Wildest TV Moments

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Season 1

This is a half hour E! makes fun of TV shows with a panel like Best Week Ever and is even hosted By Loni Love who use to be on that show. It appeared after The Soup on Fridays then disappeared.

Season 1 (2009)

# Description
101 Love Stinks - Flavor of Love 2 - Flav meets New York's mom, Cheaters - Fallon Ryan (58-1) finds her boyfriend naked in pond with another girl an dumps his weed, Bridezillas - women rips apart a veil she thinks is junk, then she flips about the birthday cake for someone else at her rehearsal. A Japanese groom spits foots and shakes champagne 30 feet around the place. Now a Word from our Sponsors - a man goes to change a diaper and the kid pees on the ceiling and all over the room, Jones Big ASS Truck Rental & Storage, German board game with Korean family that throws a kid off a roof, sets mom on fire and blows up the dad. Arresting Developments - Speeders Fight Back #106. 11/20/08 - motorcyclist takes his shirt off so she'll sentence him to house arrest at her house. He loses and crashes on the way out. 5/6/02 - a woman is stopped for DWI and sucks the BAC instead of blowing. She sucks at blowing - what's sucking in? Freak Out - Maury - April is afraid of frogs and they bring them out and she runs. Wild Women - Scare Tactics - a man goes to a job on a farm and is told to leave his daughter alone and finds her alone with her top off. Dad finds them and she says he wouldn't leave and he has to marry her. I Love New York - the mom hits on Gary and he doesn't buy it. His wife says she dresses like a transvestite. 6/26/09

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