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This VH1 half hour show was hosted by Fred Willard and introduced you to people that push the ordinary to the extraordinary and make obsessive-compulsive fanatical devotion a way of life. Pull up a chair for an off-the-wall, half-hour to celebrate pop-culture's most twisted devotees. It's 100% unbridled enthusiasm set free.

Season 1 (2004)

Ep# Description
101 Miami Vice/Madonna - Chris Gennaro/Cabbage Patch Kids - Pat & Joe Prosey/Cats 9/04
102 Dukes of Hazzard/TMNT/Piercing/Mother Goose 9/04
103 LOTR - Melissa Duncan/Clint Eastwood/E.T./Pink - Kitten K. Sera 9/04
104 Munsters/Peter Pan/Weight Gain/Pac-Man 9/04
105 Klingon/Anna Nicole/Foot Fetish/Disney/Rats 10/04
106 Three Stooges/James Bond/Wrestling/Boo Berry/Cockroach Dresser/Comic Books 10/04

2004-09 Thrawn for Thrawn's Realm