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This Court TV show has exclusive access to Texas SWAT teams, experienced war journalist Jeff Chagrin takes viewers along for the ride with these elite crime-fighting experts. We'll be there as they use the latest technology and tactics to handle every crisis situation, from diffusing bombs to negotiating hostage situations. This show started almost at the exact same time as A&E's Dallas SWAT and while that show went on for years, this one morphed into SWAT USA.

# Description
101 The members of SWAT get first hand experience with the damage caused by Texas' illegal drug trade. First, the Dallas team has to stage an assault on a gang of suspected dealers in 2 side by side crack houses, in a dangerous vehicular confrontation. Warrant served on Mack Gray by Officer Paul Cerami. Then, the team acts as the last line of defense as a negotiator confronts a distraught 43 year old black substitute teacher and former user after he executes his girlfriend and her lover. Finally, the Irving SWAT team kicks the war on drugs into fifth gear, attacking suspected dealers where they are most vulnerable. In their cars. 1/4/06
102 SWAT team members are forced to handle a variety of dangerous tasks. From elaborate and explosive sieges on Texas's crack houses to spur-of-the-moment foot case apprehensions, SWAT has to be able to handle it all, without anybody getting hurt. Officer Steve Claggat explains how a man barricaded in an upscale neighborhood is gassed out. Four gang members are pulled out of an apartment. Also, team members must tread lightly in the delicate task of protecting people from themselves as they negotiate two separate suicide attempts including a bi-polar man in a silver sports car with a rifle too cowardly to kill himself. In Irving Lt. Kevin Hamrah leads a team after 4 dealers in three separate cars on 8/23/05. 1/4/06
103 Dallas - a drug house owned by known dealer Marco Spencer is going to be hit that's supposed to have a large amount of guns. Officer Steve Clagget shows their tools - stun grenades, a breaching gas gun, a shotgun used for doors, guns and a tool used to pull mesh bars off windows. The wall is pulled off in one operation. They surround he house and break windows and pull off bars from all sides. The 2 black suspects are caught and cuffed. Weapons are found. One is sentenced to 8 years probation, the other jumps bail. Amarillo - Steve Massie is being hunted. Officer Doug Harrington is one of only 8 officers there. They are all part of an extended family. Cpl Brent Harlan says they are a small group and are seen having a BBQ. Doug searches for Steve him and finds a brown pickup truck that looks like his, but the plate is fake. He's very dangerous and won't hesitate to shoot so they have to go in undercover or he'll flee. On the way to his house a police car drives by which spooks him. They catch him as he's heading for his car. He has no shirt on and is covered completely with tattoos. They find a 9mm, sawed off and police scanner inside. They use encrypted channels so he can't hear them anyway. Austin - Officer Jeff Crawford leads a team to serve a search warrant for a house with many weapons. They go out to the house for surveillance before the raid and take video footage for the briefing. They are also supposed to have a couple attack pit bulls. Irving SWAT assists as they go in the house when a pit bull charges, but it runs right inside their van. They find drugs and guns and get the owner to assist in getting the dog out. He has to pick it up and bring it inside. They've never seen anything like that/ATF is assisting on a warrant and Officer Rick Cutler is in charge. They've been tracking them for weeks since they stole over 140 guns. They have flash bang grenades and a bang pole they'll use on the balcony to distract them as they go inside. It's an upstairs apartment with 5 people inside including the 3 suspects. The bang is huge and sets off a car alarm. All 5 of them were in one room and a guy confesses to the weed. One has a warrant for burglary of a firearms dealer. They've seized 1200 weapons in the last year. Their worst enemy is the AK-47. After Rick fires an AK-47 at a gun range. They are sold for as little as $200 on the street from terrorists to street thugs. That night they head to a house of a gang member who is a dealer. He's bragging about having an AK-47 and there's supposed to be children in the house too. They use many flash bangs and break windows, pour inside and find the AK under the mattress. There are multiple dealers in the house with small children. They hate to see that the most, but they have to go in and the kids get scared. They find crack, crystal meth and are glad to get the gun off the street. 1/5/06
104 SWAT teams in Texas tackle a variety of tasks, providing speed and surprise to the police when they’re needed. First, SWAT members stage a perilous raid on a heavily fortified building. Then, there’s a daring attack on a crack house filled to the brim with deadly weapons. Finally, the Irving SWAT team takes down a massive drug-running truck on the city streets. 1/5/06
105 Irving 10/9/05 – cops go after a gang run crack house. Officer Rick Cutler leads the briefing and says the house is fortified with burglar bars on the windows. He’s with the Mexican Mafia, deals lots of meth and there’s supposed to be kids in the house, so they are hitting it while they are in school. They are expecting lots of firearms and there’s a house in the back that they won’t hit unless necessary. The plan is to have an undercover cop make a buy and get him in his car. Then they get a call that the guns and drugs are in the back house, so now they must go there as well. Last minute changes aren’t welcome because they could compromise safety. Lt Kevin “LT” Hamrah is running the mission and has been running the unit for 8 years. He’s a father figure, loves the guys, doesn’t want to see them get hurt. As they head over the first phase goes down, the dealer is caught. There is also a pit bull guarding the house they need to stun. They hit both houses at once and two guys run through the back fence. They catch 8 people on the premises and the kids were home flushing the drugs down the toilet. Some are 15 years old and this is their job. They get a bunch of guns, drugs, scales and equipment. They dig up the sewer line and find 9 baggies inside. Sgt. Ned Thurman feeds the pit bull who is more docile than vicious/Amarillo – Officer Brent Harlan says white supremacist gangs are into crank, meth and violence. They are targeting the Aryan Brotherhood who has a crystal meth factory. Tommy Tomlin, a gun and drug dealer, is the target. SWAT has 8 members against their 30. They go up to the house, announce and use a flash bang, but only Tommy and another guy are there. Officer Doug Harrington says they found weapons. They have to enter and secure it, since they don’t have enough manpower for two teams. They find their paperwork with rules and members. Crystal meth is found hidden everywhere including the ceiling and the stove. They tell the neighbor they are going to jail and she’s happy, she’s lived there 50 years/Irving – they are after several MS13 drug dealers. An undercover will make a buy and they’ll take him down. He’s said to have a gun, so they’ll hit him hard. He’s supposed to have a second guy as backup that they’ll have to hit at the same time or he might shoot them. They make the deal and hit the car with flash grenades, break out all the windows, yank the guys out and cuff them. Officer Paul Cerami says they got a lot of drugs. There are 10,000 gang members, so it’s hard to shut them down/San Antonio – Nicholas Blanco is a wanted drug dealer who is supposed to have an assault rifle. Officer Leo Gonzales says the guns are gang related and have been used in a shooting. They wear heavy body armor and hit them in the night in hopes of catching them asleep. They hit the place with flash bangs causing the smoke alarm to go off. They find money, drugs and bullets, but no gun. Nick says it was ugly, he thought one of his boys got shot. He didn’t know if he was going to get robbed or shot. That’s how the life is, not everyone has a job, they carry guns and sell drugs. It’s not fun. SWAT says this is their office. 1/18/06
106 In San Antonio SWAT briefs about a woman dealing that they've been to before. Team members throughout Texas are forced to demonstrate their flexibility as they tackle a wide variety of difficult tasks. the SWAT team launches an elaborate assault on a suspected crack house with Officer Leo Gonzales. In Lewisville, the team takes to the streets, confronting drug dealers out in the open with Officer Scott Pedigo 10/11/05. In Austin, SWAT with Officer Jeff Crawford teams up with the Secret Service, riding shotgun for the President himself. Also in Austin they deal with a barricaded man who fired a shotgun. Irving buy/bust operation. #106. 1/18/06
107 Texas’ SWAT teams put in extra hours around the office, working overtime on the battle against drugs. In Irving Sgt. Kevin Denney leads Officer Rick Cutler and SWAT teams take on two explosive raids on seedy crack dens. In Austin Officer Jeff Crawford leads a house bust of 2 pounds of coke. In Hays County, San Marcos the weather turns against the SWAT team as it carries out a raid on a makeshift drug processing plant – inside a decaying trailer. Deputy Command Terry Nichols leads the bust the next day. In Austin Officer Steve Jones bust a house owned by a 71 year old man with a 24 year old girlfriend. #107. 1/25/06
108 Officer Jeff Crawford says there are 3 key elements – speed, surprise and violence of action. Most people haven’t experienced SWAT and it’s a shock to the system. Briefing on Sammy Lee Kitchen who is a larger threat than usual. He has lots of assault rifles, is always armed and the house is littered with weapons. They’ll make more noise than usual. They have surveillance of the house, which is equipped with video cameras on the outside. They go in at night storming the place with flash grenades and lights. They catch them all unaware and find a large arsenal of weapons. There is a misunderstanding about VOA, but it all serves a purpose. They find a revolver, 9mm shoulder rifle, .45 caliber machine pistol and an SKS in the closet. After they fire the weapons on the range to demonstrate their power. Irving – they target street level dealers. Officer Rick Cutler is in charge of the main target is Ray and they are setup to sell with an undercover. It’s a buy/bust and is dangerous since the guy is armed. They use baseball bats to breakout the windows and to scare them. It allows them to see inside, especially if the windows are tinted and it won’t hurt the people inside. They fire stun grenades and break out the windows with the bat handle. The guy asks what’s going on, thought someone was shooting at him and what happened to his truck. He’s not Ray, but he has Ray’s girlfriend in there that made the deal. There are no charges on the guy, but the girl is arrested. Rick does surveillance on a house they are going to serve a warrant to the next day. There are three black guys outside, so they can’t get close. The door is barred, so it’s not going to be an easy one. They have a briefing about what to do and rehearse the breaching of the door. It’s a bad part of town usually with a lot of weapons inside and they expect the worst. They pull up at night, pull the door off and break the windows, but there is a mantrap. It takes a lot longer to get in than they want and they prepare to go in the window, but shots are fired inside so they can’t go in. They threaten to use gas and the guys start crawling out. The mantrap is a cage that traps cops so the crooks can shoot them. They block the streets for drive-bys and get a pile of pot, guns and $5,000 in cash. #108. 2/1/06
109 During training in Amarillo officers get pepper sprayed in the face then washed off. Then they have to go into a house filled with CS Gas that makes you feel like your body is sunburned/San Antonio - Officer Steven Favorit says a man fought with his girlfriend then barricaded himself in the house and is suicidal. They cut the gas and call him on the phone. He doesn't answer so they break the window on the front door and put gas inside and he comes out real fast/Amarillo - Sgt. Tom Williams leads an operation against a gang selling crack. They've been working on the case for 5 months and have bought from him before. The signal is "Jerry is going to like this." They are violent and unpredictable, so time is of the essence, and are buying $400 and flashing $4000 for a bigger buy. They spot 2 suspects and one has been arrested for ADW, so he might be armed. The agent makes the buy and they pull up in the van and the agent is cuffed to make it look good. The guy ditched the money under the car and his coke tests positive. Lt. Eric Bohannon supervises and is happy with it all/El Paso - Officer Robert Flores says they've seized 8000 pounds of pot in the last month from Mexico. They brief at 5am for busts on 4 targets to catch them asleep. The houses and mobile homes are piled on top of each other so they have to be careful to hit the right one. They go to the first one, break the door in, catch the guy, but there are other guys, a woman and 3 kids inside. Hopefully some have warrants. They head to the next target of a high-ranking member of a Mexican gang. They break in, smash the expensive door and catch the guy. There are 4 house on 1 lot, one with no numbers, so they have to be careful. They don't find the large stash of drugs though, it's just street level stuff. The third house is a trailer within a mile of the boarder. The fourth place has a large iron fence they crash through. The attack dogs are in the kennels, the guy opens the door for them and they find 410 pounds of pot there. 2/1/06
110 Lewisville - Sgt. Gordon Blair briefs them about a heavily fortified crack house with three men. 5/31/06
111 Austin – speed, surprise & violence of action. Officer Steve Jones briefs the team about a cocaine drug house. #110. 6/7/06
112 Georgetown is small, population 40,000, 12 SWAT members. #111. 6/14/06

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