World's Wildest Vacation Videos

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Season 1

This half hour truTV series real features footage seen many times before on shows like Real TV or Shockwave, but does feature a few new things.

Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Anchorage, AK - a woman climbs 2 fences at the zoo to get a picture of a polar bear named Binky who bites her leg. Aspen, CO - David Crichton and friends ski across the railing of a metal bridge and he falls off the side. He bit his tongue and sprained his ankle. Portland, OR - Starson & Rob Hollman drive a truck in the rain and the soil creep comes after them pushing everything down the road including a truck and cars that smash into a house. Girl falls down the stairs. Taos, NM - Ralph Walking and friends basejump off the Rio Grande bridge. Richard Alex Walking jumps, his chute opens too late and he slams into the rocks. Ralph said he was dead, he loves him so much and he cries. Then he moves. Air rescue has to go in to get him. He broke his pelvis and hip. Whistler, British Columbia - Tim McGregor rides a snowmobile up a mountain and at the top he falls over and he and his mobile both crash back down the mountain out of control. Durham, NC - Peter films a Bengal Tiger named Romeo at a wildlife preserve and the tiger pees on his face and camera. A paraglider wipes out in the trees. A man with a motor on his glider goes into the ocean. Another glides crashes into a fence. Pontiac Lake, MI - Mark Gomez goes out to bass fish when a plane comes crashing down into the water. Pieces of the plane break off and water shoots up. They go over and people wade over to pull them out. Armando Duer was in the plane. The engine lost power at 600 feet because of a faulty fuel pump. A kid on a rope swing hits the ground. St. Cloud, FL - Terri & Clay Davidson race a powerboat called the Lady Hustler. She is driving for the first time, takes a turn too hard and they both go flying out of the boat and into the water. He said go left, straighten out and she wanted to go right. 12/10/08
102 Johannesburg, South Africa – Wayne Crawford is on safari when an 8 foot ostrich comes after them as they are driving and it keeps running faster while they are driving and hisses and tries to bite. He kicks the jeep hard as it runs. Wayne tries to grab and push him away. Telluride, CO - Dan Murphy hang glides with a smoke trail. He does a loop, breaks a wing ands goes into a death spiral. He opens his reserve chute and it collapses. He crashes into the trees and survives. South Biscaynne Bay, FL - Nicholas Godoy is fishing and catches a lemon shark. He pulls it up by the tail and it flips around and bites him on the knee, then the ankle. He then let go. He wondered how he would get it off, he pulled it and it scratched him. Norman, OK - John Harris and his friends are chasing a storm and baseball size hail blasts the car, breaking the windows. (listed as Reed Timmer on others) Tahoe, CA - Cody and friends make a snowboard ramp and does a jump and gives his friend a hi-five on the jump. He does it again and Cody’s board hits him it the head. Hoopa, CA - Steve Davis & Steve Hanlin get a jetboat and race it down a river, hit two rocks and go in the air, on the land and roll over. They won’t do it anymore. Sunrise Beach, TX - a boat pulls a skier on a board and he crashes into a net pole. Warren, PA - a man water skies barefoot and then loses it face first. Clearwater, FL - Bob & Jack are in a raft getting pulled by a boat, then jump out to ski barefoot and the raft takes Jack out. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica - Johnny Schweigart & Dana Anderson go in a monkey cages and play with them. Then one bites a girl on the leg, she screams and the other monkeys all attack. Woman smacks her face on waterslide. Fountain Valley, CA - John Dean films hot air balloons. One doesn’t get lift, goes through the crowd, hits a building, the pilot is dumped out of the basket, the basket rips and the student is trapped inside. It lands 10 miles away. 12/17/08
103 Guadalupe Island, Mexico - Paul Damgaard & Patrick Walsh go diving with great white sharks in a cage. They attract them with bait and a huge shark gets caught in the cage, thrashes around, breaks the cage and they sink. Querétaro, Mexico - Martha has her 15th birthday party and holds a plate of flaming drinks and a moth flies in it, she moves, drops the drinks and sets her dress on fire. She jumps around and panics until her dad pushes her down so they can put her out. A man is hit by a jumping fish. Las Vegas, NV - Malu Brayce goes to bungee jump for his birthday. When he bounces up the cord wraps around his neck, it got tight when he hit the bottom and couldn't get it off and he passed out. His friend Vernon lowers him and gives him mouth to mouth. Baja, Mexico - Antonio Pena races a truck on the dunes, gets stuck and it rolls down the hill flipping 6 times and gets crushed. Salmon River, ID - Hank Gosnell & Bob Bergeron race boat down a rocky river, they hit a rock, are launched in the air, go up onto large rocks and are pulled into a suction hole. The boat is pulled underwater and they are carried downstream. The boat was destroyed. A man on an ATV in the desert takes a jump and crashes into a wall. A guy does a jump on his ATV and is thrown over the front. An ATV with 2 girls takes a jump and the driver smashes her faces into the front of it. Virginia Beach, FL - Todd Barnes & his dog Gabby go fishing and a goose comes after the dog. It jumps on the boat and he throws it off. It comes back and he throws it off again and again. It keeps coming back for the dog. He throws it off again and guns the engine. Smithers, British Columbia - Steve Dalton films snowmobilers going up steep hills. One gets stuck and the mobile turns over and takes him with it rolling again an again. The bike slides down 600 feet. Two skiers collide. Albuquerque, NM - Arthur Minazzoli films a hot air balloon hitting a powerline. When the power surge comes back on the basket is blown off and falls 40 feet.12/24/08
104 Rantoul, IL - Orlando Amador & Norman Benitez go skydiving. Orlando hangs out the door, his chute opens and he’s caught on the tail of the plane. He cuts his chute and gets away. His chute was packed wrong and deployed early. He yanked the cutaway and pulled the reserve at 5000 feet. Chengdu, China - Bon Bon the panda grabs a jacket off a man sitting next to the bars of his cage at the zoo. Bozeman, MT - Nick Baldwin & Mike Nugent go skiing, it heats up and turns slushy. An old man tells them to hit the backside because the snow is better. Mike sets off an avalanche that buries the area. He broke his femur and ribs. Man thrown from a camel. Caribbean Sea - James Kozmik goes to dive with whales. He goes up to film a humpback and is smacked in the head with the tail. He didn’t know if he was bleeding or what and went to the surface. He laid down for 5 hours. Moab, UT - Tina & Sean Hasty ride down a steep rock outcropping and fall off the side. St. Barts Island, Caribbean - Jim Motzenbecker & Mike stand at the edge of a runway and duck as planes take off and land. Jim races a scooter back to the hotel, hits a bump and is thrown off and smashes his face on the ground. Mountain bikers falls over on a jump. A man in a forest bikes into a tree. Dennis hits his nuts into a tree while riding in the wood. Key West, FL - Jerry Davis goes parasailing and helps a 12 year old to get going and then let him go when he wasn’t ready and Jerry is taken up with him over 100 feet up. He won’t drop since he could fall and was calling for them to slow down. He falls 200 feet at 90mph and broke his tailbone. ATV does a jump in the snow and flips over on his head. Chiefland, FL - Hank Hogan races his speedboat on the river at 138mph, goes up in the air and flips over and over and he’s thrown across the water. He broke 4 ribs and a wrist. 12/24/08
105 Florida Keys - Neil Hutchinson kitesurfs and the wind is too light, so he has his friend pull him by a jetski. He gets up too high, the cord snaps and he falls 100 feet into the water. He knew there was too much power and it wasn’t going to be good. He landed on his feet which saved him. Monroe Co. FL - Lynne Getz feeds tarpon fish by hand, her brother in law films saying to go, they are like goldfish. The signs warn the fish will bite. She puts her hand down and the fish bites down on her arm, then lets her go. Hollister, CA - Paul Hepworth fixes his truck to go offroad up truck hill, the steepest in the park. He kicks up dirt, the axle snaps, he goes backwards and starts rolling over and over. He thought they would all be killed. Ontario, Canada - Rick King skydives for the first time, his chute doesn’t fully deploy and he starts spinning. His girlfriend films and is terrified. They radio to him to pull the handle to cut loose. They blow a siren and he finally cuts loose and pulls the reserve. He’s 6’6” and tumbled out, the cord went around his legs and his radio was turned down. He opened up at 700 feet and she couldn’t believe she taped it and wonders if he’s OK. He is. Moab, UT - Jerry & Brad climb to the top of a ridge and roll large flat rocks down the hill. Both of them lift a huge rock and it rolls right into their van. They wonder how they could be so stupid. Cape of Good Hope, South Africa - Justin Rittgers goes to a nature preserve and saw the signs about dangerous baboons and one goes on their car. Another couple leave their car, a huge male comes over and goes in their car by opening the door. One comes up from behind and rips her top off. She jumps in the car not knowing there is one inside. A man gets stuck on a skilift. A girl flies off a snowtube. A snowmobile jumps other bikes and crashes. Lake Michigan - the Coast Guard are going to a ship and a boat comes racing at them not looking, they blow a horn to warn them, but Brian Ortin wasn’t looking, listening to the radio, heard a crunch and didn’t know what was going on, it was like an explosion. The boat was destroyed. Windsurfer goes into ocean. British Columbia, Canada - Doug Pemperton dives on the sunshine coast where the large octopus lives. He goes down 100 feet and finds an octopus cave. The octopus grabs him and he keeps pulling tentacles off until he's free. 1/7/09
106 Valdez, AK - Anna Kanarowski does extreme skiing from the top of a mountian. She hits a rock and falls, then she is bounced and keeps falling for 1400 feet. Her ski was caught on a rock and they came off. She wasn’t badly injured. Black Creek, FL - Chris Sellers and family do jumps into a lake from a rope swing. On a jump he snags his foot in a loop and hangs there upside down on top of the water. He yells hurry, help me. His dad swim over and holds him until a boat going by can lift him up nad cut him down. Indianapolis, IN - Brian Martin takes his family to the zoo. At the lion cage his kids call them over. One lion comes over and pees on them. Perris Valley, CA - Scott Lutz skydives for the first time, pulls his chute and it rips off his back. He deploys the reserve, then hits a powerline near the ground. The instructor was pointing to him and he knew it was his last chance. He had electrical burns and won't do it again. Key Largo, FL - David Marcel SCUBA dives and holds, pets and kisses sharks on the head. He goes to kiss a nurse shark on the belly and it bites him on the mouth. His lip was torn off and he got 285 stitches. Park City, UT - Anthony Trabert got stuck on the skilift trying to get off and hangs 30 feet in the air. His helmet is caught, he tosses it off and falls. He had no major injuries. A man races his SUV on the beach and flips it. Dune buggy in the desert hits a jump at 60mph and flips. James drives his Jeep up rocky terrain and flips it. Wasaga Beach, ON - Matt S kiteboards, but jumps with a board and it carries onto the beach, sand and into trees. Anaheim, CA - Ryan & John go to an Angels baseball game and film outside. They turn in time to see a small plane trying to land in the parking lot. It bounces hard, then hits a brick wall. 1/7/09

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