair of young women flirting with their bisexuality and each other, an outgoing black body-builder who seems surprised that the cabbie even picked him up because he's so huge. he says he always has trouble getting a cab, and an AIDS victim coping with his impending death.
3 8/96 New York City. There's a foul-mouthed young woman who admits to having shot her boyfriend in a fit of rage, but still loves him to death and stays with him; a cocaine addict struggling with his yearning for drugs, and a prostitute who claims she narrowly missed becoming the latest victim of a cab-driving serial killer. 
S1 1997 The Best of Taxicab Confessions - Highlights from the first 3 episodes. 
4 10/97 Las Vegas. A young man and his older girlfriend add to their list of "places they've done it" - this time having sex in the back of the cab as the rides on his lap and a sweet, sentimental veteran pilot of the Spanish Civil War who remembers losing his best friend. 
5 7/98 Las Vegas. Rides include a couple with a (very) open marriage and a down-and-out woman who explains how she turned to heroin and prostitution after losing one of her legs in a car accident. 
6 11/27/99 Las Vegas - Vegas Blvd - Two divorced women take topless pictures. One of their boyfriends od'd last week from eating a bag of coke after their car broke down and the cops came to help. He dies in her arms. Nellis Blvd - a woman met a guy online and they were supposed to meet in person, but he didn't show up. She was married for 10 years and is now into domination. She just used a strap-on on a man. Mandalay Bay Hotel - a couple just met. Pete says he's the new keyboard player for the Goo Goo Dolls. At first they make up a story about having dated and then not seeing her for 3 months while on the road. He picked her out of the audience as she kept looking at him. He's never done that before. Both just were in relationships that failed. This could be a one night or could continue. Sunrise Hospital - a woman has had kidney pain for 10 days. She has no family, hates dating, is too ugly. She's a 35 year old virgin who can't find a guy. She was taking care of her mom and wasn't interested in sex, now she throws herself at men and still can't get them. She met a guy in Dublin Ireland this year and wants him to be her first, she somehow wound up giving him oral for the first time and he came on her sweater and left. She has a fat friend who looks like Janet Jackson who gets laid all the time and she can't get anyone. South Decatur Blvd - a gay guy wants to go to the Gypsy Bar. He used to pretend he was straight and real men take it up the ass. He's been gay since he was 5. He wants to be molested, hates men, has never been in love, only has 1 night stands. All gay men are lonely because they don't know how to interact with people. Olympic Gardens - a woman dances at the club and is engaged to a male dancer there. Guy hit on her all the time, but the women are worse. They say they want to eat her out. She's done threesomes and role play. They have cop uniforms in the show and wear them to bed, handcuff each other. Sometimes she likes it really rough like getting raped. Gypsy - a gay woman brought her mom, aunt and grandmother to a drag queen show. She confessed she was gay 2 years ago, was the prom queen in high school and her father won't accept it. The women don't care. Venetian Hotel - a couple has been dating for 5 years and is on vacation to get away. He was a bartender when they met and she was married. She and other women hit on him. The driver asks why they aren't married. They says they've talked about it and suddenly he pulls out a ring, tries to get on his knees and proposes. She says yes. After they can't believe they were on tape and he swears he didn't know.
7 7/29/00 Lucky 7 Let it Ride - Olympic Gardens 11:28pm Ė a married couple comes in after coming out of the strip club. She could work there, but is an investment banker from Arizona. She likes it better than him, women are beautiful, they turn her on. Sheíd like to bring one home. Itís happened before. She brought home a girl from work one time. He says they met on a blind date and sheís bisexual. He says he canít be with just woman, she couldnít either. She brings him girls since they both like them. She wants to be married, but wants the options. She doesnít want more than one penis in the room. They went to a lesbian bar, sheís great bait, she met a high school friend and they went back home and the girl was undressing in the car. She went down on her, then right to him, then she tried to jump on him and his wife wanted a condom. Then she remembered she was a lesbian and went limp. She enjoys watching him having sex. Paradise & Harmon 5:06am Ė a guy from New York comes in. Heís 40, retired after 17 hours of embalming. He did 2200 cases a year. It pays well, but itís a lot of work. Itís like plastic surgery, but for the dead. He rebuilt faces so they could have open casket and the family could remember them. He had a guy blow his face off with a rifle and they didnít find him for 3 days. He canít get that smell out of his mind, even with a mask. The worst is floaters, the skin comes off and an arm would come right out. He had decapitations a lot and had to reattach them. It didnít effect him. Heís been in Vegas a year, never got married, had no time. He loves women, but hasnít had one in 3 years. He was with her 2 years, he loved her. She was a red haired, green eyed Italian. They were living together in Florida, more legs than a bucket of chicken. He had to go to NY and she left him, doesnít know where or why. When you look in the face of death it canít be faked, you know it. Itís in the eyes. He doesnít like people who joke around, itís wrong, heíll throw them right out. Itís someoneís father, you donít do that. People who ask him if he slept with the bodies he curses them out for thinking like that. What makes you think that? It makes him sick, itís repulsive. Western Blvd & Oakey 11:02pm Ė 2 guys get in going to the Hard Rock. A girl said his shirt looks like the sky and she wanted to fly in it. She started opening his shirt, then he got scared when he thought it was a guy. Bob calls and he says it was a guy. It ruined their whole night. They canít tell, didnít grab for a penis though. She was wearing a g-string in shorts. There was a lump in her pants. Sometimes he feels his ass and pretends itís a pussy. They want to get a girl. They are from Detroit, with a lot of big booty black girls. The shaved head guy sticks his butt out. Then they sing a song and he starts spanking his friendsí ass. He doesnít think heíll have a hard time getting laid, but heís picky. They stop and start yelling to girls in the car next to them and fall out the window. They are Armenian. Who ever sucks the best will be his wife. He wants a girl that can cook their raw meat dish. The driver asks them to say ďcome onĒ in Armenian. Ahbalisesh, they yell. He wants to give as much as he can and get back less, itís like an investment. You canít just go fast, itíll mess it all up. Heíll take an hour kissing, heís in no rush. If you take a while and do it good the first time, sheíll stick with you and tell her friends. Industrial & Sahara Blvd Ė a girl gets in, just got off work, she works as a chat hostess on an adult line. They talk sex and want people to download and go private. They put their credit card in and she goes in a private room and dances for them. She says sheís Angelina and what can she do to turn them on? They want to see her butt, put her finger inside herself. She fakes it, but lots of guys want fisting, she doesnít know why, but you canít fake it. They get bored with normal sex, they want the freakiest things. They want poo poo and pee pee shows. Itís not sex, itís wrong. They get off on that. The worst is when they want little girls, you have to pretend you are 13 and say, ďI want you daddy.Ē You hope if they are talking about it, they arenít doing it for real. Her sex life is normal at home. She wears ratty clothes and they say sheís the most beautiful woman theyíve seen. She wonders where they live, she sees better women on the bus. They want to marry her and ask where she lives. She has an old guy from Australia, she tells to go back to his wife. Sometimes they donít talk about sex, when she gets close to some itís like family. Sometimes they get ugly with her, they says she has a big butt and no chest. The women are nice to her. She wouldnít know what she would do if her boyfriend asked for fisting. She wants a normal guy that drinks Bud Light. She still loves men and is not just saying that. There are perverts in everything. The Gypsy 3:43am Ė a black man in drag gets in. He missed the drag show. He only had the breasts done 4 times and is getting them bigger. He likes the penis though. He wanted to be a girl since he was 11 and his dad flipped. He said you have the same name and you are disgracing the family and put him out. His mom dressed him as a girl. The guys would chase him and beat him up. His mom gave him a butcher knife and he pulled it and they stopped. He didnít have to use it until later. He met a guy who called him a punk and spit a huge one in his face. He pulled a meat cleaver and whacked him right between the eyes, but there was no blood. He got his food and left. In Chicago the police would beat him up. He needs a big black man, is a size queen, likes em big, 13 inches. He would take pain pills from one guy who was so big. His last boyfriend was 5 years ago and would talk bad about him, he could only give him material things, no baby. It hurt. One guy gave him $350 because he was pretty. He wanted anal sex, he has a ad in the paper. He couldnít and used his finger. Then the phone rings. He answers, says itís $150 minimum, he canít pay that much. Heís horny, has been with women, but likes transsexuals more. Heís 37. Heíll go clean up, has whips, paddles, whatever. Duty calls, itís a living, pays the bills. The Beach 3:04am Ė a couple gets in needing an ATM. The girl says she was getting turned on by a girl. She likes to watch porn, but walked away since he was looking at a girl. Then a guy came up to her and she told her name. They fight. He came over and got mad at her. What if he left her there? He wouldnít. She says she walked 2 feet away and got hit on, itís bad if she doesnít get hit on. She says he was looking too much. He says he checked her out. She asks what did she do wrong? He says sheís a good girlfriend. She tells him to be quiet and shut up. He admitted he was looking at a girl, she admits she was pretty. He says she was flirting with a guy. She says heís mute boy. He asks why is she playing games. She says sheís a girl. Heís psycho and yanked her out of there. They stop and he gets out to get food. They live together. She calls him an asswipe. She thinks sheís cool, into strippers and stuff, but not getting married. He comes back with a hot dog and sprite. She says he got taco sauce, not ketchup, itís lemon juice, not mustard. The driver laughs, she eats it anyway. Main & Bonanza 12:57am Ė an old guy gets in, says heís going to 1am Bingo at Arizona Charlieís. He hasnít won in 2 months. He does this since they killed his wife. She went to USC with a tummy ache and never came out. He had to sign papers for it. They were married 53 years. They met and were married 2 days later. He was asked to pick her up at the bus station. He was 23, she was 29. They went dancing, loved country music. He used to be Tex the DJ and made songs and sold them for $100. He sings a country song he wrote for his wife, but doesnít like to think of it. She told him she didnít feel good, was scared, an hour later she had a tube down her throat and she died. He knew she was going, her spirit went through him. He asks her to hold him a spot up there. Credits - The Armenians think people will think they are gay from this. The first couple laughs. The old guy thinks heís writing a book, but canít read the release so a girl reads it to him. He then dances outside of the cab.
S2 12/30/00  The Best of Taxicab Confessions 2: Fare Play - Las Vegas. Highlights from episodes 4-7. is and likes it that way. He wanted to be a girl since he was 11, his dad disowned him and his mom gave him a butcher knife to defend himself. He never used it until he was an adult. One guy spit in his face and he pulled out a meat cleaver and cracked him in the head with it in Chicago. She's a size queen - needs a man to have at least 13 inches. Her last relationship was abusive. She has a sex ad and tonight she fingered a guys ass for $350, he thought he was using his penis. His cell phone rings and it's a guy who wants to be raped by a transsexual. She says it's a $150 minimum, but he doesn't have it and will work something out since he is so horny. He says he's horny to and is ready to go now. The Rio - a 24 year old woman says her boyfriend is 47, but tells people he's 40. He just threw her out. She was a cocktail waitress and he kept throwing her money and now she doesn't work and he pays all her bills. He wants to have control over her and knows she can't pay for things without him He's still married and is going through an ugly divorce. She tries to comfort him, give him rub downs. He is a billionaire and the wife wants more than half. She's his concubine - does everything for him sex, food, oral sex whenever he wants. She was married and lost her kid after 4 months, stopped having sex and was totally depressed. Sunrise - 35 year old virgin. Western & Oakley - two Armenian male friends get in. One guy says a girl was just touching him at the Hard Rock, she thought his shirt was the sky and wanted to fly in it. He got the feeling it was a guy and flipped out. Sometimes he pretends his ass is a pussy and sticks his finger in. They are from Detroit and start singing and spanking each other. They speak some Armenian, hit on girls and want to get laid. They say they are all about taking their time, giving the woman pleasure and making sure they climax first. It's like an investment, if you are good they'll do anything for you. Pardue & Harmon - a 40 year old guy retired from embalming after 17 years. He made a lot of money, but worked hard, couldn't take it anymore. He had to fix bodies up for open casket funerals. You could never get rid of they smell, could never cover it up and he still smells it. He had a guy that shot himself in the face with a rifle, floaters whose skin and arms came right off and a decapitation. He's from New York and was never married. He hasn't had a relationship for 3 years. He loved the last girl, she was beautiful and perfect. They lived in FL and he had to go out of town and when he returned she had disappeared. He knows the face of death and never joked on the job because it is disrespectful. He hates people who joke about necrophilia. Venetian Hotel - man who proposes.
8 3/25/01 2001: All's Fare in Love & Vegas - A black girl says she makes money by appearing in private snuff films for $10,000 a shot. The Naked Hollywood  threesome of a guy and two girls who live and love together are proud of their liberated lifestyle. An angry male ex-hip hop DJ who got divorced after 17 years. Gypsy's - a self hating gay man who just gave oral to a man in a spa and hates men. Hide N' Seek - a lesbian masseuse wants to be a guy and have a penis to use between the big breasted girls she works with. Sandhill & Sunset - two guys talk about banging Victoria's Secret models, breaking condoms and cheating girlfriends. Buffalo & Oakley - an alcoholic female model from Utah was raped by her dad from age 6-11. Desert Inn - a heavy female nurse goes to work at an Alzheimer's clinic covering a shift and talks about how the patients have beaten her up, but she loves them.
9 3/24/02 2002: A Fare to Remember - Las Vegas - two strippers, Carrie Beth & Sadie May from Denver are on tour working there. They are lesbians who love each other so much that they want to get married and have kids at the same time from the same guy. The driver says they can get married if they want. They agree and stop at the hotel to change and get their camcorder. They take their tops off in the back and their pants. One girl puts her legs over her head. He goes to a chapel, gets a minister and comes back. He marries them in the cab, even though it doesn't count. Harmen & Lamb Blvd - a 20 year old gay guy wants to go to the Apollo Club since it is safe. Last week 20 guys beat up his friend and broke his skill. Recently a friend anally raped him and it ripped his ass open requiring 16 stitches. After that his parents disowned him. He talks about his first time and the gay maze inside the club filled with glory holes. MGM Grand Hotel - two trashy girls from West Virginia are desperate to met celebrities. They won this vacation and brushed with Barry Williams at the Billboard Awards. The blond can't keep a boyfriend and so wants to have sex with any celebrity, but it's hard to find them. But she won't go with a black guy unless it was LL Cool J, Nelly or Lenny Kravitz. Her dad hates blacks and would disown her if she did. She gets totally drunk and sleeps with gross guys and doesn't even remember doing it and after wants to kill herself. Olympic Gardens - Greg a black guy just came from a bachelor party at a strip club and his white girlfriend Donna is jealous. Right after she calls him and is mad. She wants to get married, but he won't. She's outside the hotel waiting for him and they pick her up and keep going. He says she's violent to him. She says she doesn't like titty bars and wants him home at 2:30am. They argue the whole time and she's convinces he wants to marry her. Hard Rock Hotel - a girl just met a soap opera actor who wants her to fly to San Jose with him. She has boyfriends all over the country, but the only one she loves is in Charlotte. She sleeps with guys to get things, money or trips. She's cheated on him 5 times, doesn't know why she doesn't it. He got her pregnant, they broke up and she lost the bay. They got back together, only have gone out 7 months. She gets off on guys pursuing her, but the sex is bad, probably since she doesn't care about them, it's just for revenge. Highland & Western - a woman is embarrassed she has to go to a methadone clinic for crack, she was on heroin since her brother got her into it and smoked pot since she was 11. Her brother Johnny just died of AIDS and she cries. He was raped by a drag queen, their dad beat him and says her dad is an important congressman. They divorced and he used to lock her in her room all day with nothing. Her mom would let them do anything including buying her pot. Her dad spanked her even when she was 16 and is mad at him that her brother had such a cheap funeral. Mandalay Bay Hotel - two women get in, the old one is Nicole, a French Cabaret singer who sings a song. She got married, quit singing, got cancer 12 years ago, got kimo for 9 months and a lumpectamy and is OK now. Her sister and cousin dies of cancer. A singer got into an accident and she went into the club and said she was the replacement - that's how she started. Her husband doesn't approve of it.
10 03 2003: Girls Like it Hot - A woman who is kinkier on her live sex website than with her fiancť, a stripper upset over the loss of her "sugardaddy" and a cheating boyfriend making amends with a marriage proposal.
11 2/5/05 New York, New York
12 1/7/06 Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York Part 2
13 4/22/07 Best of Taxicab Confessions 3: Hot Hot Hot - Las Vegas/NY - Western Blvd & Oakley - 2 Armenian guys from Detroit who meet a chick with a dick/Red Rooster 12:56 AM - a married couple talks about looking for woman, swinging and screwing multiple people in front of each other/8th Street & Sahara Blvd 2:52 AM - a 34 year old married bi-guy escort in dragís car broke down and prefers women & another guy joins them/Nellis Blvd. & Grass Valley 12:51AM - Lisa (41) went to meet a guy online, but he stood her up. She just lost 80 pounds/Vegas - Olympic Gardens 11:25PM - a married couple from AZ goes to stripclubs and picks up women/ pounds/Olympic Gardens 3:56AM - a stripper and her husband go to a stripclub, then have sex in the cab/NY - 14th St & 9th Ave - a transsexual gay guy works in a stripclub as Mariah Carey and as a hooker and his family rejected him.

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