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This half hour long My9 reality police show is really Spike's Real Vice Cops Uncut, but is edited differently. There were more shows made than the 6 Spike bought, so this one also features some new footage starting with episode 3. It airs in the same time slot Jail used to until it came back 3/09.

# Description
101 Sgt. X says heís going to be supervising, have you finger on the trigger, they are after a mid level dope dealer, if itís a rip know the code words. Commander Paul Zambourous says when you come to the narcotics side drugs and violence go and in hand - 1 ounce or 1 kilo they think the same. They all have that Scarface Tony Montana philosophy thinking they are the biggest and best. They pull up and they guy comes to his truck, doesnít want to get in, wants to weigh it, set the scale out and see the money. He has it and pulls the stuff out of a sock. He says he had to go longer to get it and itís $900, after this heís gone, phone died. They called him last night. No one heard from his last night. He says he lowered the price. Itís $875 and he counts the money out and they bust him. In his car one woman says she didnít do anything and her dad is going to kill her. Itís coke, they take the 2 girls to jail for weed, see later if they get the felony for coke. Itís 3 years, the blond poses for the picture, wants to look good, sister says she's dumb. The girl admits she had pot on her. They made multiple calls to bring it up. Itís his car, anything in it. There are checks, scale She doesnít know how they got there, only have 1 phone. What will your sister say? She guesses she should. The other girl says he was texting someone. So you know James? Det Bill Lutz says she almost got shot going for a cell phone, young people making stupid mistakes. They almost lost their life. Lt. Paul Whitsett is going to a bust of an escort service that advertises in the free paper. The UC doesnít know what heíll get when he goes in, 1 or 2 girls. He has a covert listening device. Heís in the south tower. The agent meets them in a hotel room in #1247. The girls show up and he gives the signal to bust them. They cuff a white girl, stand up hands behind your back. She has large breasts, wants her close, no one else is there, room is in her name, got the room Monday. Sheís from Brazil. Do you travel doing this? No. Sheís worked in Miami before doing this, hasnít been arrested for it before, has a wallet full of credit cars, doesnít work anywhere else. They donít believe it. She has two phones, one for the net. She isnít worried about disease, is clean. How do you know? Gets tested every 6 months. She makes them use protection, she has them in the drawer, there are condoms stuck in the Bible. Always do that? What if they donít want protection? She wonít do it. She has a log of her calls, dates, times and money. She says itís not money. Appointment book for Orlando, this is the money, you travel all over doing this. She travels a lot, she has trips to MN 5 days $17,000, NY, Boston 4 days $14,000, NY $10,000 Long Island, NJ, Philadelphia. Amazing getting $10,000 a week. She laughs, good isnít it? Great hotel, she made $9000 in the last day. Memphis, TN - Justice Center - Sgt. Chris Harris says they do street crimes, homicide, robbery, fugitives, search warrants, street level buys, buy/busts. They have drugs, guns, robbery anything to keep money coming in. Det Bill Masters briefs them about a male black called Pimp. 140 pounds, dreadlocks, they bought drugs from him on Monday at his house. He went in the living room had 5 adult women and 2 children with him. They got the call so he reads the list of who is doing what - shield, shotgun, maximum entry, K-9. Secure it, take them out, put them in the van. Who is covering the back? There are dogs and he has a pink El Dorado Cadillac, if itís not there keep going. Their main motivation is greed, they have to be lucky every time, cops only have to be lucky one time. They pull up and see the car so they jump out. Search warrant, see your hands. Heís cuffed, pants are falling down. They bust a large group of people and there are women crying. One guy ran out of his pants into the bathroom. They check the toilet. Sgt. Gary Rogers asks if he has any tats on him drugs or in the house. He says no. Any drugs? No. K-9 Resteio is brought in. He gets a hit in the closet. Det Brian Dill pulls out a pillowcase full of pot. There are X pills and powdered coke in a drawer about $500, 2 guns under the stained mattress, a scale and bags. Billy Masters checks his mouth and asks if he has anything else or in his crack. No. He wants to know where his money is and if he can send it to a friend of his. No, itís being seized. They check the kids toys. They didnít happen upon the house, we didnít come here by accident, we know whatís going on, donít play dumb. Det Jeff McCall takes his Cadillac, that's what happens when you deal drugs. They got 3 pounds of pot ready to sell, X pills, an 8 ball, semi automatic, handgun and a large amount of cash. They will process him and it. Gary Rogers says there are a lot of elderly people in the neighborhood scared and get strong armed by younger guys. They are happy to see cops, but donít want to be seen talking to them because they know retaliation will be coming their way. 1/6/09
102 Orlando, FL - Agent Z says working vice is a side of life you wouldnít normally see. Who suffers is the whole community. Director Bill Lutz says they have a buy/bust for illegal Lortab pills. Itís a problem in every town. They go to a parking lot to make the deal. The pills are similar to heroin, itís a pain killer. Always assume they are armed so they get their guns loaded. They meet in a Circuit City lot. The guy shows up and says he doesnít have them on him, heís got a whole bunch already heís got 12 scripts, gets them every month. When he gets in the truck they yank him out, cuff him and heís shocked. He says heís not a bad person. They know it, never know, it takes a while to understand. Then he starts crying. They find all the prescriptions in his car, will follow up on the doctor, and wonder why he has them, are they forged or legit, donít know. He has 90 pills for $410 and itís a 25 minimum mandatory sentence in FL. $410 is looking at 25 years, pretty dumb. Sgt. Larry Spahn says they found girls on an escort website and are going to call them up and charge with them with prostitution if they show up. Two girls show up, saying they were out in the hall. I told Travis he was cute and cops say they are cute, last time the girls didnít match the pictures online. They want guidelines. They sit on the guyís lap and he asks if they are over 18. They say yes. Anything off limits? No. Cops ask what are the craziest things theyíve done. They stepped on a guys penis with stilettos. He enjoyed it, heels higher than that. They arenít into it. The other choked a guy because he asked for it. She likes the one guy, heís mine and goes to take him in the back. He quickly has to make a deal and asks if $900 is going to cover it and his boy. She says yes. Thatís good. The fat girl says whatís going on, she doesnít understand whatís happening, just met her. What is she arrested for? Prostitution. Iím not. You need ID, if there is no way to ID you then you canít post bond. She doesnít understand, is scared, doesnít know what to do. Sheís being arrested for nothing. Sheís not a whore. She hasnít been arrested, has been, it was false pretenses. She has shoes that string up to her knee. She was busted in FL, doesnít feel like she should talk. Sheíll talk to jail people. No. No name then you do 30 days in jail period. Any questions? The little girl says she doesnít now whatís going on. Agent Paul W talks to her. Sheís 18 and has been arrested for prostitution twice already. There is no way to be an escort and not get arrested. Heís been doing it 13 years, thereís no legitimate escorts. When you walk in you donít know who you are dealing with or what their motives arenít Youíve been busted three times for it, it isnít working out, is it worth it? Now you are facing a felony for 3 in a year, thatís a year in prison. 1/6/09
103 Orlando, FL - Metro are doing a buy/bust for MDMA/ecstasy. Lt Carl Metzger says they are going out for a trafficking amount of X, once the transaction takes place they will take their target into custody. Heís the narcotics commander of metro, they target mid/upper level dealers in central Flroida, cocaine is still their #1 threat, got 58 kilos last year, heroin is still a problem, meth is beginning are getting labs and ecstasy is a real problem. Everybody set? First target has shown up. They make a buy from an SUV. He walks up. What does he have? The dealer says he has purple dolphins, white blue, green & purple. To some users the colors are a big deal, some are better than others. They brokered the deal and have to wait for the source to show up. A guy pulls up in a Ranger, the second bad guy with another guy. The middle man walks over to him and the driver comes out. Then they give the signal and they bust them all, throwing them down to cuff them. They get 100 MDMA pills with dolphin stamps, trafficking amount. They have a switchblade that is illegal, a whole display of them, more than enough to kill them, a hunting knife, shows the violent natures, bags of pot prepackaged, a scale, packs of ecstasy another 110 and a pile of cash. Heís a business man. Carl says they got a few off the street. Hopefully they can turn their life around, who knows? Get the poison off their street and canít deal it. Agent Moore goes to Orange Blossom Trail for a prostitution sting. They have all kinds of diseases like HIV. A UC pulls up and asks a woman if she needs a ride. Sheís fat and in short, tight clothes. She kinda needs a ride. What are you going to do? She says she doesnít go around here. He says heís looking for some, then back to work. What would you pay for that? $40. He gets on the phone and she gets real nervous. He asks about a condom, she asks what he wants. He doesnít want one. They are going to the 7-11, but some cops are stuck in traffic. They come up and she says I knew you were going to do that. Donít get out, why you do it right here? Youíre not under arrest yet. How many times are you arrested for this? Second time. Has no ID on her. She wants them to call her baby to tell him. The father is with the kid now. Any weapons, drugs, needles on you? Tamika has a warrant for it, violation of probation. I asked you. I didnít hear you. She was on parole for it for 6 months, now she has to go back to jail for 6 months plus this. She has no condoms on her. Sheíll get them if she needs it. Itís her third time, itís a felony. What if he wants full sex? Sgt. Larry Spahn says sheís trying to make a career of it, but not very successful. 1/13/09
104 Memphis, TN - Sgt. Chris Harris says itís been crack cocaine since the 80s. Sometimes every other house is a crack house. Det Dave Ballard say they are looking for YoYo, wears Mardi gras gold necklaces, they made a buy of pot from the guy, he wears a pot necklace and they are going back for more. He has several warrants for assault. In 06 he got into with a guy for hitting his sister, he beat a guy with a 2x4, shot him in both legs and itís still pending which he brags about. Letís find him. They did a warrant on him a year ago, but he ran, didnít have him IDíd back then, got a lot of dope. Now they know him. Heís dealing pot and pills - ecstasy & xanax. Letís step in it. They hit the house and pull a bunch of guys out. They bust the guy and he looks just they said. You got a lot of knives on you, got another one where? Got a lot of IDs on you, all kids of different pills. Anything illegal on you? No. Ofc Troy Simmons & K-9 Dodger search the house. They already bought from him and he denies it. It wasnít me. Weíve been watching for 2 weeks. The dog gets a big hit and they rip apart a wall. They find a gun under the mattress and another gun in the drawer that is loaded. Are your prints on the guns? The thug says he hopes his prints arenít on them. No drugs, but it will be a federal case. Det Marco Yzaguirre says at the station, did a strip search, he went to the bathroom and tried to flush a bag of crack evidence and they had to pull it out of the toilet with bare hands. Itís a federal case, going to be around 20 years. Shelby County sheriffís office - Det Derek Mills has a search warrant to get a drug supplier delivering meth. Heís known to go armed, they are extremely paranoid, will have lots of containment vehicles so he doesnít run. They want to make a traffic stop following their target when he meets with his supplier. 1/20/09
105 Memphis, TN - Det Jason Bartlett says there is going to be a delivery of packages with drugs. Once they deliver they will hit the place for selling drugs. Sgt. Chris Harris says take it like a warrant, assume kids are there, itís more of a problem, most drugs are sent through the mail, Fedex, shippers, 60% come through the mail. They get a few deliveries like this a week. They make them sign and show up. Cops set up and the family accepts the package and open it in the yard with 3 small kids right there. A man, woman and 2 small kids in the yard. They run over, yell to get on the ground and a man has to be tackled. They tell him to stop acting like this in front of the kids. Understand? Speak English? He says he doesnít speak English. One girl has no pants. They pull more adults out from inside. How many people told him to get down? He doesnít understand. Det Marco Ysguirre talks to him in Spanish. A shoe on the roof is a common indication of a drug house. They say he understands every word he says for someone who doesnít speak English. They are friends from TX, he came from Miami. There is a safe inside and he says nothing is in it. Where is the key? His wife has it. Det Tremmel asks who he is? The house is full of people and is a mess. A phone rings, she says she doesnít know about it, heís never dealt or gotten a delivery, he smokes with his friends. They tell the owner to tell them where the drugs are or the whole place will be trashed. It will take a while to clean it. The guy was arrested with 2 pounds before. Do you think itís fair to your momma and kids for us to trash it? They find a metal box full of drugs. They shipped the box from TX right before they left to come here. Itís near McAllen, right where they used to live. There are 3 illegals, some are warranted. They took the van they used to run the drugs across the border. A woman says a month ago they got another package. There are Florida plates in the back of the van. They mail the drugs here, drive, pick them up and drive the rest of the way. The 17 year old had a pound and a case for 2 pounds, will search him. They weigh the package and itís 26 pounds of pot. 1/27/09

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