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This hour long Discovery Channel show is Cops meets Real Stories of the Highway Patrol and features officers who were on both of those shows.

1 Running on the Streets - East Los Angeles, CA Ė Capt Art Acevedo (Real Stories) joins a pursuit and takes over. Itís a slow speed chase through a neighborhood. The gold truck cuts through an alley and goes around in circles. Then he floors it and cops block every road, ram him and he spins out. They ram him again and he goes over a loading dock ramp and wrecks. Cops run over and yank him out as a helicopter gives them light. Albuquerque, NM - Sgt. Jeff Ferner (Cops 02) sets up for a drug deal. A woman gets in their car to sell them crack. She takes them to her hotel room and sells to them. They arrest her, then go back to room 46 to bust everyone else. He tells one back guy he bought lobster from them. He denies knowing anything. Jeff tells him he gave him two $5 with his initials on them. He says he was taking a dump, but somehow has the $5s on him. He says they were on the table when he got out of the bathroom. He says she just took it and brought the money back and he didnít know about it. They find drugs and cash. The LA Sheriff Department's Gang Unit and Utah's Emergency Response Team. 2002
2 The Beat - Albuquerque, NM - Sgt. Jeff Ferner sets up for a drug deal. A guy comes up to them right away on a bicycle offering drugs. He tells them to follow him. They do and he goes to a bar to get drugs from guys in a car. They bust everyone in the car. Thereís a bunch of crack rocks on the floor. Thereís 3 cell phones and all are going of from buyers. The guys say the woman is driving. They lost the middleman on the bike at the Fair and Square market, but these are the main guys. One fat guy says he smokes crack. He mustíve just started since he has a wad of cash on him, he wouldíve smoked it up. He sells to support his habit, his grandfather supports his habit. He has lots of money. One guy was trying to buy and they bust him and heís upset since he didnít buy. Spokane Co. WA 12/5/01 Ė they have a lab team that is hitting a house. Thereís a secret room in the back with an active lab. Sgt Brad Thomas says the door was barricaded. Footage of the inside of the house shows itís full of junk and chemicals. A hazmat team goes in to clean it up. Also female troopers in Illinois; helicopter patrol in Maryland. #2. 2002

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