Undercover: Double Life

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This hour long Discovery Channel show features the real people talking with most of their cases reenacted. Some include actual surveillance footage and wire taps. 

# Description
101 Operation Ivan - Billy Queen was an ATF agent who became a Mongols biker. 4/27/02 - a huge brawl in a Laughlin, NV casino with Hell’s Angels ends up with 2 dead. Roger Pinney the president was stabbed multiple times. John Ciccone called him to join. He was UC as William Lee St. John trying to get into the Angels. The Mongols are linked to many vicious crimes, but had no proof. The group is named for Genghis Khan. Jerry Friedberg would prosecute the case. Billy went to Nam and was in the ATF for 17 years infiltrating every hate group he could. 3/98 - he starts and meets Sue to get the introductions. He thought she had a big mouth and could be trouble. Tahunga is where they have a group and hangout called The Place. Rancid Clayton & Rocky Martinez were there and armed with knives and spiked boots. He kept going there a month to hang out and play pool. They would beat people and he would get into fights. Respect few, respect none was there motto. He got hairier and dirtier and it was hard on his kids. 4/98 - ATF wanted evidence. He had to get in on their annual ride to Laughlin. He got into fights in front of Rocky to earn their trust. In a hotel room Rocky makes him do a line of meth. He fakes it and tricks them. At Tony’s Red Dog Jarvis asks if he knows Sue, she’s in with a cop. He says he doesn’t know her much. 5/98 - they go to Simi valley and it’s a rush to be around so many outlaws. They have him film and take pictures. Domingo the leader tells Bucket Head to get the guns. They have stolen assault rifles and say their bikes are stolen. A cop goes by and they want to kill him. He had a UC apartment and it was wired. It takes a huge toll on his family. After 6 months he gets a prospect vest. Roger says they needed a certain number of members and gave him a 3 page enrollment form with tons of questions about him, family and to pass a background test from a PI. They set up agents all over to pose as friends and family. They even found he had no motorcycle permit on his license. After spending $700,000 they want to shut it down, but they fight for it. He goes to a party and they get a huge box of machine guns to smuggle back. AK and Cowboy get pulled over and find the guns, but cops botch the search. They wire his car to get them talking and did. They take him out to a field and Red Dog confronts him with a gun to his head. He fires past his head, he couldn’t prove it, but says he will kill him. 10/98 - he became a full member, the first agent to do so. He became their bookie and had all the proof he needed. Domingo Alverez beat 2 assaults and comes to him to hide out thinking he killed someone. Herrera insulted the gang in a bar and Panhead stabbed him to death. He got him to confess. 1/00 - his family life was gone. They were following him everywhere. 5/19/00 - he had enough and they raid everywhere at once. They got 54 arrests, kilos of coke, guns, explosives. Roger says he has to give him credit for it. It cost his family. Most of them did their time and are out so he uses a small plane to get around. 1/20/09
102 Operation Infamita - Ed Robb goes undercover to a Yonkers NY heroin deal. Glenn Tuttle and John Walzer wanted him to getting into a heroin ring. He went under to break up a drug ring in Tampa FL. He liked the job, it was fun. His wife Gretchen Robb says he wouldn’t stop. He was Tony Rossi and got prestige, but they put a $500,000 bounty on him. He wanted to be Kurt Wolfe and Glenn created and identity for him - passport, license, apartment. Luigi Visciano is the first mark. They got a million in cash to show him and said an Air Force Colonel was selling drugs to congress. He called Peppe Vitiello in New York to make deals. Ted Wasky was monitoring the phones and knew he had to go to NY. He goes with $200,000 for a kilo of heroin, but they don’t show up. They were testing him. Michael Bernardo is Luigi’s boss and he meets with him. 1/31/87 - They set up a deal for a ¼ kilo and Michael shows up late and doesn’t like the spot, he wants to move to a new spot. They have to go to a restaurant, he has the money in the trunk when they get in the car. 1/27/09
103 Operation Brooks Range - 7/1/91 - Lucinda Schroeder & Mark Holmbreen are trying to get into a big game hunting ring in AK called North Sport and Recreation. Tim Eicher says they had good info on it, they are poachers and kill everything they get. Bob Bowman was the outfitter and they were very suspicious, they wouldn’t take in strangers. Greg Johnson owned a bar in WI and had a link up to him. Mark was a local CI who knew them all. She posed as the girlfriend and had pictures of her from other UC hunts across country. Greg gave them a video Bob made from AK, but there was nothing illegal up front. 8/27/92 - she heads up to AK as Jane Dyer. Her daughter Melinda got used to her not being around a week at a time. They are up there for 10 days for 4 hunts. They weren’t looking for a woman to infiltrate them. When they got there they picked up a guy she had arrested before in SD. She avoided him. Then they picked up 3 Spanish hunters and she could speak Spanish, but Bob couldn’t. He was paranoid and aggressive and wanted to pack up and go for 3 days to hunt Dall’s sheep. He took Mark somewhere else and dropped her off on the Tundra. He went scouting and came back in an hour and found 3 up high. There are 2 guides and a makeshift camp where they track for 2 days. She makes a long shot and they take pictures for their brochure. 2/3/09
104 Operation Pisces - The life of DEA undercover agent Louis Diaz who posed as a money launderer in the agency's largest covert action targeting Columbian cocaine dealers 1984-86. 2/10/09
105 Operation Green Ice - A rookie DEA agent Heidi Landrof goes undercover from 1990-92 as a money launderer in an operation targeting the Cali drug cartel. 2/17/09
106 Operation Bootstrap - Sgt. Matt Browning goes into the National Alliance white power group in Mesa AZ and gathers intel on the skinheads in Unit 88. 2/24/09
107 Operation Last Camp - FBI agent Jack Garcia goes under cover as a jewel thief to infiltrate the Gambino family. 3/3/09
108 Operation Harvest King - A high-level executive with Archer Daniels Midland works under cover to expose the largest price-fixing conspiracy in U.S. history. 3/10/09
109 Operation Re-Tread - DEA Agent Phil Muollo goes under cover with the Hell's Angels in Lynn, MA #109. 3/17/09

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