World of Stupid Criminals

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This half hour show show aired on Fox Reality Channel. It is pure comedy like Smoking Gun World's Dumbest.

# Description
1 WOSCars - Worst Impersonator - Europe - a man dressed as Jesus is arrested in the street. Biggest Smartarse - man at a DWI FST backflips onto his face. Best Brawl - Taiwan - a man in a motorcycle helmet robs a store and the man fights back and his family starts smashing him with chairs. A friend helps him escape and they are both caught. Worst Getaway - OH 4/16/05 - cops stop a couple on a motorcycle stop and try to take off, but fall over into a ditch. GA 7/21/99 - a man runs down the road on a lawnmower. He keeps going until he falls off. Cincinnati 5/8/02 - a couple steal a car and jump out as itís moving. The passenger gets caught in the seatbelt and run over. Least Appropriate Crime - LA - a man dressed as santa goes into a store and grabs necklaces from behind the counter after the clerk goes in the back. Worst Dress Sense - Pensacola, FL 5/28/99 - cops stop a drunk for driving with his exhaust dragging. He gets out with both legs in the same pants leg. He changes in front of the camera. San Francisco, CA - a man in assless chaps does the straight line FST. Best Score - TN 11/8/94 - a man hands a cop a bag of weed instead of his license. Montreal - a man drives in front of cops with a sign smashed to the front of his car. Ram Raid - crooks in a Jeep try to ram a warehouse door open over and over, but give up. A truck rams into a warehouse and canít get out. ND - a car rams through a Home Depot while open and keeps driving. Brooklyn, NY - a group robs a pharmacy and clerks throw a shopping cart to block the door and a man jumps on it and falls. Sleaziest - a man crawls around looking up womenís dresses. Best Rant - a man gets a ticket and goes crazy, gets worse when heís told itís $137.50, then he throws it on the ground and the cop makes him pick it up. A man in a police station who looks like Yanni yells for his momma and curses himself and falls over. A man in blue shorts flips over in a station and says he wasnít driving. An old man curses out a cop and says to shove the license up your ass. Heíll go to wherever he came from before he submits. He didnít fight in WWII for this. Mrs. Parks is in a station and screams at them, she wants to know where the sgt. is, a plane came through her car, she wants the test, wants the judge to come in here, curses and cries. 1. 3/29/09
2 Larry climbs up the back of a liquor store and falls off the roof. Then he climbs up again and falls through the roof and slams to the ground. He steals some scratch offs, canít get the door open, so he gets a ladder to climb out the roof and falls through again. He tries to break the camera and misses, so he sits and smokes waiting for the police. Vancouver, Canada - Myra blows her nose, then scrapes it into the coffee sheís serving. Oklahoma - a drunk woman is given a FST, canít walk straight and falls over into the ditch and rolls over. England - two guys with a pick axe smash the sidewalk to put a tree in. When the Tillboy Diner opens they find Edwin Geller stuck in the grill vent. He tried to grease himself up and didnít make it. A rescue crew takes 2 hours to cut him out. Auckland, New Zealand - a couple of guys rob a tourist bus and use a camera to film themselves with the loot. They get drunk, crash a car and leave the tape for the police. Australia - Bruce wears a helmet and crashes into a door 3 times before he can break through. A guy goes to rob a restaurant and forgets to put his mask on. One guy canít get his mask on. Guy in the mall robbing with a bag over his head with no holes. Augusta, GA - a man drives his car through a mall, drives around then crashes out the other side. Cops are waiting for Steve Lowe and bust him. Then he assaults the cops and they spray and beat him. Mexicoís national congress - a man is speaking, then runs after another man and they punch and kick each other. In the main chamber a brawl breaks out. A guy tries on a hat, then sticks it in his pocket, tries gloves and rips the tags off, then grabs another hat and a scarf. They run out and grab him. El Salvador - Miguel and Rafael bought a house to tunnel 46 feet into a bank vault. It is so hot they are naked and they go past the bank and tunneled into the street and filled their house with dirt. China - a man climbs 120 feet up a poll to steal cable, but the wire is live and heís fried and stuck up there. Ashton, KY - Casey goes to rob a liquor store covering his face with duct tape. His face gets cut after they beat him with a stick and hold him down. At the station he denies being the duct tape bandit. Itís not him, do the maths. OR - TJ robs a jewelry store and films the whole thing, then films himself doing drugs and crack on his probation officers business card. In jail he says it was a dumb thing to do, but heís not dumb, heís very smart. 3/29/09

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