Vacation Disasters

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Season 1

This half hour truTV series real features footage seen many times before on shows like Real TV or Shockwave, but does feature a few new things.

Season 1 (2008)

# Description
1 Valle de Bravo, Mexico - Joe Parr crashes his paragliders into trees and falls out of one 50 feet/Yellowstone Park, MT - Dennis Barr snowmobiles and gets caught in an avalanche/Mancora Beach, Peru - Marcelus drive his Jeep onto the beach and it's washed out to sea/Monkey Island, Thailand - Bekha Perlman is attacked by a group of monkeys/Portugal - Stewart Campbell is fishing and pulled overboard by a marlin/Nottingham, England - a man goes 4 wheeling in his Jeep and breaks the axle off and ruptures the gas tank/China Springs, NV - an SUV goes rock climbing and flips over/Stone Island, Mexico - Steve back flips on his head and knees his friend in the chin at the same time/Lisa Costello is bit by a whale and pulled 50 feet underwater before it lets her go. 10/08
2 Delray Beach, FL - Jim Heffernan films Andy & Greg catching a shark and getting bit removing the hook/Mokulea Beach, HI - Erik Eck kite surfs and goes up 250 feet and crashes down/Cordova, AK - Aaron McGovern falls 1000 feet while skiing and is uninjured/Palm Beach, FL - Jack Poling films a 30 foot wave knocking Hope down and carrying her blocks away/Sparta, NJ - Eric Dunn bungee jumps 90 feet into rocks and bounces up/Sol, Austria - Barbara Stone films a hangglider who crashes into powerlines and gets stuck there/Lake Washington, WA - a man in a kite raft flies up high and crashes while getting pulled by a boat/Lake Crowley, CA - the Jacobs family gets pulled on a tube and all are thrown off/Amsterdam, Netherlands - Merril Christensen gets spit on by a Llama/Plymouth, MN - Shaina Rasmussen jumps an inner tube in the snow and lands on her head breaking 5 vertebrae/Jacumba, CA - Miles Todd falls off his bike down a 150 foot cliff. 11/08

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