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Season 1
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This series was made by The Learning Channel, ran for 2 seasons and was basically forgotten. It might've capitalized on the success of the Fox Reality specials of the time and shows like Real TV. They show real footage of an accident or disaster going as far back as the 80s and interview those involved, just like World's Most Amazing Videos would do later. What sets it apart is like the title says, at the end of most segments they explained what happen to cause the problem. This is so much better than just seeing the footage because it puts it all together when you know why it happened, though it's usually frustrating because it was someone who screwed up. So even if you've seen the footage on other shows, this is a fresh perspective. The only problem is the don't put the names of the towns or those involved on the screen so it's impossible to get the spelling right on all of them.

Season 1 (1997-98)

Episode Description
101 Seoul, South Korea 1995/Nevada Desert 5/4/88/ University of Wisconsin 10/30/93. #101. 1997
102 West Coast, Australia 8/4/91/Honolulu, HI/Yuma, AZ 2/6/94. #102. 1997
103 Stapleton airport Denver, CO/Mount Hood, OR 5/86/Seongsu Bridge, Han River, Seoul South Korea #103. 1997
104 Everson, WA 2/8/97/Australia/Los Angeles, CA 3/9/94. #104. 1997
105 Three Rivers, TX/Hillsboro Stadium, Sheffield England 4/15/89/New Orleans, LA 12/14/96. #105. 1997
106 Seaworld Marine Park Cleveland, OH 8/17/96/Oakland, CA/Baltic Sea 9/28/94. #106. 1997
107 New Delhi, India 6/29/87/Mavericks Reef, CA 1994/San Joaquin Valley, CA 11/29/91 #107. 1997
108 Oahu, HI/Fukuoka Airport, Japan 6/13/96/Mobile, AL 9/22/93. #108. 1997
109 Paris Airshow, France 1989/Shetland Islands, north of Scotland/Thailand. #109. 1997
110 Rammstein, Germany 8/28/88/Los Angeles River, CA/Edison, NJ 3/23/94. #110. 1997
111 Canberra, Australia/Port of Miami 10/5/93/El Toro, CA. #111. 1997
112 Spokane, WA 6/24/94/Midland, TX/ Rio Teceiro, Argentina. #112. 1997
113 Mohave Desert, CA 12/24/94/Australia - Adela Cup Steeplechase/Toronto, Canada #113. 1997
114 Sioux City, IO/Mexico City/Las Vegas, NV 11/21/80. #114. 1997
115 Wales/St. Louis 5/25/Helotes, TX. #115. 1997
116 150 Miles off the coast of Japan 7/11/94/Barcelona, Spain/Arequipa, Peru #116. 1997
117 Auckland, New Zealand Cruiserís Offshore 100/Albuquerque, NM - Intl Balloon Fiesta/San Bernardino, CA - A 69 car freight train crash.1997
118 Los Angeles, CA - First Interstate fire/Space Station Mir docking crash/Guadalajara, Mexico sewer explosion. 1997

Season 2 (1998-99)

Episode Description
201 North Sea near Scotland - the Piper Alpha oil platform fire/Wapsipinicon River, Quasqueton, IA 6/13/93 boat capsizes/Oahu, HI helicopter crash. 1998
202 Las Vegas, NV - Jeep upside-down in a canal/Jacksonville, FL - Stewart Tank Farm fire/Delaware - Lou Damino (8) gets trapped in a pipe. 1998
203 Honolulu, HI - at an oil refinery 3 tanks catch fire/Mesa, AZ - John (11) is autistic and climbs a 120/Indianapolis, IN - DJ Bill Shirk is buried in a plexiglass coffin. 1998
204 Auckland, New Zealand - a tanker truck crashes into her car and explodes/Rogue River, OR 1/26/97 - a raft is flipped over/Northern California, Walnut Creek Western Trail Ride Adventures - horse falls down an embankment and is stuck. 1998
205 Nashville, TN airport - a US Navy F-14 crashes into a house and explodes/Butte, MT - Terry Rosland blows himself up/Benicia, CA - a dog is caught in a pipe at the GM plant. 1998
206 Daytona Beach, FL - Paramedic Mike Staley is run over/Chilecito, Argentina - a bucket ride collapses/Northern California - Marcus Fuhrman, 2 Ĺ is gets caught in a 7 inch filter hole in the family pool. 1998
207 Skydive City, Zephyr Hills, FL - canopy stackers collide/Off New Zealand - The Tormentor sinks/Boston, MA - a bomb blows up on a bomb squad member. 1998
208 Fort Lauderdale, FL - 4/6/97 - a boat sinks on the Shanahan river/New York City - 12 floors above times square a fire erupts/Jose Martinez records his plane crashing in Guatemala city. 1998
209 Schenectady, NY - Canadian Sea King helicopter crashes at an airshow/Philadelphia, PA - an apartment fire collapses on firemen/West Palm Beach, FL - DFC Estate Jewelers robbery. 1998
210 Vendee Globe yacht challenge - 2 boats are lost in the Antarctic Ocean/Dames Point Bridge, St Johns River Jacksonville FL - crane collapse/St Augustine, FL - Scott Gordon's plane has a wheel stuck up on landing. 1998
211 Jacksonville, FL - The roof of a clothing store collapses at Cedar Hills shopping center. Capt John Wood and his FD crew goes to assist. They hear Gwenyth Peterson (42) her and son are stuck inside. They start at the roof and work their way down to pull her out. Sheís at the bottom, her legs are pinned under a concrete pillar. Her 4 year old son Garrett is under her. She could feel the blood and could only touch his face with her thumb. She couldnít get to him and they canít get to him without getting her out first. They use an airbag to get her out by lifting the rubble. It took a few minutes to get to him and see he was face down on the floor. He is breathing, but unresponsive. They have to cut beams and metal from around him or it could collapse again. John cuts his head and they remove a bar over his neck. After 25 minutes they pull him out alive. It was part of a strip mall. The unit next door was being torn down and they had common walls that were constructed improperly. Rain on the roof caused the common walls that were left to fall onto the roof and pull it down. They all feel itís a miracle they survived. Seattle, WA - Mike Warren is a crane operator who flies his Cessna 150 to work. He goes to land at Boeing airfield and feels the plane rolling. He tries to get full power and lift and catches on a powerline across the runway. 26,000 volts pass through the wing and he has to cut the power. He's stuck there upside down. He turns the power back on and calls the tower for help. Chief Danny Slidell of the fire dept arrives. They have to dump the fuel and spray foam on it. A ladder is brought in and they strap the plane with rubber straps to keep it held up to stabilize it. He has to handstand for 4 hours before they are able to get the door open. He is pulled down the wing into a cherry picker. What happened was a plane had taken off a minute before with 2 props. He came down into its wake and bounced all over. He misjudged the altitude and caught one wheel on the line. He still flies today. Mount Gambier, Australia Ė the Blue Lake Classic consists of hot rod racing on a dirt track. Linden Connor saved up for a car and is an amateur in his first race. An accident causes a yellow flag as Sandra Olsen his girlfriend is taking pictures. His car is hit and he crashes into the wall. Then his car bursts into flames with him inside. They try to put it out and he sticks his arm out the window. They keep hitting it with the extinguisher, bit the fuel line is broken so the flames feed on the spilled fuel. They try to pull him, then a truck pushes the car from behind, but the truck catches fire. Driver Ted Alabackus reaches in to help pull him out, but he has to get the seatbelt off him first. Bill Barrows jumps on the car to try to pull him out, but he canít. The truck pulls away and is he yanked out with third degree burns. All his fingers must be amputated. After a year he recovers. What happened was he tried to get out, so he took his gloves off to undo the seatbelt and was screwed. The fuel line is now built on top of the tank so it canít spill on the track. They use methanol for gas that isnít as flammable. A new seatbelt has a quick release button so it can be removed with even gloves. 1998
212 Tel Aviv, Israel/Peterborough, England/Sacramento, CA #212. 1998
213 Melbourne, Australia/Rio De Janiero, Brazil/Asheville, NC 1998
214 Baltimore, MD/Miami, FL/Honolulu, HI 1998
215 San Juan, Puerto Rico/San Diego, CA/Phoenix, AZ 1998
216 San Juan, Puerto Rico 12/31/86/Houston, TX/Florence, AL 1998
217 Hilo, HI/Stubenville, OH/Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1998
218 North Hollywood, CA/Lima, Peru/ Laguna Miguel, CA 1998
219 Kensington, MD/San Diego, CA/Santiago, Chile 1998
220 Fairford, England/Istanbul, Turkey/Union Beach, NJ 1999
221 Brussels, Belgium/Orangeville, UT/Lancaster, PA 1999
222 East London, South Africa/Lo Espejo, Santiago Chile/Valdez, Alaska 1999
223 Heathrow, England/Portland, ME/Honduras 10/98 1999
224 Mediterranean Sea, Achille Lauro 11/30/94/Los Angeles, CA 8/31/86/Savannah, GA 1999
225 Nashville, TN 4/16/98/Newport, OR 9/26/98/Cairo, Egypt 1999
226 Buenos Aires, Argentina/Hobart, Australia 12/26/98/Tegucigalpa, Honduras 10/30/98 1999

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