When Cameras Attack - The World's Nastiest Pranks and Cons

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This is an early reality/hidden camera show from 1999.

# Description

Fill 'er Up - a woman with an experimental car that only runs on urine runs out of gas and tries to get men to help her by peeing in the tank. They all do it. Beware of Doug - Nursing Home - Doug Stanhope wants to live in a nursing home right now because he's sick of his wife's nagging and wants peace and quiet. None of the women will do it. King Size Bed - a hooker goes into a mattress store and arranges with Mark & Vince to get a mattress for 5 minutes to have sex with a client. They both go for and one wants time with her after. They are caught by customers and police come in. Pranks that went Horribly Wrong - One man Peter wouldn't go for it. 1999

2 Nana Needs a Ride - a man calls for a ride to an airport and his grandmother just died. He wrapped her up and needs him to drop the body at the mortuary. He gets them all to tie the boddy to the roof of the car because he is getting a promotion and cries. Paging Dr. Feelgood - a man leaves a hospital and is still in the gown and connected to an IV. He wants to get served a beer and have one poured into the IV. Some bars are so mad they won't serve him. Some do it. The Parent Trap with Fred & Irene - A man sets up his parents that Heather is his girlfriend. He goes to the bathroom and she says she is getting married, had several abortions and hates kids. Then a friend of Angela comes in who she makes out with and says not to tell. Ron comes back an Angela does too and the girls go outside an the parents try to convince him how bad she is. Pranks that went Horribly Wrong - Katherine says she is a fake and won't get her blessing at a wedding. Gerald & Geraldine left when they were making out and wouldn't go back.
3 Liver Let Die - Linda, Craig and other people are hired to transport a liver in a cooler. They are shown who is getting the liver. As soon as they move it the case opens and it falls on the floor. They are told to keep it in a fake sterile container. Some are told to fix it before they come back and notice. The area told it will die in 2 minutes, they need to wash it and they all do except they aren't in the sterile area and are touching it without gloves. Then it turns out they need the heart instead and Dylan the actor wants to give it up since he didn't screw it up. Doggie Sex Change - Doug Stanhope wants to perform a sex change on a dog, he wants it to go from female to male. He killed his brother's dog when he ran him over. He's in prison and getting out soon and will kill him if he finds out. None of the women seem interested and some ask the doctor. He killed his mom for beating the dog. He has cutters and a lady takes them away an wants his name. Two catch him and one won't believe him. Beware of Doug - Drunken Paramedic - Hector, Donald, Debbie, Chirl hear the radio for Rescue 12, but the ambulance driver is passed out. They are asked by a drunk paramedic to cover for him when a call comes in. He's too drunk to make the call. He asks the people to cover for him by saying a cat is up a tree. He just pulled a dead body from a lake and freaked out. One man tells them he's drunk. They need a tracheotomy and he doesn't know how and gets a book to read directions on the radio. Gone Horribly Wrong - Yuki & Wachacoa left. Lamar wanted nothing to do with it. They said a chicken represented a chicken and breathed into it before he left.
4 Surrogate Slut - Leslie hits on James and she's pregnant. Since it's not her kid she drinks Tequila, smokes a cigarette and asks if he ever had sex with a pregnant woman. A couple gets disgusted and leaves. The couple who she's having the kid for shows up and she tells him to play Mario the Lamaze coach. He goes with it for a while until the couple see the cigarettes in her purse and the booze brought for her. Beware of Doug - Costa Rica or Bust - he walks into a travel agent in handcuffs and wants to get out of the country quick. He has a credit from a guy. He says the cuffs are jewelry, he works with them and he can get them off. It's what the kids wear today. He says she can buy a ticket if she wants. She thinks the card is stolen. He says he borrowed it. She knows him, he recommended her, she doesn't fall for it. Electro Shock Therapy - Ralph, Blake & Gui are set up. They hook up a research volunteer to Doug for them to ask questions and they get shocked if they are right or wrong, but it's not really delivering electricity. They are all sadistic and don't help him. Then they tie the guy down and put something in his mouth. Then when it comes time to switch places Ralph wants out. Pranks that went Horribly Wrong - Tracey doesn't want to shock him even when he begs.
5 The Babe Fart - a woman is rigged to fart in a room full of people applying for the job of resort researcher. They fill out forms while she farts during 6 different groups. She blames others for it or walks out and they make comments about her and laugh. A fat old woman says she's so relaxed it used to happen to her when she was her age. She does pull my finger even. Beware of Doug - Kitty Litter - He wraps a dead cat in foil and wants to mail it to his girlfriend. He wants to put stamps on it. They measure a box for it most places. One wants to throw it away. He says she wants custody and he's teaching her. One woman gets him a cat card. He says he put it in the microwave. They've had people sent things to girlfriends like this before. Clown Funeral - Boffo the clown, Klutzo the Clown & Illusions by Allen are hired to perform at Tom's memorial service, he was a clown who died and this was his wish. Everyone cries and they bomb. Taffy the widow and Tom made a hat. Allen thinks it's a good idea and does rope tricks and people leave. They want them to juggle and they can't. Then they do a chair trick and knock over Tom's urinal. He had them pie the widow and people get mad. They sing row row row your boat with his ashes. Pranks that went Horribly Wrong - Jerry the ventriloquist catches them with the hidden earpiece he saw on the main guy.
6 Pull Up My Pants - a fat man comes out of a public bathroom with his pants off. He says he can't bend down to do it and needs help. He had a red line drawn across his stomach and they go up to the line. He lays down and they say to do it hard. Then they need to button them because they are tight and they can't. Beware of Doug - Bad Psychic - he says his accident gave him second sight so he doesn't charge. He tells everyone they are liars. One guy's girl is sleeping with many men. A woman is told she is a pig, she says she is a neat freak. A girl is told people think she is a tart. They are told about a rash they will get and not to mess with it. A woman is told she is going to get so fat she can't leave the house. One guy is told to sleep his way to the top. He wants a nice girl, he says he'll only get bar sluts he hates. Bums R Us - Daniel, Aaron, Mathew - they need to be on the streets with a permit to beg. B.E.G. Industries - they'll teach you how to beg. They control all the permits. They can make a lot. A guy comes in, he got $550 in 4 hours. They need a panhandler costume and bring in a rack of clothes. If you play music bad it can help. He teaches him to be handicap, bent over in pain, use a dog. One crutch makes it look bad. Ask them for change. Matt has a cop come up to arrest him. Pranks that went Horribly Wrong - Peter says he's used to making more and he says the whole this is BS over and over. 1999

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