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This is another Bruce Nash creation originally called Stupid Behavior: Caught on Tape where they have real footage of people doing stunts that go wrong or just mishaps in general. They can be recent or vintage and sometimes they interview the people involved. One big problem is much of the footage is unknown where is came from or who made it. If they don't know or just don't care then they make their own goofy description about it instead of what it really is. I saw this with the footage from a Mexican soap opera helicopter crash that they said was a rescue attempt of a family in a broken down boat. The first narrator was Stacy Keach fresh off the same job on World's Most Amazing Videos, but this time it's all fun and games instead of serious. They even have some of the same footage like the navy man who was sucked into a jet engine. Lisa Dergan did the second season. I have only seen 29 episodes rerun over and over again, so it seems that is all there is.

Season 1 (2002)

# Description
1 An auto parts store keeps getting robbed so the owner has Kevin Connahan install a 6000 volt electric fence. 2002
2 Bob (75) goes for his first skydive tandem. They jump out of the door and the instructor gets caught on the door. 2002
3 UK - The city cancelled Dave Cannon’s building permit and he was mad. 2002
4 Scott Lutz makes his first jump from a plane, but he pulls the wrong cord releasing his entire pack, not the chute. 2002
5 A farmer sold off his prized female sheep and a ram is mad at him. 2002
6 Ron Walker wants to deep fry the turkey for Thanksgiving. 2002
7 Texas Jack a cowboy stuntman stands on a box of dynamite and blows it up. 2002
8 Ken Powers wants to launch his car 1 mile over the St Lawrence River in New York. 2002
9 James Wolken tries to jump his bike across a desert ravine and over a truck. 2002

Season 2 (2004)

10 FL Keys - Lynne Getz and her family feed tarpon fish. 2004
11 Kerry McLean invented the monocycle - a giant wheel he sits in the middle of. 2004
12 Melbourne, FL – Billy Willard races an airboat and he falls behind so he floors it and lifts in the air. 2004
13 In a cycling race a man smiles for the camera, then falls and takes down 50 other cyclists behind him. 2004
14 Tour De France – Giuseppi is in the lead when a photograph jumps out in the road to take his picture and he gets run down. 2004
15 Lowell Draper was a pro motocross racer on a dirt track who lost control. 2004
16 Farmer City, IL - Kevin Briscoe has a fuel leak in a sprint car race. 2004
17 Ontario, Canada - at The Ramp & Tramp Flying Circus performers go down a ski jump and land on an air mat. 2004
18 Jason Stewart & Shawn McComb go to help tear down a house. 2004
19 Mark Hudson & Michael Rank drive into a snowbank at the end of their driveway. 2004
20 Brad Minett and his family hike in the mountains on Christmas. 2004
21 Tim Bernard wants to skydive into an airplane hanger door, go around and out the other door. 2004
22 Los Angeles, CA - police chase a red SUV at night on the freeway. 2004
23 New Zealand - Denham Hitchcock wants to build a catapult to launch a friend into the neighbor's yard. Lotti Hilgendore volunteers and thought it was a great idea. Two men jump on a board and launch her into the lawn very hard and her helmet falls off so she hits her head. Dare for Dollars - Josh & Jess want to get married, but can't afford it and have to dig through 2 tons of horse manure to find a ring in 30 seconds. There are many boxes and only 1 ring, so they pull a bunch out and find the ring. Runaway truck ramp - a news crew films a truck slamming into it, launches in the air, flipping over ripping the side of the truck off. Jeff Van Hyming decides to wake his sleeping mother at 5am by playing electric guitar. Kathy Van Hyming says he can't play or sing. Mike Lloyd holds the record for kicking himself in the head. He can also break balloons, soda cans and pudding on his head. Land Diving - guys jump off objects and land hard on the solid ground. Bobby The Blaze Hedden races a motorbike in CA, wipes out on the second lap and the bike hits him, it reverses and goes all the way across the track and over the stands. Canada - a hidden camera show has a man ask to have his picture taken and then he falls off a balcony to his death, but he lands on a mat. They do it over and over. London, UK - at a college men run around naked and are arrested. One man gets away and they chase him all over the street. Blackhill Mountain Bike race - Chip's chain locks and he fights with it and curses over and over to get it to work. He then falls right off. At a boxing match Paula the ring card girl doesn't go inside, then loses the round # card and can't get out, then her top falls down and her huge breasts fall out. Justin Adams decides to build a couch cruiser. They put shopping carts and a skateboard underneath to steer. They hit a parked car, the side falls and kicks up sparks, then they hit pylons on the Golden Gate Bridge and are busted by the cops who give them a ticket. Cops chase a stolen car and the man jumps out as it still rolls and the girl jumps out and gets run over before it crashes. London, England - the changing of the guard. A man gets his foot caught in the stirrups and the horse backs off and drags him. Chris T decides to ride his bike down a railing and he falls many times, then goes over the side and lands on his leg. His friend says he's fine, his leg is moving, he's not paralyzed. Rod Cass puts watermelons on his head and blows them up. He wanted to make fruit punch the first time. 2004
24 UK - Andy Aish & Joe Weston Webb decide to jump a car pulling a trailer over a river. 2004
25 Jeff Lenosky is a stunt BMX rider shown doing tricks and screwing up some. 2004
26 Kevin Major gets ready to break a record flying 232 feet off a ramp in a small car. 2004
27 David Donihue makes a movie called The Humanity Experiment and stars in it. 2004
28 Ray Alberico lights a package of fireworks in Cricket’s pants and it explodes the back out. 2004
29 Jerome ID - Gene Colter races a chariot and out of the gate his horse misfires. 2004

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