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This Court TV half-hour series is a companion to Hot Pursuit. Watch as dangerous face-offs and high-risk car chases can escalate, often into incredibly daring firefights. Then, return to the scene of these dramatic incidents through exclusive interviews with the police as they tell the compelling stories behind these heart-pounding real-life clips. It's not much like Cops the series as it has interviews after the fact. The similarity is the real police footage, except there is no funny or goofy interaction with criminals, just dangerous incidents.  

Season 1 (2006-7)

# Description
101 Police officers face automatic gunfire on a highway; and a cop comes under fire from alleged car thieves. Officers confront a bank robber, who shoots at them. 9/27/06
102 Police officers face a shooter on a highway; and an undercover narcotics detective takes fire from a suspected drug dealer. 9/20/06
103 A cop is shot by a fugitive; and a postal officer is endangered. Officers face a man with an automatic weapon; and a cop struggles with a suspected drug dealer. 9/13/06
104 Police officers face gunfire during a standoff; and a narcotics detective squares off against an alleged drug dealer. A fugitive shoots at state troopers; and an undercover officer is endangered. 9/27/06
105 Police officers are involved in a deadly gunfight; alleged robbers shoot at people on a public street; and a motorist causes problems for cops. 9/20/06
106 Police officers face an alleged meth addict; and a man shoots at a motorist. An undercover cop dodges bullets from an alleged drug dealer. 9/13/06
107 Columbus, OH 7/11/04 – Officer Holly Kanode is working her first day. Sgt. Terry McConnell is with her. An Indiana officer is shot at close range; a shooting suspect is pursued by a young Ohio officer in a high-speed vehicle chase; a naked man creates havoc in a suburban area. 3/29/07
108 Duchesne, UT 2/28/06 – Dep John Crowley stops an SUV. The driver is wanted by US Marshals and takes off. Utah officers are fired on by an assailant on an icy canyon road; an Ohio officer hangs on to the side of a runaway van; shots are fired inside a Las Vegas mall. Also: a standoff at an Iowa motor lodge. 3/29/07
109 Des Moines, IA 1/29/04 – Officer Ryan Anderson of Carlisle was 1 month out of the academy and waiting for a pursuit of an armed suspect. 4/5/07
110 Series, CA ?/9/05– A man calls 911 than he was shot by a man with a rifle, but he’s the shooter wanting to ambush the police. 4/5/07
111 Williamson Co. TX 8/27/02 – Chief Deputy Thomas Prado chases a man who tried to run down a cop. 4/12/07
112 Burlington, Co 1/1/02 – Officer Tom Ridnour goes to a call of a man who beat up his stepfather with a 1 year old kid there. 4/12/07

Season 2 (2007)

201 Shenandoah, TX 2/2/06 - Officer Mike Ruby goes to the call of a man shooting from a white Geo Prism. 10/25/07
202 Fort Bend, TX 6/2/06 - Deputy Mike Waller chases a couple in a white pickup that are shooting at cops. 10/25/07
203 Bossier City, LA 6/23/04 - Chief Michael Halphen goes after a suspect who shot a man and ran on a bicycle. 11/1/07
204 Marathon Co. WI 5/21/05 - a trucker wanted for sexual assault on a child takes all his money and runs. A man points a rifle at police officers; a hostage situation in a parking lot leads to a gun battle. A police chase through a neighborhood. 11/1/07
205 Tyler, TX 3/22/06 – Trooper Steven Stone pulls over a speeding pickup. The driver asks if he was doing something wrong. A little over the speed. He has him get out, there is a bottle of booze he takes. He has a fake ID. He searches the driver in a long coat and finds coke on him. He takes the jacket off to cuff him and the passenger gets out. He yells to get back in the car. Then the driver pulls a gun and starts shooting. A tractor-trailer rampage; a gun battle. Also: A traffic stop ends with two officers fighting for their lives; an officer is attacked by a motorist. 11/8/07
206 Bellaire, TX 10/15/04 – Cpl. Tony Hefferin chases an 18 wheeler after it crashes into a store. He goes to pull it over and it stops. It looks empty so Officer King gets in front of him. Hector Diaz really hid in the back and then rams the car out of the way. He gets on the freeway and slams through traffic. Suspected smugglers face off against troopers; an officer is fired on by a fleeing suspect; a police car is hijacked by an armed robber. 11/8/07
207 Clark Co. MS - Deputy Melton Davis is at a roadside safety check. He stops Christopher Porter who has a shotgun who says he was hunting and didn’t have his license on him. He empties the gun and puts it in the back. The man takes off and he shoots his back tire off. He chases him up to 80mph on 3 tires. He knows he could’ve reloaded his gun. Sheriff Todd Kemp joins, but is behind. The game warden is in a truck and gets ahead of the suspect to slow him down. The suspect goes around him on the dirt and gets ahead, then goes down dirt roads and into the yard of a house. He stops in the backyard, gets out and points the gun at him while smoking a cigarette. He fires it and walks off. Melton gets hit in the hand and the man’s car rolls off as he goes into a house. They surround it and he surrenders after 2 hours. He was a felon with a gun and got another 8 years. Officers face an armed man; and a traffic stop becomes dangerous. 11/15/07

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