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Season 1

This is a half hour Biography Channel series that features interviews with the people behind some of the most famous chases in the US caught on video. Across the country, real-life high-speed police chases rivet viewers to the TV screen. We've heard the eyewitness accounts, seen the police point of view, but no one has ever been able to go inside the mind of the driver...until now. For the first time on television, we will hear from the actual people who have led the police on some of the most dangerous high-speed pursuits ever. Up-close and personal, viewers will be along for the entire ride with gritty, unfiltered stories...all of them true. It follows in the footsteps of Why They Run, but that one doesn't feature the criminals watching the recording.

Season 1 (2008)

# Description
101 Angie Peralta - San Diego, CA - she was thinking about her 2 boys, was using meth, got high every day. All she did was get money to buy the drugs all the time. Her kids went to church, she went out to get drugs. Her friend Jen stole mail, got shoes from a car, went back to return them for cash. They were reported stolen, cops were called, she ran out, told her to run, she backed into another car and they took off. She ran because she got caught up, heard the helicopter and knew it was live on the news. She thought what am I doing here, she was high, got up to 120-140mph. All she heard was sirens, kept thinking what am I doing. She watches the video for the first time.
Paul Scovronski (19) Adena OH 9/22/07 - he used to do vandalism, drank a lot, got out of control. He got caught DWI twice at 18. After work he went to a friendís house and drank, went to 2 more parties and the cops got behind him. Ofc Art Fowler Jr. spotted him. He didnít want to go to prison, was convinced he could get away. It was the worst decision of his life. He watches the video for the first time. 9/1/08
102 Ron Burris (40) Charleston, SC 8/23/99 - it was a long day. A friendís mom introduced him to coke at 15 and was addicted at that point. He lived and breathed that drug for 15 years, he would steal anything to supply the habit, got into lots of trouble. He got married, she knew he had a problem, but she stayed with him. He thought something bad would happen, up 3-4 nights straight on crack. His wife Kim called the police that he stole everything they had. He went to steal a fast car so he could run. He went to a dealership, got a Crown Victoria since that was just as fast as a police car. He went on a test drive, needed gas, when the guy went to pay, he took off. Cops got behind him and he floored it, wasnít afraid of crashing, drove as fast as he could. He hit all the ramps, had nothing to lose, was going to prison. He watches the video for the first time.
Hector Barraza (37) Bellaire TX 10/15/04 - he really thought he could get away. He began driving 18 wheelers, itís very hard to do, started using drugs to go long distances. He used coke to stay awake and got addicted. Itís not good for a family, gone for 3 weeks at a time, donít see the kids. He didnít want to get off the road. He got divorced, then it went bad. He was drinking, using drugs, hadnít slept in a day and a half. He was in his truck, got lost, was reading the map at a rest stop. A guy asked what he was doing, he was looking for something. The guy called him a Mexican and he got mad. He rammed his truck, then the cops were on him and he ran. Cpl Anthony Hefferin says after he hit the police car it took it to the next level. Hector didnít see him. He watches the video for the first time. 9/8/08
103 Betty Folston - Cincinnati, OH 1/23/00 - She was with Eddie 16 years and had 2 kids. Her mom thought something was wrong, she was paranoid. Her boyfriend Eddie Davis says she would laugh all the time, couldnít sleep and would go out walking a lot. She was diagnosed schizophrenic. It was hard on the family. She was driving to Atlanta to see her cousin. She was in KY, alone and lonely for a day and a half. She didnít take her medicine, got paranoid, lost and scared. She decided to go home, got lost, asked for help, wasnít thinking. She started following them and they called the police. She thought they could get her home. Cops pulled her over and when the cops came over she got scared they were going to kill her and she said go. She watches the footage for the first time.
Josh Lillich (22) - Alta Vista, KS 10/23/04 - itís a small hicktown, 500 people - cowboys and farmers, nothing to do. He got with the wrong crowd hanging with people twice his age. His mom though he was on drugs. He started on pot and went to meth. He got hooked on the second time he did meth. He spent so much on it he learned how to make it. He went to a farm to steal fertilizer, he did that before. He watches the footage for the first time 9/8/08
104 Scott Taff (29) Oklahoma City, OK - it was a 45 minute rush hour chase. He had guns and drugs, had to go, thought he could get away with the right moves, but not get in trouble for it. He wanted to be rich when he grew up, he did that by selling drugs. He didnít care about anyone, nothing mattered to him, didnít care who he hurt with no regard to the law. He went to run some errands, sold some dope, ran a stop sign. A cop pulled him over and he didnít have any paperwork. He was overwhelmed, ran, had nothing to lose, saw a window and he took it. He watches the video for the first time.
Trey Trevnio - Bethany, OK - he was 38 when he ran, he had a 3 year old and wanted to make the relationship work and was upset when it didnít. He got around the wrong people, went with a guy and got high in a stolen car and cops saw him. He pulled out and they came around and told him to get out. The girl wanted out and he let her go. He thought he wouldnít see his kid for a long time and he gunned it. When it began he was really scared, didnít know what was ahead of him, confused, trying to get away. He didnít want lose his daughter, so he ran. He watches the video for the first time. 9/15/08
105 Robert Misuraca - his mom says he changed in his teens, got violent, aggressive, slammed things, had some chemical imbalance and became bipolar. Rob says he stayed high, his parents didnít know how to deal with it. He thought something bad would happen. A drug deal went bad, a guy owed him money, so he took his truck, cops came on him. He was paranoid, had drugs on him. He wanted to get away, didnít want to hurt people, ran from his problems. It was hopeless, wanted to kill himself. He had 60 methadon pills, coke, heroin. He just started eating them, wanted to die his way. He watches the tape for the first time. 
Montrell Mpagi (28) Cincinnati, OH 4/25/02 - He started getting into trouble in college and got kicked out. A friend asked to bring him a stolen car for cash. He didnít think it would be too hard. He started getting paranoid, saw a cop and got jumpy. He took off, it was such a rush. He ran because he thought he was invincible, like a race car driver. He kept looking back, like he was in his own movie, it was scary. He watches the tape for the first time. 9/22/08
106 Amber Spence (24) Brevard Co. FL 7/28/07 - she has a 3 year old kid, her man left, went to live with her grandmother, got on coke and was told to clean up or leave. She left and the drugs caught up to her. She was at a hotel party with 12 guys, got drunk, high and met Joe. He stole a truck, had no money, went to a store, stole beer and cigarettes. This is the first time she watches the tape.
Herman Stukes (34) Butts Co. GA 10/12/06 - he is from FL, dad was in the military and moved around. At 14 he started selling drugs, met a girl, had a kid and wanted her to be happy. For his birthday he was running drugs from FL to GA. Cops were following them a mile, lit him up, then he panicked. He didnít know what the law was like in this state. He was afraid. It was like a cat and mouse game. This is the first time he watches the tape. 9/22/08
107 Adam Carpenter (21) - Warren Co. OH - his mom went to prison for 3 years. His dad raised 4 kids, was poor, stole, is bi-polar. He was in a correctional facility for 6 months, stole tobacco, got caught, got into a fight and ran so he wouldnít get 5 years. He went to a house to use the phone and it was open. He found a shotgun and when the lady and her kid came home he held them hostage and stole their car. Cops pulled him over, had guns drawn and he ran. He watches the tape for the first time.
Gary Harrison (17) - Maricopa, AZ - heís 28 now, had a Mustang when he was 7, dad taught him how to drive. He had good parents, they raised him right, but he never fit in. He did anything to fit in, he worked on cars, would steal them and didnít care who didnít like it. 7/17/97 - his mom dropped him off at a friendís house. He decided to steal a Cadillac since they were easy and had the ignition off in 30 seconds, it was such a high. A cop pulled up next to him and saw the window. His friend Jonathan said to run and he did. He didnít want to go to jail, thought no one would stop him and it was another rush to run. He was in a chase a week earlier at night and got away. This time they had a helicopter and it was day, but thought he could get away again. All he thought was getting away. He watches the tape for the first time. 9/29/08
108 Christie Coates (33) Louisa Co. VA 4/1/06 - she injured her back, was out of work, was worried about finances and her 2 kids. She was on medication, was tired and stopped taking it. After 2 days she started hearing voices and took off without telling the family. She was seeing people and was scared, was paranoid, had to get away from them and decided to walk so they couldnít find her. She walked 2 miles to a house and thought 2 men were forcing her at gunpoint to steal a car. They call 911 that there is a break in. The woman says she came through the window. She fired a shot at her, was grazed, took the keys and took the Explorer. Then she saw the police lights and freaked out and took off. She calls 911 that someone is in the car trying to cut her up. Cops pull up and see no one and ask her where he is. She doesnít know. Then she decided there was a bomb in the car. If she stopped it would explode. She watches the tape for the first time. 
Victor Harris (27) Coweta Co. GA 3/29/01 - he left home at 4am, worked all day, was tired and wanted to get home. They went to pull him over for speeding. His license was suspended, so he didnít stop and didnít want to go to jail. He panicked, was desperate, scared. He watches the tape. Deputy T.C. Scott says he heard Dep Reynolds was chasing him. 10/13/08
109 Kevin Bates (34) Butts Co. GA - he decided he wasnít going to jail that day and got up to 140mph. He lived on the streets, sold drugs, used guns. He robbed a check cashing store in Cincinnati and had to leave town after it was on the news. His son saw it. He was heading to GA and got pulled over and planned on talking his way out of it. He watches the tape for the first time. 
Jason Hildebrandt (29) Clayton Co. GA 12/17/05 - he lived with his girl 4 years, had problems, found out she was cheating and he went off the deep end. He smoked pot and did ecstasy so he wouldnít have to deal with her. He went to a party, picked up friends, bought drugs. Cops got behind him and he knew he had lots of drugs on him so he went. There was lots of screaming, telling him where to go. He thought he could get away. He watches the tape for the first time. The girl in the back wanted out so he pulled over and they both jumped out. Officer Chris Wallace. 10/20/08
110 Amanda Poyner (31) - Smith Co. TX 10/23/06 - She was never in trouble with the law before. She has 5 kids, had 3 with her. Deputy Mark Waters spotted her going 10-15mph over the limit. He tried to pull her over and she wouldnít stop. She panicked,  had some tickets, thought they turned into warrants and told her kids she was probably going to jail. She stopped, then he got out and she took off. Mark was shocked and surprised. She didnít want to lose her kids and let her emotions take control. She watches the tape. Itís hard to watch, itís not who she is. She was terrified, panicked, heart was racing, didnít want the kids to be with out her. She wanted to get the kids safe and take care of it later. She ran a 4 way blinking late, was hysterical crying, didnít know what to do and was telling the kids this. They were crying, she came close to hitting cars several times. She passes a car in a no passing zone and knew she put people in danger. Her kids were screaming and one went into the back. She saw the second police car and knew it was big. She asked god for help. They said for mom not to stop. She pulled over and the kid said he had a gun. Mark didnít know what to expect. She thought it wasnít real, a female came over and cuffed her, felt like the worst mom in the world, she was ashamed, cars were looking at her. He asked why she ran and she thought she had a warrant. He couldnít believe she did all this for tickets. Her kid was crying, told her she was sorry, she shouldíve stopped, itís the worst thing to do your kids. She got 2 years, life has changed, regrets it, no good excuse for what she did. She didnít want to lose her kids. 
Steven Torres (22) - Glendale, CA - He was looking for work, just lost his job, dropped out of school, his girl was pregnant and wanted to give up the kid. He went to a business, found keys and stole a car. He wanted to have a good time. He picked up his little brother Nate Torres. He told him he just got it. He was drinking, was scared and that led to a chase. They saw the cop and he decided to go faster to get away. He came to a red light and ran on foot. He had a look in his eye like no one was there. He ran because he was drunk, in a stolen car with his brother. He watches the tape from the helicopter. He canít believe itís him, there were no cars. He doesnít remember any of it. Nate didnít know what to do, was afraid he would hit cars. He clips a car and plows into a black car trying to turn. He thought he was dead, he was barely waking up, rolled down the window from the smoke and saw him jumping out he window. He was so drunk he just wanted to get away. They pulled him down and was thinking there is a way out, but there wasnít. Nate was taken out in a stretcher in a lot of pain, he saw the cops had him. Steve woke up in the hospital and said he put his brother in there and realized he couldíve killed him. Nate felt sorry for him. Steve is sorry. He wants to be there for him. He got 16 months, out in 9, thought he would get away. 2 Ĺ years later heís trying to get by. He ran because he didnít think of the consequences. 10/27/08
111 Maston Willis (43) - Indianapolis, IN 11/12/02 - Ofc Max R. Maxfield
Young Jeon (28) - Salt Lake City, UT - Deputy Cory Cox was passed going to 100mph.  11/3/08
112 Justin McFadden (21) - Lorain County, OH 4/17/07 - Heís 21 with 4 kids, sold drugs and robbed people to make money. It was his daughterís birthday and he went out to get something. He bought rings from a guy for $200 and was pulled over for speeding. Cops stopped him, searched his car and found the rings. They went to arrest him and he ran, then stole a van from the gas station. They broke the window and tased him. He pulled it out and took off, didnít know where he was going, he was just scared, didnít stop because something worse would happen. He watches the video. The bumper is coming off because cops hit him, he heard the cops on the scanner, was surprised they tossed spikes at him, thought he got away a bit, ran many red lights, swerved around traffic, saw cops behind him going 104mph in a residential neighborhood. His heart was beating fast, high blood pressure, saw black spots, didnít want to hurt anyone, hoped by going into traffic they would call it off. He wanted to get back home, saw more spikes and slammed the brakes. He saw the truck pull out, looked at him, didnít remember the impact. He spun around hit the phone pole, snapped it in half. Heís reliving it, hard watching it. The last thing he saw was the truck, next thing was the hospital room. He cracked his knee, back, left eye came out, left ear came off, skull cracked open, broke his chin. He got 10 years, worst day of his life. He misses his family, gonna be hard to take care of them. 
Frank Harris (47) - Louisa Co. VA 10/30/05 - He went to prison for guns & drugs before. He stopped at a friendís house, there was a fight and he left. Sgt. Patrick Sheridan went to the call of a man banging on the door of a house. He pulled up, saw the car and he didnít want to stop because he had warrants. He watches the tape. He saw the lights, pulled over and thought of a lie. He said he didnít have his license, gave his brotherís name and SS number. He tried to drive away and Pat pepper sprayed him. He was surprised he drove away, you canít see, affects your breathing. It was hot, like gasoline in his eyes, couldnít see, still drove. He thought he could get away, he doesnít know why he did that. His friend held the wheel and he stuck his head out the window at 100mph to clean his eyes. He spun out, hit the dirt and parts flew off. He could see better and kept going. It was the craziest thing he ever did. He passes cars, didnít want anyone to get hurt so he stayed away from them. He wasnít afraid of crashing, just didnít want anyone to get hurt. He wondered where it was going to end, was going too fast, the steering wheel was shaking, he tried to make a turn and it was a big boom, he hit, went back and crashed into the police car. He couldnít move and was wedged between the pole and the bumper. He was glad it was over and saw more than 10 cops with guns on him. He was more sad than scared to go back to prison. He got 15 years and it affected his family. Heís glad no one got hurt, especially cops. He wishes it didnít happen, but canít change it. Now he knows no man is above the law. His wife is his angel. 11/10/08
113 Robert Crosier (37) - Lake County, OH 12/6/02/Vachagen Arakelyan - Glendale, CA 11/17/08

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