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This Court TV show started in April 2006 is like World's Most Amazing Videos, one that not only  shows the tapes, but interviews the people who were there. This new original series from John Langley, the creator and producer of COPS, illustrates how the camera has become law enforcement’s most powerful tool in the fight against crime. Each episode reveals how difficult it is for criminals to make a clean getaway in a world where someone is always watching. The first 2 are similar specials with the same name made years earlier by different people.


Same never, but different show.

Video Justice: Crime Caught on Tape! - Films of crimes in progress help convict the perpetrators; DWI incident; convenience-store robbery; car theft; insurance scam involves murder; vandalism; mugging; drive-by shooting. 5/12/97
Video Justice: Crime Caught on Tape! 2 - Lots of misc footage - Patty Hearst robbery, terrorists dealing with cops dressed as Arabs. Orlando, FL - an armed robber enters a convenience store and knocks the clerk out off camera. People come in and the crook pretends he's the clerk and takes their money. When they all leave he takes the money and runs. Corpus Christi, TX 4/11/94- a robber waves a stun gun and tries to hide his face. A second man grabs the register and slams it on the ground again and again. They get $67 and armed robbery. Kansas City - robbers try to pull an ATM machine out of a store by crashing their truck through the door and pulls it with cables. It doesn't work. South Gate, CA - Robbers hit a convenience store, tie up a customer, rob the register and want the security video. He threatens the clerk in the back and he gives them the tape, they are caught hours later with the tape on them. Cops learn they are the same ones who hit another store. Their leader is Oscar of the Tidy Boys. The camera doesn't lie - misc. footage. A cop says the video is their backup in court. DUIs misc. footage - a man falling off his motorcycle. 11/12/96 - a man asks how does he want the ABCs - backwards, forwards or singing? He says A B C, that's it. He then fails the finger to nose test. 11/9/06 - another man can't do the heel to toe in a straight line. He can barely stand, then falls. Cops say people come to court and say they took no test and show them the video. 2/2/97 - a woman won't take the breath test and he tells her she is under arrest. She says no I'm not and you'll have to follow me home. He says no he won't. He goes to cuff her and she says no and fights and struggles, says please do not do this. Excuses - 2/13/97 - Cop says he smells alcohol, the man says his laundry is dirty. VA 2/20/95 - 120mph police chase. State police wipe out up on the median and rain debris, he gets up to 130mph, gets off the road, tries to get, runs and the cop rams him pinning him right inside the door. He's charged with running, possession, cocaine, gun and evading. He claims they used excessive force. Sekora, NM 5/22/97 - Officer Michael Applegate pulls over a car for speeding and the driver comes out with a gun and pulls it on him. He says he doesn't want anything, he didn't call it in. He tells him to turn his radio off if he wants. He'll turn it off and give it to him if he wants. He asks why did he pull him over, you don't know me. He says he was speeding. After he says it was his lowest point. He went for his gun, he failed and the guy put the gun to his head. He thought he was dead. He tells him he has a family and not to kill him. Backup arrives, but he refuses to give up. Mike tells him to take his finger off the trigger. The guy wants to take Mike hostage and tells him to get in and he gets in the backseat with him. Cops radio a roadblock ahead. Mike says they went 12 miles and the roadblock was the best thing he'd ever seen in his life. He was charged with kidnapping, auto theft, armed robbery and escape. Drug buy footage. Officer Rick White did a buy on a dead end road. He pulled down and there were 20 guys hanging out where the dealers were. They said you are Jay's Boys, meaning he's a cop. One guy picks up a large rock, smiles and throws it through the window and hits him right in the head. He woke up in the hospital. His partner said he drove out, came to the police and passed out. He knew who the guy and he was sentenced to 15 years and had to pay him $1.2 million. 8/18/94 - dealers are planning on robbing their customers. They jump in the car with guns, not knowing cops are watching. They take the money and they say don't hurt me, go. They run and are caught. They got 17 years for trafficking. La Crosse, WI 2/20/97 - man comes to a cop who is undercover thinking he is a hitman. He wants his wife killed, but not this week, it's his son's birthday, it wouldn't be right. If she's with her boyfriend, take out the boyfriend too. He says he can snap her neck and throw him down the stairs. He says that'll work and laughs. He gets 35 years in prison. Fairfax, VA 3/17/97 - a helicopter with an infrared camera shows a man in a field with a gun to his head. Cops rush in and take him down. Private citizens arm themselves with cameras. Phoenix, AZ 5/6/94 - Walter & Coleen Angsley record drug dealers. Then they record a shooting at a gas station. It was a gang putting a hit out on a rival gang. They were frustrated cops couldn't do anything. After he says if they looked their way and saw them they were dead. They catch dealers and whores that lead to 100 arrests. Stewart, FL - a woman sets up a camera outside of her house and catches a man jerking off outside of her house while watching through her window. New Smyrna, FL 5/1/96 - Lisa Davis sets up a camera to catch a flasher. Whenever she goes out to get the trash or whatever he stands in his door with his robe open and police are able to arrest him. Nanny Cams. Houston, TX - a couple hires a live in nanny for their son Payton. He had behavior problems, pulled out his eyelashes and couldn't speak right. So they set up a camera to record her. She starts screaming at the kid, hits him, tells him to get up and smacks his butt. Amy nearly passed out when she saw her child on tape. Dad thought he was a bad father. She was sentenced to 2 years in jail after the tape was shown. Criminal Confessions. A kid says Steve Lopez was having sex with a girl while they held her down. He hit her on the face with a brick when she started to scream. It made her stop. 1984 - Bernie Geotz says he wanted to hurt the guys, he turned into a vicious animal. Riverside, CA - Aaron Yost makes a tape to taunt the guy who taught him how to make speed. He makes enough for $22,000 worth. The tape gets him his third strike and he gets 35 years. Redwood City, CA 1987 - a series of arson fires yield no leads. Two years later a worker finds a video tape of the arsonist recording the fires and narrates it for his friend. He says to look at it, look at what he did. They play the tape on TV and people ID their homes. It's like sex to them. Police track down the teens who set the fires and find more tapes at their houses with newspapers of all the fires. They also tape themselves in Halloween masks in their rooms. There is a Metallica poster and Ozzy pictures on the wall. At the station he didn't talk much, broke down and cried, he was a troubled kid. He received psychiatric treatment. Narrated by Ted Haimes. 10/30/97

Season 1 (2006)

101 A helicopter follows as Officer William Glass chases a blue pickup truck driven by Pete Talvivi. 4/26/06
102 San Diego, CA 10/5/95 - Shawn Nelson, a trained tank driver, had emotional problems and drove through the unlocked armory gate, steals a tank and heads down the street. 4/26/06
103 Orem, UT - Cy & Angi Hirsche own Ca$h Valley, check cashing store. They put in a camera and thought people wouldn't do anything in front of it. 5/3/06
104 South Western Montana - on Hwy 93 seven people are shot outside the Silver Dollar in. 5/3/06
105 Granby, CO 6/4/04 - Det Leo Piechocki follows a man on a rampage driving an armor plated bulldozer. 5/10/06
106 Fresno, CA - Tony Kirkpatrick was a cameraman for NBC TV Channel 47. On the way home a police chase passes him and decides to follow them and record it. 5/17/06
107 More than 50,000 cops are assaulted each year and 60 of them are killed. Ranger Andy Lopez has seen videos of other cops attacked and it helped him. 5/24/06
108 Stafford Co. VA 7/11/98 – cops pursue a man who has a warrant for pulling a gun on a security guard. 6/2/06
109 Washington DC – 2801 15th Street 7/23/05. 6/9/06
110 Tyler, TX 2/24/05 – Smith County Courthouse murder hearing. 6/16/06
111 Los Angeles, CA – high speed pursuit. A blue car swerves around a spike strip, keeps going, swerves around trucks. 6/23/06
112 A cop pulls over a car and talks to the driver from the passenger side when someone crashes into his car and the stopped car. 6/30/06
113 Daytona Beach, FL 5/13/98- Greg Harper walks into a convenience store and grabs item and after item and walks them to the counter. 7/7/06

Season 2 (2007)

They had some trouble this season airing episodes with the same footage that turned into one messed up episode aired by mistake never to be seen again that I numbered 205A.

201 London, England 9/23/99 – At Delan Jewelers two men use an axe to smash the outside window and grab some stuff and run.  1/19/07
202 At the Robert Blake trial lawyer Gerald Curry is outside nearby when William Strier walks up to him and starts shooting. 1/19/07
203 FL - Samuel Watts (28) assaults a woman serving a subpoena . She calls the police and Sgt. Gordon Teachworth arrives. 1/26/07
204 Schertz, TX 3/3/05 – on Rt35 Officer Richard Kunz pulls over a car, the driver pulls out a gun and he runs for it. 1/26/07
205 Richardson, TX 11/4/04 - Three men rob a bank and run in a stolen red SUV. When cops get close they get sprayed with AK-47 fire. 2/2/07
205A Delan Jewelers/Man tips port o john, guys smashes mailboxes with a bat/Dover, NH – Ronald Marshal & Antoine Whitney (18) tape themselves throwing huge rocks at cars going by. 2/2/07
206 Spartanburg, SC 7/19/04 – Sara Patell Works in a convenience store when Jimmy Johnson runs from the police, enters the store and holds her hostage. 2/9/07
207 Tallahassee, TN 7/1/03 – Officer Chuck Perry tries to pull over father and son bank robbers. #207. 2/9/07
208 Douglas Co, GA 2/15/06 – Michael Richardson is in a stolen blue pickup truck runs from the cops. Dep Jamie Fowler was there. 2/16/07
209 Temple, TX 8/27/02 – Russell Farrell tried to run down a cop who pulled him over. 2/23/07
210 Kent Co. MI 7/13/06 – a black SUV runs from the cops after a traffic stop. 3/2/07
211 Mobile, AL - Officer John Angle pursues a stolen blue car with Jason Hall & a teen. 3/9/07
212 Shreveport, LA 5/17/06 – Officer Josh Feliciano goes to a shots fired call. 3/16/07
213 Palm Bay, FL – a convict runs from the police in a truck on three tires. 3/23/07

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