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This little known series aired on the Oxygen network and is either like Cops on Fox or an inspiration for The First 48 except it is all women, though both of those shows profile women officers regularly. There is even an episode from Miami that features detectives regularly seen on The First 48 like Joe Schillaci.  From what I've seen it was only on in 2003 with 10 episodes. The theme song is by Superchic[k] - One Girl Revolution.

# Description
1 Street Cops - Indianapolis, IN - Karla Baldini works out in a boxing ring. Detroit, MI - Latina Glover transforms into Peaches, a street walker. 2003
2 SWAT/Negotiation -
3 Caught in the Crossfire 1 - West Indianapolis 10/9/03 - 9pm Detective Kristine Menina goes to a homicide scene. Drico and B were shooting at each other and Teresa Killian (40) was caught in the crossfire and killed. 9mm casings are found on the scene and they go to Cheryl Wortham's house, B's girlfriend who tries to cover for him at first. Teresa was hit by a 22 proving there were 2 shooters. A witness CC saw B on a bike shooting at Brandon Banks (19). She also learns Tanya Hatchet is another girlfriend who escaped before they got there. Her sister says she hasn't seen her in days and is arrested. CC agrees to set B up with a drug buy and Kris meets her to set it up. The meeting drags out and all her backup leaves so Kris goes to get him at a gas station and catches him wearing a bulletproof vest. Sgt. Leslie Vanbuskirk tells Kris what to do. Det Tony Finell assists at the station and B says he doesn't want to get killed and doesn't know who was shooting at him. He doesn't own a gun and didn't shoot at him. Kris loses it knowing he's lying, but has to let him go.
4 Caught in the Crossfire 2 - Kris goes back to the scene at 3100 Graceland with CC. Audrico Berry shot on a bike at Little B (Brandon). He fired back hitting Teresa by mistake. She talks to the victim's boyfriend and learns B is trying to take over T's turf around 3-4 blocks and he has put a hit out on Kris. Leslie says Kris competes with herself. B's girlfriend Tiffany gives him up as the shooter, but doesn't know if he's the one who shot Teresa. Kris goes by her house and spots B, but they say he's not there. Her dad comes out to her car and is mad she keeps coming back and wants her to get a warrant. She doesn't need one. They trick B's mom and tell her that he can get his car out of impound and he calls the next day. She goes to his house, arrests him and tells the parents what he did. His dad cries, that's his last son. The mom says times are worse now. He lawyers up, so she needs to find Drico. She needs a clear case since all juries love the show CSI she needs a smoking gun. She goes back to CC and learns he was home last night. They surround his house, get a warrant and call SWAT. Tear gas gets him out. It took 23 days to catch him. He doesn't think he was shot at, he didn't shoot anyone, he's always blamed and beat an attempted murder rap before. 2003
5 Undercover Narcotics - Miami, FL – Officer Latrice Spivey is backing up the UC on a drug deal. Cheryl Fraiser Smith works UC for narcotics. 2003
6 Miami Homicide - Miami, FL – Det Mayree Fernandez is training with Det Joe Schillaci on her first case. 2003
7 K-9/Patrol - Miami Beach, FL – Officer Jennifer Wing can’t be a girly girl doing this job, she works like a man and puts herself out there. Indianapolis, IN Officer Julie Lapadat has a K9 Rocky. 2003
8 Fugitive Apprehension/Patrol - Detroit, MI – Sgt. Kyra Joy Hope leads FAST – Fugitive Apprehension Service Team. Indianapolis, IN – Officer Linda Jackson works the east side of town and 2 years ago she got a purple heart, shot in the line of duty 2003
9 Kids and Crime
10 Midwest Meth

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